Christmas tree feng shui tips, location

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Christmas tree feng shui tips,location 2021-2022, tips and recommendations, what is the best. Many are interested in knowing what, how and when to place the Christmas tree according to feng shui. I have tried to make a explanatory statement in a previous post entitled Christmas feng shui to which I add that:

Christmas tree feng shui
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Christmas tree feng shui

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  • Decorating the Christmas tree with 30 colored lights and 3 poinsettia flower pots placed around it will match the hexagram Ly, which represents glitter.
  • Hang 2 more bells to favor the Doai hexagram, which represents laughter and pure joyful sound.
  • If the pine is placed in a large space or public place, please increase the number of colored lights to 50 or 300 bulbs and 30 or 50 pots to match the Peak hexagram, which represents a solid run, a solid foundation of fortune.
  • Meanwhile, 58 bells will help increase prosperity and prosperity because 58 is the number of the Doai hexagram.


The traditional shape of this symbol is conducive to prosperity and wealth, that typical triangular shape corresponds to the fire element. For some experts this may mean that the ideal would be to locate it in the upper left corner of the house, in the wealth zone, where pointed shapes and combinations of wood are powerful.

The Christmas tree represents the Wood element, carrier of positive energy. Positive energy is always an important element for your living room. However, too much yang energy has negative effects.

Throughout the year we have worked hard and tired, so on vacation it is convenient to take advantage of relaxation and rest. Too many small, colorful, bright bulbs in pine will make the yang element superfluous. They stimulate the eyes and the mind, making us more stressed.

Therefore, the basic rule of thumb is that you should decorate your Christmas tree with a moderate amount of items to create a feng shui balance. You can apply the “less is more” theory, creating spaces in the pine. To do this, you must first choose a dominant color for the decoration, prioritizing the colors that generate a feeling of relaxation. For example, you should use a lot of green decorations and limit red.

In terms of bulbs, choose bulbs that are the same color rather than multiple colors. However, keep in mind that if you choose a fake pine, you should avoid decorating the entire tree in a white, yellow, or silver color.


Anyway, here are other specific tips to locate or place this Christmas sign: that it is not near the main entrance as it could drain the energy of our professional career; If “there is no other way” and we have to place it there, put a full water tank nearby. Decorating the base of it with blue lights could also serve that purpose.

If the tree is to be located in the room to the right of the main entrance, choose metal trim and white lights. If instead it is necessary to put it in the upper right area of the house, then use ceramic ornaments, yellow and red lights.

Placing the tree in the center of the home will fill the house with the joyous spirit of the holiday.

Gift colors

Choose gift wrapping colors that match the recipients. Wrap all gifts by color and recipient using Feng Shui principles. Not only does the gift match the recipient, it can also be easily recognized and quickly removed from under the tree.

  • Father / Son: yellow paper
  • Mother / Woman: red or purple paper
  • Children: silver or purple foil
  • Child: blue or green paper
  • Girl: red or pink paper
  • Grandparents: yellow or purple paper
  • Sick people: green paper (with or without natural designs like trees, pines, deer)
  • Neighbors / Friends / Colleagues: Red

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