Feng Shui ring meaning, rules, which finger

Feng shui ring: meaning, rules, which finger, how to wear, for wealth. In Jewelry, feng shui is also implicit, we show it in some way in the post about obsidian bracelets and now in this one about rings. Decorating the fingers will always be in fashion and something beautiful. Not to mention the wedding rings, so pay close attention.

feng shui ring: meaning, rules, which finger, how to wear, for wealth
eng shui ring: meaning, rules, which finger, how to wear, for wealth



Feng shui is the implementation that carries order to the ordinary world. And this highest idea is not just imperfect to spaces and places but can also be functional for us humans. Feng shui is all about vigor; the ying and the yang and tiring feng shui rings can carry equilibrium to your creature. 

There are numerous types of feng shui rings and numerous precious stones used to craft these pieces of jewelry to bring positive things to your life. By wearing these rings, you can welcome health, prosperity, and moral luck into your life. 

Ring meanings by finger

Your rings tell a lot about you, from your marital status to your business. Certain fingers have special meaning, although others don’t mean anything. Keep these relations in mind as you choose where to attire your jewelry.

Rules:Feng Shui ring

Five Elements

In feng shui, we use the five constituent systems from Taoist philosophy. This scheme appears in the cycles of nature and how they work organized to be stable. The five components are earth, metallic, water, timber, and fire. Each component is related to definite abilities, colors, and forms that can be used as design components if you’d like to improve those potentials in your household and life. 


Earth is related to carefulness, limits, and nourishment. It’s linked to earthy colors like yellow, orange, and brown, as well as square shapes and heavy objects. You can add the earth component to your home with a square yellow rug or a solid oblong counter.


Metal has the abilities of joy, loveliness, and health-related. White, gray, and metallic colors, as well as round shapes, signify metal. To add metal to your space, try adding a round metal cultivator or light attachment.


Water signifies deep knowledge and our link to others and the world around us. It’s associated with black, very dark blue and curvy shapes. You can add water to your home with a water fountain or graphics with wet images.


Wood is connected to development, healing, and energy. It is signified by green, blue, and teal, as well as tall, column form shapes. Green houseplants are a great way to familiarize the timber component of your home.


Fire shows craving, motivation, and reflectivity. It is connected to fiery colors like red and charming orange and triangle shapes. Light is also associated with the fire constituents. Lamps are a great way to add the fire component to your household.

The pole or index finger signifies management, power and self-proud. Any ring on the index finger on a strong hand reflects self-confidence, self-esteem, and leadership abilities. Seemingly, wearing jewelry on your ring finger is bad luck, except you are matrimonial. God forbid you end up like the foolish cat lady.

The thumb characterizes your parents, the index finger signifies your siblings, the middle finger exemplifies you, the ring finger represents your spouse, and the pinky characterizes your offspring.

Rings on the right ring finger are often related to thoughts of love and relations, creativity, beauty, and love. Infrequently, men give their wives rings like moral rings to originate a certain milestone in the wedding, and wives often will also wear it on the correct ring finger.

Which finger?

Which finger? feng shui ring
Which finger? Feng shui ring

It is supposed that the ring on the right-hand side of a person designates its current situation. The ring on the left shows which status is desirable for this individual. Defining the status of left-handed persons is more problematic – a ring that states the present state can be either right or left-handed. 

It is suggested that individuals wear a ring around the thumb expansively, passionately and with enormous energy assets. Rendering to astrologers and palm plants, the thumb resembles Mars, and the ring on this finger should contain their character. The ring on the thumb calms the violence of an individual and aids make the association more melodious.

Ring owners on the thumb are typically persistent. The earliest Greeks and Romans wore a ring on their thumb to defend their robustness. 

 It is superior to wear a copper ring on the thumb. Inconclusive and shy persons wear a ring about the index finger. The ring on the index finger is a sign of self-assuredness and increases self-esteem. Furthermore, it is supposed that this will carry pleasure and achievement. An individual will be talented to gain internal faith in his command, gain more insight and widen the information horizon. It is suggested to wear a ring of tin or gilded.

In Chinese culture and customs, many rely on every aspect of our lives to follow the profound principle of Feng Shui, from the purchase of high-value items such as houses and cars, to small items such as jewelry, bracelets, earrings, rings, handbags, etc. and other personal accessories for good luck.

Wearing rings assists us in looking good, but we must also pay specific courtesy to the importance and meaning of rings on each finger. So let’s look at the explanation and purpose currently.

Ring on Index Finger

It can assist in recovering interpersonal relations and increase your authority/power and communal status. It is best suitable for individuals doing auctions or trade.

Ring on Middle Finger

Wearing a ring on the central finger signifies accountability and power. Also, it can support enhancing your money fate and collect your prosperity. That is why numerous heads of the household affection to wear them on this finger.

Ring on Thumb

The ring on the thumb indicates prolonged presence and good wellbeing, so it is more appropriate for elders or seniors, particularly males. It is best to wear it on the left hand.

Ring on Ring Finger

It represents never-ending love and is most linked to marriage and commitment. So, avoid wearing this finger to stop confusion and accidentally missing the right one in your life for those who are still single.

Ring on Little Finger

Using a jade ring on your little finger carries your wealth and good luck. Moreover, numerous trust that it protects you from villains and backstabbers. For males, use on the left hand, and for ladies, wear on the right hand.

Left pinky finger 

It shows marital status and the mafia. The ring on the left pinky finger can represent several dissimilar belongings, from signature rings to marriage bands.

Marital status

Using two rings on your left pinky finger once designated that a man was married. The bottom ring was the nuptial ring, followed by the signet ring on top. Certain historians trust that American president Franklin D. Roosevelt wore a wedding ring and signet ring in this style. Widespread throughout the 19th and early 20th periods, this tradition has since dropped out of favor.

How to wear

Guidelines for wearing a Feng shui ring

You can chase a few of the feng shui guidelines for tiring a feng shui ring. Select a ring that says to you to guarantee you link with the positive vigor it can carry to you.

How to activate the Pixiu ring?

Earlier, you start tiring your Pixiu ring; you will require activating it first. Activating your ring means scheduling the Pixiu to attract prosperity for you.

It is a simple procedure that only needs four steps:

1. Cleanse your Pixiu ring

While you order your ring, it may have gathered unwanted energy before it reaches you. This vigor could puzzle the Pixiu, dulling the effects of the affluence ring. To restore its vigor, cleanse pixiu with sacred plants or running water.

2. Feed your Pixiu

It means training your Pixiu to beware of profusion. To feed Pixiu, place it in a silver bowl filled with valued articles. It comprises coins and jewelry. Formerly, imagine the Pixiu creature carrying wealth and profusion into your life.

3. Ring on the middle finger

After completing the overhead steps, place the Pixiu ring on your central finger.

4. Pet your Pixiu

Pixiu grows more influential the more you bond with it. To do this, merely touch its figure frequently as if you’re petting a dog or cat. However, avoid its mouth and eyes, which it uses for hunting prosperity.

For wealth

Which finger to wear the ring for wealth Feng Shui?

The Pixiu ring must be worn on the central finger to attract prosperity. In the practice of palm analysis, the money line can originate right under the middle finger. The currency line is the line in your palm related to career and wealth. The vertical line stretches from the central finger down to your wrist. By tiring the ring on this finger, you are opening yourself up to obtain all of the wealth and profusion that the Pixiu offers.

Wearing a Feng Shui mantra Pixiu ring

The feng shui motto Pixiu ring is assumed to aid you in attracting wealth. It is also said to assist you in collecting prosperity and then defending it. It’s supposed to be the supplier of a sudden economic sea storm. It makes it one of the utmost coveted feng shui talismans, particularly as a ring. An additional profit is that the Pixiu will defend you bodily from hazards and evil feelings.

Questions and Answers

What is a Pixiu?

The Pixiu is a mythical Chinese creature often used in Feng Shui applications to attract and retain wealth. It resembles a winged lion and is said to have an insatiable appetite for gold and silver. Traditionally, it’s believed to prevent the user from losing wealth and to increase earnings. The male version of Pixiu is called “Tian Lu,” which wards off evil spirits, and the female version is “Bi Xie,” which prevents wealth from leaving its owner.

What is the significance of a Feng Shui ring with a Pixiu on it?

A Feng Shui ring featuring a Pixiu is believed to bring its wearer protection against negative energies and financial pitfalls. When incorporated into jewelry, especially rings, the Pixiu serves as a close and direct conduit to the wearer, continuously attracting wealth and fending off negative chi or energy.

How do you activate a Pixiu ring?

 To activate a Pixiu ring, one should first cleanse it to remove any negative energies. This can be done by placing it under moonlight or sunlight for several hours. Afterwards, one should wear the ring and touch the Pixiu frequently, forming a bond and allowing it to recognize you as its owner. Some also suggest letting the Pixiu face the direction of your pinky finger, symbolizing its constant hunt for wealth.

How do you care for and maintain a Pixiu ring?

Maintenance is vital. A Pixiu ring should be cleansed periodically to remove any accumulated negative energy. Moreover, it should not be touched by others, to ensure that the Pixiu recognizes only one owner. It’s also advised not to wear the ring while bathing, to prevent it from coming into contact with dirty water.

Is there a preferred hand or finger to wear the Pixiu ring on?

Traditionally, it’s recommended to wear the Pixiu ring on the left hand, as this is believed to align with the concept of drawing wealth into one’s life. The specific finger can vary based on personal preference, but many choose to wear it on the ring or middle finger.

Are there people who should avoid wearing the Pixiu ring?

Some Feng Shui practitioners believe that certain groups, such as pregnant women or those mourning a recent loss, should avoid wearing the Pixiu as it might disrupt their energy.

Can you wear other Feng Shui items with a Pixiu ring?

Yes, wearing multiple Feng Shui items can complement and amplify their energies. However, one should be cautious not to combine too many symbols, as this can create confusion and dilute their effects.

How do you select a genuine and effective Pixiu ring?

When selecting a Pixiu ring, it’s important to choose one made of genuine materials, like jade or gold. The craftsmanship should also be examined. A well-carved Pixiu that captures its fierce and protective essence is preferable. Finally, it’s essential to trust your intuition; if you feel drawn to a particular ring, that’s often a good sign.

Can a broken Pixiu ring still be used?

If a Pixiu ring is broken or damaged, it’s generally recommended to replace it. A broken ring might signify a disruption in its energy, and it might not serve its purpose effectively.

What do the different materials (like gold, jade, or silver) mean for a Pixiu ring?

Each material has its own unique energy. Gold Pixiu rings are believed to attract wealth and abundance, jade is seen as a protector and purifier, while silver balances and enhances other energies.

How often should one replace or renew a Pixiu ring?

There’s no strict guideline, but if the ring becomes worn out, breaks, or loses its shine, it may be time to consider getting a new one to ensure the energy remains strong.

Can you gift a Pixiu ring to someone?

 Yes, a Pixiu ring makes a thoughtful gift, especially if the intention is to wish someone prosperity and protection. However, the recipient should cleanse and activate the ring upon receiving it.

How do you know if the Pixiu ring is working?

Many believe that an increased sense of calm, opportunities to gain wealth, or a general feeling of positivity indicate that the ring is effectively working.

Is it okay to wear the Pixiu ring to bed?

It’s generally recommended to remove the ring before sleeping to allow both the wearer and the Pixiu to rest and rejuvenate.

What are the consequences of disrespecting the Pixiu on the ring?

Disrespecting or neglecting the Pixiu might render it ineffective. It’s essential to treat it with care, maintaining its cleanliness and integrity.

How do Pixiu rings compare to other Feng Shui jewelry?

While all Feng Shui jewelry aims to bring balance and prosperity, the Pixiu ring specifically focuses on wealth and protection, making it unique in its purpose.

Can one wear the Pixiu ring during challenging astrological times?

Yes, especially during challenging times, wearing a Pixiu ring might provide added protection and attract positive energies.

How should you store your Pixiu ring when not wearing it?

Store it in a clean, respectful place, such as a jewelry box, ensuring it’s not tossed around or mistreated.

Does the size or design intricacy of the Pixiu on the ring matter?

While the essence and energy of the Pixiu are crucial, some believe that a larger or more intricate design can amplify its power. However, personal connection and belief play significant roles.

Can you wear the Pixiu ring daily, or should it be reserved for specific occasions?

Many choose to wear their Pixiu ring daily to continually attract wealth and protection. However, some might reserve it for particular occasions or days when they feel they need an extra boost in positive energy.

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