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Feng shui bathroom plants

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Feng shui bathroom plants : Is it good, Is it bad, Best feng shui plants for Bathrooms, Improve the Energy of Your Bathroom. As part of feng shui, plants are strategically placed in the bathroom to balance negative energy and foster feelings of serenity, healing, and tranquility, which assists in creating a more pleasant, spa-like atmosphere.

Feng shui bathroom plants : Is it good, Is it bad, Best feng shui plants for Bathrooms, Improve the Energy of Your Bathroom
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Feng shui bathroom plants : Is it good, Is it bad, Best feng shui plants for Bathrooms, Improve the Energy of Your Bathroom

In order to absorb negative energy in the bathroom and to enhance the desired mood in the room, plants that absorb negative energy along with their ability to contribute to the room’s desired mood must be incorporated.

Moreover, plants are also represented by the element of wood, which is nourished by the element of water. As opposed to allowing water energy to escape the house, plants in the bathroom turn it into something positive.

Plants can be incorporated into a bathroom design in a manner that works for you, but avoid letting plants reflect energies that you do not want to leave the house. It would be equivalent to flushing away wealth and prosperity if you placed a money tree above your toilet, for instance.

Is it good?

In feng shui, plants are placed in the bathroom to balance negative energy and promote feelings of serenity, healing, and tranquillity all of which make the bathroom feel more like a spa. Additionally, plants represent the element of wood, which is nurtured by the element of water. By letting the water in the bathroom go to plants, rather than fleeing the house, it becomes a positive outlet.

Keep a positive and calm attitude in mind when choosing plants for your bathroom. By cultivating a spa-like atmosphere through self-care, relaxation, and healing, you will create a space that feels more like a bathroom rather than a bathroom.

Is it bad?

People believe that having plants in the bathroom is terrible Feng Shui, just as they believe having plants in the bedroom is bad. If they are in keeping with your bathroom decor and aren’t too numerous, however, they can enhance the positive energy there.

Best feng shui plants for Bathroom 

The following are 8 of the best houseplants for increasing positive energy in your bathroom based on the basics of feng shui:

Golden Pothos

This is the plant you should have in your bathroom if you can only have one. The golden pothos is the Ultimate Feng Shui Bathroom Plant because it counteracts the overwhelming negativity of the bathroom. Feng shui does not indicate luck or wealth when it comes to the golden pothos despite its reputation as a money plant. It is therefore an ideal choice for the bathroom, which is known to drain the house’s energy, since it prevents prosperity from leaving the house.

Lucky Bamboo

Growing quickly, lucky bamboo reflects the reversal of bad fortune, making it an excellent counterbalance to negative energy in the toilet bowl.


It is a good idea to grow wisdom-drawing ferns in the bathtub if you like to think your best while showering. Often the most humid room in the house, and frequently the room without or covered windows, the bathroom is an ideal place for them. They thrive in high humidity and medium to low light.

Snake Plant

The snake plant emits a powerful wood energy, which harmonizes beautifully with the water-energy in the bathroom. As a result of its upward-pointing leaves, it promotes uplifting energy. This cuts through heavy or stagnant negative energy in the restroom.


You can use eucalyptus to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom by placing it there. Whether you keep a potted plant on the counter or hang a bundle of dried eucalyptus leaves in the shower for a relaxing fragrance, this plant is a feng shui powerhouse.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies represent purity with their white blooms. Plants like this one attract just the right amount of energy to counteract the negative vibes in the bathroom. As a result of removing pollutants from the air, it provides actual air-purification benefits.

Areca Palm

There is no doubt that the feng shui areca palm attracts abundant good energy into almost any room because of its ability to attract powerful energy. Hence, it’s the perfect solution for combatting the bathroom’s negativity predisposition.

Vertical Garden

A vertical garden using pocket planters or even hanging plants is a great alternative to traditional plants in the bathroom because clutter in the room (and the negative energy it creates) need to be kept under control. With a vertical garden, you can enjoy the soothing energy of plants while saving counter space and “painting” your walls green with wood planks.

Improve the Energy of Your Bathroom

A traditional Asian art of balancing energy flows in your home, Feng shui is a way to do just that. A number of these energies are associated with water, such as prosperity, wisdom, and social networks. Because of this, feng shui experts recommend paying attention to the bathroom

In ancient China when feng shui was invented, modern bathrooms are in stark contrast. You might imagine that back then; bathrooms were an unpleasant place to be. Probably because bathroom waste can be flushed down the drain (or thrown away), bathrooms receive a bad reputation.

Across the globe, bathrooms are places to relax, cleanse, and rejuvenate. In a bathroom, you can enjoy a spa-like atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed. Keeping the classic feng shui approach in mind is important, but we may also modernize this information to suit our current lives. Take advantage of these easy feng shui tips to improve the energy and look of your bathroom.

Conserve Water

Despite being inherently green, feng shui is considered to be the original green design due to its relationship to the environment and nature. The most obvious benefit of conserving water in the bathroom is that it will save you money and energy. You will find that being attentive and paying attention when using this resource will spread to other aspects of your life, including how other people treat you. Installing water-saving devices, taking shorter showers, and repairing leaks are all ways to reduce water use.

Choose the Toilet Seat

Taking care of waste and water is the purpose of a toilet. As part of feng shui, you should take this into consideration. The toilet seat should be kept closed whenever it is not in use to avoid wasting water. As a bonus, this simple habit reduces humidity and moisture in the bathroom, helping to keep mould and mildew at bay.

Keep Door Closed

Energy can enter the bathroom, as well as flow through the drain, through the bathroom door, just like it can through the toilet lid. You should keep your bathroom door closed in general for best feng shui. If you do, your energy will not be diverted away from you.

Mirror on the Bathroom Door

When it comes to feng shui, mounting a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door is a good idea. Using the mirror will spiritually cleanse your bathroom and eliminate any feng shui troubles that may exist.

Feng shui states that the bathroom has the lowest energy flow. Having a properly hung bathroom mirror and adequate lighting will allow you to see a good reflection of yourself. A good photograph should be of a reasonable size, of good quality, and free from distortion.

Conceal the Toilet

To improve feng shui, the toilet should be visually concealed if at all possible. To prevent this, you can keep the bathroom door closed or install a design that makes it impossible to see the bathroom.


There is a major problem with water draining away from the bathroom. There are many ways to improve the feng shui of any bathroom, thanks to the popularity of green houseplants. Water’s downward energy is converted into the essential energy of life by the plants. Plants are nourished, strengthened, and grow as water absorbs and converts energy. It also creates a natural atmosphere.

Declutter your Products

Take stock of what you keep in the bathroom regularly, including cosmetics, toiletries, and medications. You should throw away anything that is expired or no longer needed since these products have a short shelf life. Using expired products is among the first things you should not do. A feng shui house has a profound impact on the health and happiness of its inhabitants. Your energy is affected by it regardless of whether you use it or not.

Replace your Towels

A buildup of bacteria and odors on towels can occur over time. It is best to deep clean your towels whenever possible. Unfortunately, you’ll have to replace them eventually. You can repurpose old towels to use as cleaning rags. You should replace your towels and bathroom linens as often as possible with organic, sustainable, and non-toxic items. You absorb the energetics of the items you apply to your skin since it is your body’s largest organ! In the same way, the quality and life energy of the material in the bathroom will affect how feng shui works in your home.

Deep Clean Regularly

The bathroom is a place where the body is cleansed and purified, so it should be deep-cleaned regularly. Choose environmentally friendly, nontoxic cleaning products whenever possible. Cleaning products can be easily homemade, and there are many DIY products available. Your bathroom should be considered an extension of you. Let’s keep it clean and maintained!

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