Tiger and dragon chinese horoscope compatibility

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Tiger and dragon chinese horoscope compatibility. In the Chinese zodiac, the compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon in love is quite good, and if the representatives of the signs do their best and stop finding out which of them is stronger, the world will get another happy couple. This is one way of looking at it.

Another would be:

Tiger and Dragon are almost incompatible. They have nothing in common, so it is unlikely that serious contradictions will develop between them. They are simply not interested together. However, this does not mean that their relationship will not form a union, sometimes happy. Much and the relationship will depend on the mood of the partners, desire to be together. Astrologers note the unpredictable development of relationships between them due to the incompatibility of characters. Which one are we left with?

Tiger and dragon compatibility Chinese horoscope, love, Chinese zodiac, Chinese astrology
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Tiger and dragon Chinese horoscope compatibility

Tiger woman and dragon man

A Dragon man and a Tiger woman can make a very happy couple if they learn to listen to each other. Being innate leaders, the representatives of the signs tend to constantly discover who is stronger and who is the main one in their particular environment. Not wanting to give up, Tigre and Dragon often enter into an open and all-out confrontation, thus destroying their relationship.


Tiger and Dragon are characterized by a fairly good compatibility in love. Representatives of the signs are irresistibly attracted to each other. The Dragon Man, as a good connoisseur of feminine beauty, will surely like the beautiful and confident Tigress. As for the representative of the sign, her heart will be conquered by a determined and self-respecting boy.

Being unpredictable individuals, the Tiger woman and the man born in the year of the Dragon will not bore each other. In their relationship there will be everything: and wild passion, and violent scenes of jealousy, and the struggle for power in pairs. However, having a large number of points of contact and having the ability to highlight the main thing, the representatives of the characters will be able to find the necessary compromise that will help them maintain love and maintain the relationship.


The compatibility in bed for Tiger women and Dragon men is simply perfect. Lovers are similar in temperament and feel very good about each other. Sex for the representatives of the signs is a kind of life saver, helping to smooth out disputes and resolve disputes in everyday life. Making love, a boy and a girl, as if they took a little while in an eternal dispute for the supremacy of the couple.

The intimate sphere of the relationship will be the most successful for this couple. They are both sensual, and the Dragon man is also very wise to give his partner maximum pleasure. The Tiger woman is advised to simply listen to her inner desires, to follow the Dragon man in her fantasies. As a result, they can be happy. However, achieving this happiness will not be easy and you will again have to work.


The horoscope of the compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon in family life predicts spouses difficult marriage. Both husband and wife are strong and self-sufficient, so each of them will want to drive a family boat. A man will never give up his position simply because he is a man, and a woman will stand firm because of his innate stubbornness and excessive pride in her. In such a situation, it would be better for the marriage if the wife made concessions as the representative of the weaker half of humanity.

Furthermore, the husband must not put undue pressure on his wife or restrict her freedom. The young woman needs to become more domestic, because it is these character traits that attract her faithful. The representative of the strong half of humanity appreciates the comfort of home and feminine beauty. By following her appearance and creating comfortable living conditions for her husband, the young woman will be able to not only tie him firmly to her, but also make her love last forever.

Dragon woman and tiger man

Tiger man and Dragon woman reunited, be sure to pay attention to each other. The intelligent and charming girl of the sign is liked by men, and the Tiger boy is no exception. He will appreciate her strength of character and determination and will persistently seek her affection.

The girl will not remain indifferent to the courtship of such a strong and determined boy and will soon give up. Love between the representatives of the signs will erupt almost from the first day of the appointment and will captivate couples. Together they will be easy, fun and interesting. The image of the union of representatives of the signs would be incomplete if we did not mention the struggle for power, which usually leads to a boy and a girl. It is this circumstance that can significantly ruin even the strongest relationship.

In love

The Tiger Man is immediately attracted to the Dragon Woman. It’s about his magical wisdom and his ability to achieve goals. The Tiger man will appreciate her strong character, so he will seek her affection in every way. And he will be glad that such a strong and intelligent man took an interest in her. As a result, the relationship between them is not quickly established, but it can be stable and long-lasting.

In privacy

In intimate terms, the representatives of the characters have a very good compatibility. The identity of temperaments makes them almost ideal lovers. Playful and ready for all kinds of sexual experiments, the girl will add variety to the intimate life of the couple. As for the man, then, constantly admiring her partner, he will be with her tender, affectionate and kind.

The Dragon woman is a cheerful and playful companion. She can diversify intimacy with different games, unusual situations. The Tiger man will be satisfied with such attention, he will try to please the chosen one. At the same time he will like to do it. He is not stingy with favors and she will gladly accept them. However, her bed will not be a place to clarify the relationship. And if everything is emotionally stable, then intimacy will be possible.


Having decided to legalize their relationship, the couple must understand that sooner or later they will still have to sit at the negotiating table. The reason for this is the eternal desire of the partners to do everything in their own way, without paying attention to the feelings and desires of their other half. The ideal distribution of roles in such a marriage should be classical, when the husband is the head of the family, the one who wins and protects, and the wife helps him in everything and considers her word to be the last. Such families of sign representatives live long and happily.

The marriage relationship between this couple will be interesting. On the one hand, she will try to do all of her for her husband, give her the opportunity to reach heights in any business, assuming many responsibilities. She is responsible, so with such a woman, the Tiger man achieves a lot. On the other hand, the Dragon woman is demanding and she will not change for trifles if her husband does not meet her requirements.


Tiger and Dragon: compatibility in love and marriage = 30.5%!

The Tiger and Dragon couple is unique. In order for them to be in a relationship, they need to cross a line that makes it difficult for them to understand. Unfortunately, not all couples have enough patience for this. But if they can appreciate the difference between their characters, hobbies, and lifestyles, they will have a long-lasting and enjoyable relationship. But again, to achieve such an emotional state, they will have to work hard on themselves.

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