How to set the clock for good feng shui

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How to set the clock for good feng shui? Whenever we talk about clocks and feng shui, we must remember that they must be working. No stopped or wrong clock (no matter the type: wrist, wall, kitchen, alarm clock, clock radio, cell phone, electronics, car, computer, analog or digital).

Get it fixed, set the time and the hands so that your life flows better ;-) One of the best guides for the decorative or wall clock is the work guide that indicates the movement of everyday tasks. On the office desk or in the home office, the wall or desk clock can also be on the desk in the room or on the table (in this case, right next to the computer).

But the clock can appear in the dining room, living room, hallway and other rooms, as long as it follows the decoration style of the neighbors and works very well.

In the kitchen, the clock is very useful when preparing food, so it should be in a visible place or near the stove or it can be in the kitchen work guide (in glass or in navy blue or black) . Colors may vary, depending on the kitchen decor, but if the priority here is really checking the time, it should be very legible and straightforward.

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, a watch is a powerful energy accelerator and must be handled with great care.

The watch complements the energetic space of the environment and increases positive or negative energy depending on how it is handled.

Almost all the recommendations of Feng Shui masters refer exclusively to mechanical analog clocks.

The location of the electronic clock is in the office.

Clocks should preferably be placed in rooms with intense energy, where there are a lot of people, where life is at its peak, where there is activity, movement, work: kitchens, offices, living rooms.

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How to place the clock for good feng shui?

What room to hang a clock?

In fact, a clock in the bedroom is not recommended as it is not good from a Feng Shui point of view and the ticking of the clock will affect your sleep. Although the clock can scare away evil spirits, it is still recommended to be in the living room rather than the bedroom.

Anyone who doesn’t have a good family life should hang a clock on the east side of the house. Clocks in the southeast will stimulate the flow of material well-being and help solve financial problems. For the east and southeast sides, it is preferable to choose a round wooden clock in all shades of blue, purple and black.

The south side is “responsible” for fame and recognition, and the southwest side the side of love. For the south side wall clocks are indicated in a rectangular or triangular shape, in red or green. Exclusively handmade watches are very welcome here. And to the southwest: ceramic or porcelain clocks, square or triangular, work well. Regarding the desired colors: pink, orange, beige, yellow are ideal.

The North is “responsible” for the professional aspects. For the north side, it is best to buy a round metal watch in “office” shades or in black, gray, blue, metal, blue. Clocks in the northeast will contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge and in the northwest will help attract helpers and facilitate travel.

The requirements for watches are the same as for common “northern” watches. The clock located to the west favors creativity, as well as the conception and education of children. Especially round, oval and square watches made of white or silver metal are suitable here.

Where is the best place to put a watch?

The pendant of the watch must follow strict rules. For example, the front of the clock should not face inward but toward the window or balcony. When no one is home, the air is still and the turning of the clock can make the air flow inwards and make the room full of vitality.

Hanging the clock in the center of the living room is not correct, because the word “clock” in Chinese is homophonic for “death” and anyone who comes will see the clock and think of death, producing a feeling of bad luck. The best practice is to hang the clock on the side of the door. At the same time, don’t make the clock face something that looks like the clock or trigram; Otherwise it will be suppressed by design.

How high to hang a wall clock?

Do not hang the clock too high or too low. The criteria is: do not exceed your height, or you will have to search; Don’t hang it so high that you have to look down. Generally, the watch will hang between your chest and eye level.

Clock shape and size

  1. The best clock shape for your home is square, as it is stable and symbolizes inner peace, which perfectly corresponds to peaceful rather than restless life.
  2. For your office, however, the best shape is circular, symbolizing the profits that come from everywhere.
  3. If the clock is triangular, hexagonal or octagonal, it is a symbol that your family will be in discord and prone to disputes and conflicts.
  4. The clock should not be too big, as it will make your family restless and nervous. Some people like the big mantel clock. However, the large mantel clock is not suitable for a small apartment. For one thing, the ding-dong of the watch can make you feel comfortable and full of dread. On the other hand, he steals the show and indicates that the children in his family are disobedient and that the elder has no authority.

Best direction

The watch will be placed in an auspicious rather than an unfavorable direction, to block out and remove bad things.

  1. Do not hang or put the clock in the direction of Bai Hu (that is, west) of your house: this direction is the unfavorable direction in traditional Chinese Feng Shui. However, you can place or hang the clock in the northwest of your home and the clock should be white or gold in color and circular in shape, as the direction belongs to metal in five elements.
  2. Do not hang or put the watch in the direction of Xuan Wu (that is, north): this direction belongs to the rear, which should be kept static instead of dynamic.
  3. Hang or put the watch in the direction Zhu Que (that is, south) of your house: this direction is the front part that belongs to the dynamics. The watch will be mainly in red, purple or orange as the direction belongs to the fire in five elements.
  4. Hang or put the clock in the direction of Qing Long (that is, east) or southeast of your house: This is the auspicious direction and the left side of your living room is a good place to hang a clock. The watch will be mainly in green or cyan and in square shape since the direction belongs to the wood in five elements.

For clocks to become conducive to the acceleration of energy, it is important not only to know where to hang them, but also their position. The room is calm and quiet. This is an intimate area where exchange processes occur between two partners of a subtle energy essence, so noisy clocks are not desirable in this environment.

But if you can’t go without an alarm, it’s best to be small and discreet. A large round clock is suitable for children’s rooms, with all its imposition as it teaches them the meaning of the passage of time and points out that it is not worth wasting time, since there is no way to get it back. You should especially avoid placing them in the entrance, hallway, or the first room you see when entering your home.

Because, according to Eastern philosophy, as with mirrors, these devices will prevent new financial flows or lead to loss of money and the emergence of conflicts. Kitchen, living room, office – in these rooms the Yang energy dominates, here a person is active, meets guests and other family members, works.

And these rooms are considered excellent for placing clocks in Feng Shui, and the room should have a calm, restful and relaxing atmosphere (Yin energy), so it is not desirable to have an alarm clock here. If the biological rhythms do not allow you to wake up in time, you can use a cell phone.

How many watches should you have at home?

You’d better only have one master clock at home and one alarm clock for each room, so as not to disturb the power within your home.

Clock taboos in feng shui

  • Don’t hang a clock on the headboard or the end of your bed.
  • Don’t hang a clock over your couch, or those sitting on the couch will be uncomfortable.
  • Do not hang a clock on the wall above your desk, but in other positions that will not have adverse effects.
  • Do not make the clock face any door other than the window. Since the clock can drive away evil spirits, it can face the direction of evil to help Feng Shui objects against evil spirits.
  • You should buy the watch yourself and never send someone a watch as a gift, because the word “watch” in Chinese is homophonic to “death”. A watch as a gift is quite unfortunate and will produce bad psychological advice.


In addition to the clocks themselves, Feng Shui recommends using an hourglass as a talisman or amulet at home (on the desk or in the study).

They will not replace mechanical or electronic functionality, but should not be considered a toy either.

According to Chinese philosophy, the main purpose of the hourglass is the attraction of Chi energy.

Furthermore, “living” sand, which is in perpetual motion, is believed to have a greater impact on the surrounding space than the infinite motion of arrows.

The vital energy is always positive and active on the spot.

Ideally made of wood, which favorably affects the mood of people in the environment.

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