About Chinese Horoscope

Chinese horoscope Feng shui is part of another blog where he was originally born as part of it.

Little by little it grew and asked for space becoming even larger in traffic than the parent site. The crossing of themes had us thinking about the possibility of giving autonomy and this is what we have reached. We believe that being an independent site will have the advantage of constant thematic coherence, which will surely motivate people to subscribe either via electronic newsletter or via wordpress.

How was it born?

Like an interest of a boy whose father, who was a doctor, practiced acupuncture and had many books on yin and yang, Taoism, Buddhism, health. The logic underlying these kinds of worldviews was shocking to me, Angel.

Over the years, many readings later, many investigations and spiritual trips, I wanted to start sharing what I lived and it helped me to have a better quality of life, without entering into fanaticism or ideological extremes. It was in 2007 that I started a blog in blogspot about it, which was growing little by little.

Then I made it independent, in this domain.

The intention?

Create a large community that likes the topics of religions, astrology, esotericism, dream interpretation, angels, numerology, Asia and its culture, couple issues, love; We seek to be an entertaining and different magazine.

Apart from the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the western, the Angel numbers, elements of cuisine not only Asian but from all over the world, numerology, symbols, dreams and philosophy, you will also find feng shui, meditations, yoga, religions, search for meaning and esotericism in general.

Multilingual site

Seeing that we were being asked things about publications in other languages, we decided to hire a couple of people specialized in this topic to help us serve versions in up to 14 languages.

Little by little we had to hire freelancers to help us write, following the quality standards we established from the beginning.

Therefore, do not be surprised that there is advertising, it is what sustains and pays the blog expenses. We seek to entertain, teach, create curiosity among readers.

And if you have noticed, we also have several videos not only on the blog but on our youtube channel and on our facebook profile, profiles that we invite you to follow and disseminate.

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