Feng Shui Wood Element

Introduction: Feng Shui Wood Element. Feng shui harmonizes the energy or “chi” within a space to create a positive and balanced environment.

Each element has unique characteristics and represents different aspects of nature and human life. In this article, we will discuss the Feng Shui Wood Element and how it can be used to enhance the energy of your space.

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Feng Shui Kitchen Pictures, Cures

Feng Shui Kitchen Pictures, Cures: the importance; of Stoves Facing the Sink in the Kitchen, The Center of the Kitchen’s Cure;Feng Shui Cures for the Kitchen in the Northwest; Black Kitchen Feng Shui Cure; countertops; Relationships; Layout and Placement Cures.  

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Clear your clutter with Feng Shui

Introduction: Clear your clutter with Feng Shui. Clutter means to fill or cover with dispersed or messy things that obstruct movement or decrease usefulness, e.g., A room cluttered with toys and too many signs cluttering the street corner.

We have material around our homes because we have not taken control and decided what is and is not significant to us. Feng Shui is the sculpture and science of balancing your inner atmosphere.

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