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Feng Shui Fireplace

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Feng shui fireplace: location, southwest,facing front door, mantel, mirror, in career area, west wall.Have you ever noticed the mystical quality of flame? The flame has drawn humans together since the dawn of time. 

Feng shui fireplace: location, southwest,facing front door, mantel, mirror, in career area, west wall
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Feng shui fireplace: location, southwest,facing front door, mantel, mirror, in career area, west wall

You can draw the entire family together when you light a fire in the fireplace or candles in the house. The entire family gathers around the fire, even though they understand how and why it began. The explanation is that fire has a magical quality. In addition to communicating the symbolism of your home, he can also serve as a complementary element and assist with heating. 

If done correctly, a feng shui living room should be calm, inviting, and a relaxing retreat where you can kick off your shoes and unwind. Living in a space that is too large or too small or has an uneven shape will not let the energy flow freely. Feng shui suggests that the living room in a good home should be on the outside of the house and not higher than the dining room.

We design fireplaces in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, among other places, so they’re the right place in the living room. Nevertheless, it is wise to make use of your fireplace frequently. As an alternative, it may act as a “hood” of positive energy, allowing you to choose the flow of life that benefits you. Feng Shui recommends that you keep the fireplace clean at all times. Wood should always be preloaded and ready to be used when trying to start a fire. It is never a good idea to leave a fireplace unattended.


The placement of a fireplace opposite the front door of your home can be lucky according to Feng Shui principles. However, you should not be able to see the fireplace directly from the entryway. An exposed fireplace’s increased chi could result in an accident or other form of destruction. When you cannot hide the fireplace view, you can use the water element to balance the energy.

Fireplaces are always an issue when it comes to their location. Below are the regions in which fireplaces can be found, as well as what they mean and how they are used.


Your career’s steam power can be boosted by a fireplace here, as this is a water site. Water, however, regulates fire, so this area shouldn’t have a problem with a fireplace. You can add more energy to your fireplace by hanging a mirror above it if money is an issue.


Southwest and northeast are areas on the earth where the fireplace is located, and the fire enhances these two points. In the northeast, students, boys, and thinking gain the most benefit from fireplaces (northeast). In the southwest, romance, marriage, and relationships gain the most benefit from fireplaces. 

Mirrors and pictures of earthly objects, such as mountains or televisions, will suffice. A mirror above the fireplace could potentially destroy the fire element if the water element is present. This will not happen if the earth element is present. In effect, this destructive triangle effectively counteracts the negative effects of the mirror.

East and Southeast

There are two wooden corners on this table. The presence of a fireplace at this place is considered unlucky. There is a possibility that the fireplace in the east could be harmful to someone’s health, or their oldest son. 

Your oldest daughter’s possessions, such as investments and her ability to save, could be affected by a fireplace in the southeast. You could choose a massive image of water to hang over your fireplaces, such as a mountain with a lake view or an ocean view. You can also place a mirror over the fireplace to enhance the energy.


In harmony with this direction, a fireplace would be in harmony here, because this is the corner of the fire. You may hang a picture of trees, a TV, or a mirror over the fireplace to enhance its look.

West and Northwest

There is a particular risk of fire spreading to these two metal corners. A fireplace facing west, which is the direction the descendant’s daughters face, could pose a risk to their health. To minimize the fire’s ferocity, you can use a mirror or image of water or a mountain. There is also something to be said for boosting the vitality of the west by adding diamonds or vases.

For anyone living in the northwest with a fireplace, not only should they try to hang an image of an ocean scene over the hearth. However, they should also avoid using it altogether.

Those energies are associated with the northwest because they are associated with the father, the breadwinner, and heaven. An explosion or fire here can result in a man’s death or serious injury. This can result in serious illnesses or other health issues. The substance should not be used for such purposes.

Facing front door 

It’s possible to lose control of your spending, limit your opportunities, or even get hurt if you have a fireplace right outside your front door. Decorative objects such as a console table, drape, or other decorative objects can be used to conceal the view of the fireplace.


Enjoy decorating the mantel, it’s probably one of the easiest areas of the house to decorate. Since it is intended to promote conversation, you should use candles, flowers, and colorful decorations around the fireplace. Just one word of caution: Don’t display images of family members or friends. Fire energy is too strong when it comes to personal relationships.

If you have a fireplace with a mantle, you can hang a large piece of art or a mirror over it. Mirrors are useful because anything it reflects will have a multiplier effect. Plants in front of a mirror will probably put you on your way to conquering the world if you can manage to squeeze them in. Decorative mirrors with big size are especially appealing on a mantel.

Even without a built-in fireplace, there are some interesting possibilities to explore. There is an indoor stove by Callivus Design with a bronze reflector that’s chimney-free! Providing you can find a smoke-free, soot-free substitute with a mid-mod look, you’re good to go. The brass casing has an appearance of the Jetsons, and the reflections on it are stunning.


You can really benefit from a mirror above a fireplace and perhaps even heal an afflicted area of your home with the use of one. Water is represented by the mirror, which resembles water in its reflective surface. Fireplaces generate fire energy by reflecting the mirror’s reflection.

The mirror is a great décor object to place over the fireplace and activate the energy that has been burned up in the fire.

In career area 

Using Feng Shui, your entryway to your home and office corresponds to your career. Putting your Career part of your Bagua in place means advancing to the front of the promotion line, earning more money, gaining respect and recognition, and accelerating your career.

Flowing Water

Moving water is a symbol of the flow of money in Feng Shui. In the career gua of your house, it is ideal to have flowing water (literally or metaphorically) if you are seeking decent wages and career advancement.

It can take the form of a water fountain or something that represents or resembles water, such as a wide framed mirror or a painting of a calming river. You may want to make sure that the water appears to be flowing into the house and not out. A similar approach can be applied to water paintings or photographs.

No Giant Waves!

Keep in mind that any depictions of water that would harm the environment – like those showing waves crashing – should be avoided. It is better to have your work and money flow smoothly into your life than have them crash down on you like a tidal wave.


If your house or business intends to have a Career area, black is the most suitable color. It most closely resembles an ocean.

For example, you can place a black glass vase next to your door. This section can also be complemented with white, grey, and blue through the Bagua’s creative cycle, although black is still the best choice.

Things to Avoid

It is advisable to stay away from objects that have square or flat shapes, colours with earthy tones like yellow, and products made from earth-like materials like soil.

Combined with dirt and water, what happens? Mud. Wouldn’t you rather not tarnish your reputation? The foliage of rose bushes and most cactus varieties should also be avoided due to their thorns and pointed edges.

West wall

In terms of the bagua, or energy compass of your home, your entrance door determines whether or not it faces north. The fireplace opposite the entrance would appear on the south-facing wall, and as long as it is not in the left-hand — southwest-hand — corner, it should work.

Moreover, it is situated in its natural environment, on the south side of the wall, benefiting public awareness. If it’s in the right corner – southeast – then it might bring passion and fire to your love life. This is way too powerful a feature for the southwest wall. It symbolizes money and the wood element, and it can cause your resources to burn, either figuratively or literally.

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