Feng Shui for money

Feng shui for money:plant, success in business, and career,and wealth, corner, tree placement, amulet, in bedroom,bag,colors, coins, cures, dragon, door, envelopes, earning, frog, flow, fish, in your wallet, number, ship, stone, under bed.

If anyone wants happiness and prosperity this year, then the Chinese art of feng shui helps you find a better way for money .About many years ago, feng shui was designed to balance energies in life. Feng shui helps to improve fortune, good health, and many aspects of life. According to feng shui experts, if you want to earn more money, here are different methods of earning.

Feng shui for money:plant, success in business, and career,and wealth, corner, tree placement, amulet, in bedroom,bag,colors, coins, cures, dragon, door, envelopes, earning, frog, flow, fish, in your wallet, number, ship, stone, under bed
Feng shui for money:plant, success in business, and career,and wealth, corner, tree placement, amulet, in bedroom,bag,colors, coins, cures, dragon, door, envelopes, earning, frog, flow, fish, in your wallet, number, ship, stone, under bed

Addition of Fountain

The addition of a fountain in your house is a good sign of prosperity into your life, as water is a sign of wealth in feng shui. The fountain should be placed southwest, in your home interior. If you have a fountain on your home exterior, make sure water flows in it. If you want to activate water energy, put 27 coins in the fountain.

Placing citrine crystals on your windowsill

Citrine crystals are the stone of light and happiness, and it brings prosperity and happiness in life. So, it’s a good sign to place citrine crystals on your windowsill.

Grow plants in your home

Green plants indicate energy flow in your home. When plants are green in your home, it is a good sign that energy is abundant. But by chance, if plants are yellow in your home, unfortunately, it’s a sign of a low energy level in your home. Decorate your home with plants and take care of them so that prosperity also comes continuously in your home.

Put work desk at proper place

Whether at home or the office, your work should be at the proper place. It should never face a wall, as it creates difficulties for energy to enter. For good energy, but the desk where it is facing the window; will prove the best energy flow.

Chinese coins

It is a good sign to have a Chinese coin in your home. Chinese coins are a sign of prosperity, so you should hang these coins in your home .It is better for you to have coins in your pocket, so that you can live happily. If you secretly put these coins in your home, it is also better.

Put an aquarium in your home

In feng shui, water is the sign of wealth and prosperity, so putting an aquarium in your house is a good way to flow energy. Aside from being beautiful, it is a good example of prosperity when taken into your home.


Feng shui for plants is a symbol of wealth. Money plants are very beneficial for all aspects of life. Many indoor plants are believed to bring wealth and peace to your life. It energizes the home by filtering air, and this also helps increase oxygen levels by plants. Plants help in absorbing radiations from radio and television. So, feng shui experts advise keeping the plants near radio and television. By placing plants at the right corner, it will help you to decrease anxiety and depression. Plants help you to remain peaceful. Plants are best for attracting money. It activates positive energy for true wealth.        

It is a good sign to place plants inside the home as they bring good luck to you. Plants also help remove obstacles in financial growth and help in bringing happiness; according to feng shui, money plants enhance the energy of happiness and prosperity in life. According to feng shui, the southeast area is the best for money and abundance. Southeast is the wealthy corner of the house, so plants should plant in that direction. Due to their heart-shaped leaves, it represents the long-life relationship.

Success in business

According to feng shui, it can be amplified by your work prosperity and performance, establishing order on your desk. If your work desk is full of different stuff, it can block prosperity from coming towards you. Take everything off the desk and keep the areas around the desk. You should put daily-use documents or items on the desk. Put your other documents in file cabinets. I prefer to put those documents on the main desk for the project. 

The feng shui Bagua map is also unique; that tells you which area of your house and the desk are connected with prosperity. If you follow the Bagua map, you should gain wealth. According to this, the right corner of your house shows the relationship zone, the far left corner is the zone of money. If your desk has a nine part grid, put every grid in its correct position according to the Bagua map. In the practice of feng shui, your happiness, success, and prosperity depend upon the position of your desk. 

The command position of your desk is that when your back is to a wall, and your face is toward the door, that will give positive energy to guests. When you sit on a command, you will be able to see all the doors, windows, and every position of your office. Green plants in offices give signs of positivity and energy. Green plants also improve air quality and maintain freshness in the office. The bamboo plant is the lucky plant for business. Jade plant, a peace lily, and moth orchid are also best for success in a business  


In Asian culture, it is common to use feng shui techniques to enhance prosperity. The coins of the ten Emperors are feng shui adjustments that enhance financial income. These coins are symbols of wealth and power. You can place these coins behind your desk chair. It’s beneficial to put these coins near the spot of entry of your home.

Healthy and green plants symbolize success because they create freshness in the office, so you feel better in that new environment. We use the Chinese zodiac animals for success. Different animals have different meanings, but they symbolize a successful relationship when they all struggle together. Try to hang 12 zodiac animals in your office to promote success.


Feng shui is considered a sign of wealth, by putting the feng shui wealth vase in the home is a sign of wealth. It is well known for attracting the flow of wealth energy in your home. You can put a wealth vase anywhere in the home. You can make your vase beautiful and sweaty.  


According to feng shui, the wealth corner is at the back left corner of your room or house. For some of you, the wealth corner is outside. You can decorate your corner differently;   

The feng Shui wealth corner is related to the wood element, so if you place objects related to the wood elements, it proves a wealthy sign; it’s good for bringing positive energy. Wood is an element of life as it grows in size; wood is strong, proving that we should remain steadfast during any storm. Water is also a feng Shui money corner. Water is unique, can flow, and make its way despite any obstacles.      

Amulet in feng shui

Everyone wants prosperity, happiness, wealth, and positive energy at their home; for that purpose, many feng shui charms are used at home. In Chinese culture, on special occasions, gifts are given to anyone in a red envelope. According to feng shui, the red color symbolizes power energy. It is a sign of protection as well as fire elements. The red color is a lucky color, and is used for inspiration. Orange is usually considered yang energy, and it is vibrant.

In Feng shui, orange symbolizes happiness and joy as a replacement for negative energy. When you keep a bowl of fresh orange in your home, it’s a symbol of positive energy in your home. It’s auspicious to have all the twelve Zodiac animals in your home.

All different animals having different traits create harmony and happiness in the home. It shows that different people in the home can live in harmony. It is a sign of good luck and fortune to have coins of the Ten Emperor. In feng shui, coins symbolize wealth and power. Different types of endless knots signify good luck, long life, and harmony in life. The eternal knot is the most popular.            

Feng shui money in the bedroom

The ideal setting for keeping a bedroom is to pick the farthest place of the bedroom from the main door. It’s better to keep the bed away from the main door. The worst place is to keep the bed next to the house. Sometimes we don’t have enough space to put your bedroom next to the main door. If you want a happy relationship, decorate your bedroom with red and pink.

Place lamps on both sides of your bed. In bed, avoid sleeping with your feet towards the door; in Chinese feng shui, this is considered a death position. To achieve a pleasant environment, paint your room walls light colors like white and peach. Remove television, and another type of object from the bedroom, because all things absorb all energy and can disturb you in your romance time.

Feng shui money color

These days, we all use light colors in our homes, as light colors are symbols of calmness. Light colors make our home calm and peaceful. When you want to rest at home, light colors are beneficial. The worst thing is that light colors represent less energy. It means less energy is circulating in our homes. So, if you are looking for a job, you should use the Feng shui color for upcoming success.

Purple is the color of abundance, power, and luxury. In ancient times, only wealthy people could reach the purple color; they would wear it to show their power. Green is also a color of wealth and happiness. The green color shows growth and freshness.  

Feng shui money bag

Feng shui provides remedies to attract wealth and power, but they don’t provide magical things for money. If you have a money bag, you might tie nine coins with a red ribbon and wrap them in a red cloth. Nine is auspicious, and red is the color of luck, so it makes a good combination by increasing wealth. Decorate the southeast corner with small bundles of coins.  

Feng shui money coins

Chinese feng shui coins represent wealth and power. In Chinese good luck symbols, coins are among the top luckiest things. Chinese coins are a symbol of luck and fortune in the home. These coins are put at different places in the home; they should either be put on tables or hung outside your rooms or home. The front door plays a key role in bringing good luck to the home; if you put these coins in front of the main door, this door will attract wealth and happiness.

Feng shui money dragon

In the Chinese zodiac sign, Dragons are symbols of bravery. They are considered as most beneficial in the way of good luck. Sometimes, you see a dragon with a pearl; this pearl is a wish-fulfilling jewel. This jewel represents light to all darkness and gives a lot of success. Dragon is a symbol of protection. At the front door, it can provide protection and also welcome good luck. You can protect yourself by wearing the amulet.

Feng shui money envelope

The red gift envelope signifies good luck and fortune; everyone selects this envelope for happiness and good luck. Red is a color of power and healthiness. On special occasions, gifts are given to others, but the Chinese use red envelopes to bring happiness and wish good luck.

Feng shui money earning

Citrine is often used to narrate abundance and opportunities and helps develop confidence. The addition of a fountain in your home also increases the chance of wealth. As in Feng shui, water is a symbol of wealth and power. A water fountain near the home entrance helps flow energy from outside the home into the home.  

Feng shui money frog

In feng shui, the frog is used as a Chinese symbol to attract wealth and energy. The three-legged toad is connected with the sign of luck and fortune, often used to bring more financial abundance. It is an ancient thought that three-legged toads can produce gold and silver coins. It is said that this toad used to live on the moon with the God of wealth. This toad is associated with long life and good luck. A three-legged toad is placed on the table, and it does not sit on the floor directly.

Feng shui money fish

Arowana fish, referred to as Dragonfish, symbolizes wealth, power, and happiness. As this is an endangered species so this is not available easily. Blackmoor is a well-known Feng shui fish for aquariums. This fish keeps away all the negative energies at your home and refers to enhancing positive energy. Goldfish is the most beneficial fish among

All of the Feng shui fishes, this feng shui fish symbolizes beauty. The Flower horn fish is known for bringing good luck and love. This species is used for creating the best environment and shows good health for all family members.

Feng shui money in your wallet

In feng shui, the power is important to get by in a different way, than the color of the wallet is very important to attract wealth and good luck. Black color is a popular color in feng shui, proving the best color for the wallet. It is the best color for success to enhance your wealth. Blue is a symbol of water, as water drains away, as the flow of water is fast, so if you want to enhance wealth and power, we recommend that you not use a blue color wallet. As Brown represents the earth, its color refers to the promotion of wealth. Brown pallet is an ideal wallet for wealth. Green wallets promote new opportunities, so it’s also a better wallet. Red is a symbol of fire, so we don’t recommend you to use red wallets.

Feng shui money number

The number 1 refers to wholeness; place an image of a single turtle in the career area of your home to increase prosperity. The number 2 is used for relationships; place pairs of things in your room to increase love. The number 3 refers to creation in a family; place a collection of three photos in your home to improve family dynamics.

The number 4 symbolizes stability; it represents four seasons of the year. In Chinese, this is a bad number, as it represents death.

Feng shui money ship

In Chinese culture, a sailing ship is a sign of abundance. Chinese culture believes that water and winds symbolize wealth and luck. In feng shui, the sailing ship is a sign of abundance. In ancient days, ships were used as the main luggage transport, so it was a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Feng shui money stone

Amethyst is a peaceful and protective stone that helps restore your life’s balance. This stone promotes inner peace and enhances calming energy in your space, and it is also called a stone of clarity. All these qualities help in bringing happiness to your home. Purple is a color of wealth in feng shui, so put the purple stone in your home to increase wealth energy. Citrine enhances your willpower, which helps you create success .It is called merchants stone because it brings good luck to your business; it is also a sunny and bright stone for a bright future. 

Feng shui money under the bed

When you stand in your bedroom, the far left corner is the wealth corner.

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