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Wall Color for Bedroom Feng Shui

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Wall color for bedroom feng shui: What is a happy color, Which color is lucky, gray, purple. You can adopt feng shui into your house and daily life by starting in the bedroom if you haven’t done so already. 

Wall color for bedroom feng shui: What is a happy color, Which color is lucky, gray, purple
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Wall color for bedroom feng shui: What is a happy color, Which color is lucky, gray, purple

There are several changes that can be made to improve this space. When you’re new to (or not so new to) feng shui, you should make a few changes in your bedroom. Then, you should take note of how you feel and any changes.

Using color in your bedroom is one of the best methods for activating feng shui. Visual cues in our surroundings are extremely important to humans, as they are visual creatures. The different wavelengths of light that make up each color we observe are responsible for the many colors we see. The colours you use in your bedroom can affect your qi (life force energy) significantly. This is particularly true when it comes to decorating such a vital area of your home as your bedroom.

Incorporating colour into your bedroom can be done in a number of creative ways. It is absolutely great to introduce a new hue to your walls by painting them. Since you are renting, you can always add color with accessories and decor if you do not want to or can’t paint your walls. A new set of bed linens in a colour that speaks to you might, for instance, be the right investment. Your bedding has an important impact on you because you spend so much of your day in bed.

A vase of fresh flowers or some throw pillows can add a splash of color. As you change your mood and your colors, this is a particularly great way to keep things fresh throughout the season. Paintings are another great way to incorporate different colors into your home decor. Moreover, you can select your jammies based on the colour you want to represent yourself in.

The feng shui community recommends warm earth colors such as copper, coral, cream, and cocoa for creating an inviting atmosphere. Your bedroom will feel peaceful, relaxing, and inviting if you choose soft, natural colours, such as light blues, greens, and lavenders.

What is a happy color?

Generally, bright, warm colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and red are considered happy. You can also boost your mood by wearing pastel colours like peach, light pink, and lilac. A colour’s brightness and lightness are proportionate to how happy and positive it makes you feel.

A bedroom’s color is important, although there are few scientific studies on the topic. Following are the colour schemes that interior designers have identified as being effective in reducing anxiety and stress in bedrooms. Below are some of the best bedroom colour choices that are sure to lift your spirits:


Yellow wall art, blankets, or a single statement wall can add a touch of brightness to the bedroom. Neutral colours should be used elsewhere to avoid overpowering the bedroom. Paint the other walls neutral colors such as white, oatmeal, or pale grey. The construction of your hideaway can also be done with other natural materials like wood.

It is also a good option if your bedroom does not get a lot of natural light, since it can mimic sunlight and make the room appear larger. This colour, however, is said to conjure up feelings of worry or dissatisfaction in large quantities.


Bedrooms are typically painted blue, a colour believed to be relaxing and calming. Lighter blue colours can make a space appear more powerful and dramatic when compared to darker hues of blue.

Use neutral colors like beige or cream with your elegant blue tones to create a relaxing atmosphere. When you want a somewhat warmer blue, look at colours like periwinkle, which features overtones of violet. Home accessories, bed linens, and cushions can all be used to introduce these bright colors.


If you decorate your bedroom with warmer colors such as yellow-green, you can feel motivated to take on anything brighter. However, pairing this colour with soft neutrals will make it less overwhelming.

Numerous studies have shown that green is good for your mood. If you want to incorporate this earthy color into the bedroom, paint the walls green or grow plants to give your bedroom a natural touch. You can further the biophilic trend by adding wood to the room. You might consider oak shelves, beech bedside tables, or wooden frames.


When using lilac, select brighter colours, such as purple with dark tones, or yellow with hints of the complementary colour pink. Again, use your curtains, blankets, or wall art to bring these colours into your home.

The choice of softer shades for your bedroom, as well as the dramatic colors mentioned above, can have a huge impact on your attitude. Mild colors like this one can be applied to all of the bedroom walls because they aren’t too dominating.

As well as other soothing bedroom colour schemes like lilac, lilac and other pastel colours like blush pink can help you fall asleep.

Which color is lucky?

Blue, green, or teal should be the color of your bedroom. Symbolically, they are connected to the wood element, which symbolizes growth, power, and new beginnings in feng shui. Colours like these appear in nature frequently, such as the sky, the ocean, and plants, and might be extremely relaxing. The soothing effects of green and blue pastels are particularly noteworthy.


Grey corresponds to the Qian section of the bagua in feng shui, a section associated with useful people and travel. The black (yin) and white (yang) that make up this piece of artwork offer a balancing and tranquilizing effect. The color is exceptionally versatile as a neutral, complementing a large range of other colors. Additionally, you can also blend gray with another color in your bedroom to coincide with that color’s purpose.


Purple consists of two colors: a cold, tranquil blue and a passionate, flaming red. Consequently, it’s a really soothing color, suitable for the bedroom. Additionally, purple is associated with the Xun (Wealth) section of the feng shui bagua chart, which signifies wealth, prosperity, and self-esteem. Bring lavender into your bedroom in relaxing colors to achieve balance or to boost thoughts of worthiness.

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