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Northeast bedroom feng shui
Northeast bedroom feng shui

Chinese horoscope Feng shui is part of another blog where it was originally born as part of it.

Little by little it was growing and asking for space, becoming even bigger in traffic than the parent site. The crossing of themes had us thinking about the possibility of giving it autonomy and this is what we have come to. We believe that being an independent site will have the advantage of constant thematic coherence, which will surely motivate people to subscribe either via electronic newsletter or via wordpress.

The intention? Create a large, very active Spanish-speaking community around the Chinese zodiac and alternative ways of processing and understanding the world.

Apart from Chinese zodiac signs, Western ones, Angel numbers, kitchen elements not only Asian but from all over the world, numerology, symbols, dreams and philosophy, you will also find feng shui, meditations, yoga, religions, search for meaning and esotericism in general.

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