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Feng shui plants

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Feng shui plants: In bedroom, for office, for office desk, in bathroom, for living room, for home, for wealth, indoor.

Feng shui plants: In bedroom, for office, for office desk, in bathroom, for living room, for home, for wealth, indoor
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Feng shui plants: In bedroom, for office, for office desk, in bathroom, for living room, for home, for wealth, indoor


Have you ever thought of having your home or office? Do you know whether it is safe to have such plants? Why should you have them? Well, Feng shui provides people with a lot of practices regarding the placements of plants in their homes. Before you place that beautiful plant in your office or home, it is important to know a few things. 

You do not want to place a plant in areas where it drives away the good energy from your home. Therefore, this article will focus on Feng shui plants for different areas in your home or office or for different purposes. 

In bedroom

According to Feng shui, the bedroom is one of the places in your house that should be filled with positive energy. You will need this kind of energy to get a good night’s sleep. If your bedroom is filled with negative energy, you will have trouble finding a good night’s sleep, and this means that you will feel fatigued the following day. 

The ideal solution to this issue is not to have plants in your bedroom. Plants are known to keep a room smelling fresh, but this is not worth trading with your energy.

Plants in the bedroom are known to bring negative energy, which will affect your sleep. However, you can keep tiny plants and flowers in the bedroom. You just have to ensure that they are kept as far away from the bed as possible. 

These tiny plants and flowers will not bring much energy that can disrupt the positive energy already in your bedroom. In turn, you will enjoy continuous hours of sleep throughout the night. Plants are associated with wood energy which is expansive. This is not the kind of energy you will need if you are trying to get sleep throughout the night.

For office

You must have walked into several offices that have plants in every corner. Does this mean that you should have plants in your office? The answer to this question is yes. Plants in the office are ideal for enhancing the generation of wealth. They play a major role in creating positive energy in the office, thus facilitating productivity. If people in the office are surrounded by negative energy, they will be less productive, yet the office is supposed to be a place for wealth generation. 

The rubber plant is one of the plants that you can keep in your office to create positive energy. This plant should be placed in the Northwest section of your office. You can also place a Lucky Bamboo tree on the North-Eastern corner of your office. These are just a few of the Feng shui plants you can place in your office to attract positive energy and drive away negative energies. The bottom line is that placing plants in your office is good Feng shui.

For office desk

As mentioned above, it is good Feng shui to keep plants in the office. This means you can keep plants at any location in your office as long as they bring harmony and enhance positive energy. A substantial number of people place plants on their desks for decoration purposes. The good news is that such plants are considered lucky plants in Feng shui. When placed on your desk, they will attract wealth. Such can be achieved in terms of getting more contracts for your company or having reliable employees.

When choosing Feng shui plants for your desk, you need to choose some of the plants considered lucky. However, they need to be of small sizes to prevent your office desk from looking cluttered. According to Feng shui, a cluster is known to cause negative energy. Therefore, you do not want to drive away qi from your office.  

In bathroom

Many people that have plants in their bathroom do so to create a fresh scent. Real plants are known to absorb all the odors from your bathroom, hence making it smell fresh. In this case, are plants in the bathroom good Feng shui? The good news is that having plants in your bathroom is considered good Feng shui. All you have to do is place the plants in the right location. According to Feng shui, plants in the bathroom should be placed in the Northern section. 

According to Feng shui, water tends to have bad energy. Therefore, it is important to balance this energy to create a harmonious environment. The best way to neutralize or eliminate the negative energy in bathrooms is by placing different plants. These plants will also cleanse the air in your bathroom, thus creating an ideal room filled with freshness and positive energy. If your bathroom is smelly, it will attract bad energy, and this can disrupt your feelings or cause trouble in other aspects of life. 

For living room

A plant or plants in the living room are great decorative features. They create a sense of freshness in the room, thus making people feel at ease. Therefore, it is good for Feng shui to place plants in the living room. An example of the best Feng shui plants to place in the living room is the Rubber plant. This plant is abundant, wealthy, and happy. Happiness is the leading feeling that people wish to have when in the living room. Such happiness would bring positive energy, allowing people to live a harmonious life. 

When choosing a plant for your living room, you need to consider many factors. For instance, you need to consider how easy it is to maintain the plant. You do not want to buy a plant only for it to die because it stayed without water for a few days. Peace Lily is ideal for areas without natural light, while Philodendron is easy to maintain. 

For home

According to Feng shui, good fortune in your home and wealth are brought by different plants. All you have to do is choose the right plant you wish to plant in your home. Citrus trees such as lemons, oranges, and lime are known to bring good luck. Dwarf trees such as lemon trees also bring good luck when planted in your compound. 

The best place to place plants in your home is the South-Eastern corner of your home’s back left corner. If located in another area in your home, they might not bring you the anticipated luck or wealth. They might even bring negative energy, thus disrupting your daily activities. 

For wealth

According to Feng shui, the best way to attract wealth in your home or office is by placing trees at specific locations. There are plenty of plants that you can place in your home to bring wealth. Among them are the Rubber plant and the Lucky Bamboo. The Money tree is also ideal for placing in your home or office. According to Feng shui, this plant can attract wealth, fortune, and prosperity. However, this tree should not be kept in your bathroom because it will flush the positive energy away from your home, thus causing you trouble. 

The plants ideal for attracting wealth come in different sizes. Therefore, you can choose one that suits the area you intend to place the plant. For instance, if you plan on keeping the plant on your office desk, it has to be smaller than that placed in the office corner to avoid clusters. Cluster is not good Feng shui because it attracts negative energy. Large plants such as citrus are ideal for your home’s compound. 


One of the main benefits of keeping plants indoors is to purify the air. Such would offer you comfort, thus lightening your mood. According to Feng shui, if you feel tired or moody, you should identify the plants that will lighten your moods. 

The rationale behind this is connected with the peace that people feel when they walk in nature. If you have ever taken a walk of nature while tired, you can ascertain that plants have a way of calming the body. The same case can happen if you place plants indoors. They will create the right mood filled with positive energy. It is such positive energy that will motivate you to carry out your daily activities. 


If you are reading this article, the chances are high you have heard some information about Feng shui plants. The good news is that placing plants in different parts of the house is good Feng shui because they bring good energy. All you have to do is identify the plant ideal for specific spaces. This will enhance the positive energy in your home and eliminate the negative energy.

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