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Feng shui office plants

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Feng shui office plants: office desk, cubicle,which plants are lucky for office, what is feng shui plant. Decorating and arranging your desk, whether you work from home, in a co-working area, in a cubicle, or even in a corner office, is vital not only for functionality but also for fostering a free and productive flow of energy. 

Consider feng shui concepts and plant an indoor plant or two to bring the proper kind of energy to your daily life. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 of the best feng shui plants you can have on your desk.

Feng shui office plants: office desk, cubicle,which plants are lucky for office, what is feng shui plant
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Feng shui office plants: office desk, cubicle,which plants are lucky for office, what is feng shui plant

Office desk 

According to feng shui, the most suitable plants for office desks are those that bring positive energy and good fortune to the desk’s corners for wealth and relationships. If you want the richest corner to be a place of prosperity, place a jade plant, a lucky bamboo, or a money tree. The relationship corner of a desk should be decorated with cut flowers or flowering plants.

Supposedly, a desk symbolizes your reason for being or purpose in life in feng shui. In the case of a business, a desk might represent your profession. In the event you are retired or do not have a job, it represents your other interests.

To achieve optimal feng shui, the workstation should be in the dominant position of the room. If you are sitting at a desk, you should face the entrance or the doorway of the room slightly to your right or left. A windowless/doorless wall, such as a credenza, or some strong backdrop should anchor your view of the desk.

If you need to face a wall when sitting at the desk, place a mirror at your eye level so that you can still see the entryway.


Since cubicles are typically equipped with overhead cabinets, a desk cutout area, and under-counter filing cabinets as well as enclosed shelving units, the cubicle presents a unique challenge when it comes to desk arrangement. You rarely get a choice where your desk is located in a cubicle because of the way they are designed. Normally, section layouts and sizes are predefined.

Clear your cubicle of clutter and keep it tidy. When your desk is crowded, chi energy is trapped, interfering with positive energy flow. Your physical and professional well-being suffers when your chi stagnates.

A cubicle can be difficult to add a water element because you have to understand the broader feng shui challenges of the building and the space you are in. It’s best to use a different type of water activator at your workspace if you must use a water activator. A shot showing a sailboat approaching you is better than one showing it leaving. Alternatively, you can have a meandering stream flow into or towards your office.

Which plants are lucky for office? 

According to feng shui best practices, these are 5 of the best plant types to consider placing on your workplace desk. We’ve included important advice and considerations about where to position each, as well as care recommendations.

Money Plant

You can also call it the Jade Plant. Place it near the entrance to your office or in the northwest corner to attract money and energy. In spite of its low maintenance and fast growth, this succulent plant needs to be kept out of direct sunlight and watered occasionally to avoid withering and drying up. Plants whose leaves mimic coins are thought to attract more money the greener and leafier they are. As a sort of good-luck gift, it was traditionally given to new business owners.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

To bring good luck, prosperity, and health to your office, you can place this plant either in the east (health-related), or northeast (wealth-related) part of the room. The pot plant, too, is distinguished by an odd number of stalks; the more stalks, the better: three stalks will give you longevity, happiness, and fortune; five stalks will grant you wealth; seven stalks will give you excellent health; nine stalks will bring you good luck, and a 21-stalk plant will provide you with a super-powerful blessing in all these categories. 

Since it thrives in a chilly environment and does not require excessive sunlight, the Lucky Bamboo Plant is the perfect plant for air-conditioned offices. You can do this by placing it in a pot filled with stones and water and replacing the water every now and then.

Rubber Plant

In the northwest corner of a building, the Rubber Plant is typically associated with wealth and is best positioned near the Money Plant. As well as symbolizing wealth, its large round leaves also provide improved air quality and health through the removal of interior contaminants. Having the ability to thrive in low-light conditions and cold temperatures makes it ideal for office environments.

Palm Trees

Brisbanites don’t have to worry about their palms dying, as they probably already have some in their offices. According to Feng Shui, these beauties attract, energise, and radiate positive energy, as well as heal areas where the flow of chi is blocked. Take them to be that energetic friend who makes you feel energised.

Peace Lily: Feng shui office plants

White leaves make the Peace Lily one of the most effective plants for purifying indoor air. It promotes mental and physical balance as well as acts as a powerful defensive agent. It is recommended to place it in the health corner (east) and close to electrical equipment, such as computers and printers, so that positive ions are reduced. As the name suggests, it contributes to harmonizing the work atmosphere, which helps co-workers get along with one another.

What is a feng shui plant?

In feng shui, plants can promote energy flow and purify the air on an office desk, while also neutralizing electronic radiation, promoting serenity, and reducing stress.

Plants have a wood element, meaning they promote growth, activity, and life energy. Office plants transmit this type of energy to the Bagua map section where they are placed.

According to feng shui principles, plants should be placed in the corner of the desk that represents wealth or relationships and marriages. On either side of your desk chair, they are located at the far left and far right corners.

In particular, green plants that symbolize prosperity, abundance, and good fortune attract the right energy to the corner of your desk chosen for wealth, while arrangements of fresh-cut flowers attract the right energy to the corner chosen for marriage and relationships.

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