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Scorpio compatibility. The zodiac signs as a whole are not compatible with each other. This is the case of Scorpio, which is not compatible with all signs, since they have a high rate of compatibility with some signs, while their index is low with others.

For a relationship to be successful, it only remains to find out if one sign is compatible with the other. The compatibility points should be taken as a guide in this relationship.

One recommendation is that when you have a low rate of compatibility between two signs, the ideal is to make an effort to strengthen the relationship. Next, we will show the compatibility of Scorpio with other zodiac signs.

Scorpio compatibility with the 12 zodiac signs

Scorpio zodiac signs compatibility
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Scorpio zodiac signs compatibility

Scorpio and capricorn

These two signs are highly compatible as they have the same goals in life. Their views and approaches in life are similar. As in any other relationship, both of you will face difficulties and challenges.

At first they will not navigate in a fluid relationship; However, they will take the relationship and love seriously, since they will become emotionally and easily attached, that is why this relationship will be successful, it can even lead to a marriage or a relationship for life.

Capricorn and Scorpio will work very hard to resolve their conflicts and to avoid misunderstandings. They will not care about other people flirting in their environment, if there is a misunderstanding, they will remain loyal, thanks to their great love.

The love between them is very intense, but their hatred is also intense. If someone hurts them they will never forget that person. The plan of revenge will be ruthless and they will not stop until they are satisfied with the failure of the other person.

Among the characteristics of Scorpio is that he is a very dominant person and always wants to be in control of the situation, while Capricorn is submissive, but in a very intelligent and deceptive way.

Scorpio and pisces

It is a very emotional and deep relationship. Although they differ in some respects, they will still be held together thanks to the magnetic attraction that holds them together.

With everything and the opposite character of both, they attract each other and are considerate of the other’s feelings, for this reason they make sure to agree in every decision they make.

The gentle character of Pisces manages to calm the internal pressures and desires of Scorpio. When there are problems between these two signs it is very difficult to solve because they are proud people, it is also difficult for them to admit their mistakes.

Scorpio and Cancer

Both Cancer and Scorpio are very emotional. The emotional aspect of their partners has more credit than their intellectual and logical aspects. Thanks to the water element by which they are ruled, they share the same goals and dreams in life.

The two understand each other’s aspirations and desires, it would be difficult to separate them because they can become emotionally attached. An important aspect of both is that they give their all in a relationship, giving heart, effort, time, as well as trust.

A bad characteristic is anger, when there is a misunderstanding, it will be easy for them to forget about the relationship and what they did for each other, in addition, they have little control of their emotions and tend to hurt the feelings of the other when they get angry.

Scorpio and virgo

They both tend to be intellectual and intelligent. They enjoy sharing their views and ideas and they like to discuss topics and some political, current affairs, music, sports and art.

These two signs are humble and get along well with people around them; They may also have some similar characteristics, but in terms of emotion they are opposite.

Virgo is not that romantic in a relationship, while Scorpio is very emotional and deeply values a relationship. He, too, does not usually show his emotions, in such an easy way; With these aspects, it is possible that a long-term relationship between the two of you will not survive.

Scorpio and taurus

Both share the same character traits, where determination, enthusiasm and perseverance are the protagonists. Between the two you can notice a great magnetic attraction that makes them very compatible. Even without having the same level of intelligence.

If the two signs have the same intelligence and spiritual level, the attraction will be much stronger and they will never leave.

As well as similar traits, there are also the opposites. For example, Taurus is simpler, more stable, not as complex and demanding as Scorpio, when it comes to emotional attachment.

It may be difficult for them to adjust at first, but as time passes they will realize that they are in love and will be willing to continue with the relationship despite the opposite emotional traits.

Scorpio and Aquarius

A relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius has a low compatibility index, motivated by their differences and their opposite personalities. Scorpios tend to take a relationship seriously and value it, while Aquarius does not like emotional attachments.

This makes the Scorpio see Aquarius as cold, calculating, lacking in emotions and passion. On the other hand, Scorpio is very independent, while Aquarius loves to depend on other people.

Scorpio and aries

Aries belongs to the fire element and Scorpio to the water element. Between these two signs there will always be a conflict, since they are totally opposite. Scorpios approach life slowly, taking one step at a time, they usually study each step they take before implementing an action.

On the other hand, Aries needs to rush things, without thinking and making decisions carefully, they can decide anything immediately and do not usually analyze the situation or think about the consequences of their actions.

If the two signs are engaged in a relationship, love will not be involved. Their relationship will revolve around sex, because they are sexually passionate, since they do not imply love in their relationship, it will be easy for this couple to separate and go their separate ways.

Scorpio and Gemini

The elements of these two signs are opposite, there is a tendency for them to attract each other, but also to move away. In case they get to have a relationship, it will be a tug of war.

Scorpio wants a loyal partner and it is a characteristic that Gemini cannot demonstrate to him. Gemini will look for an intelligent person with whom he can argue and chat and Scorpios do not have that intellectual capacity.

Finally, Scorpio will try to control the relationship, while Gemini does not need anyone to control it, Gemini will not be influenced by Scorpio, it is for this reason that the compatibility between both signs is very low.

Scorpio and Leo

There is a great tendency for these two signs to try to dominate and control each other. For this reason they will never have a successful relationship. Leo is open with his feelings and they fail to understand the reserved nature of Scorpio.

Scorpio in this relationship will not know how to express his feelings, what he really has in his heart and mind. Two factors that also make them incompatible is their representation: Scorpio is the symbol of sex, while Leo is the symbol of love.

For a relationship between the two to work, they must stop dominating each other and one of them lower their pride. If they can recognize each other as equals, they can become a great couple.

Scorpio and libra

Libra and Scorpio can have a romantic relationship, but not for long. They may be attracted to each other, physically, sexually, and emotionally, but when they become familiar with their personalities, the magic will fade.

Scorpio in this sense will want an emotionally attached relationship, while Libra does not want it as they enjoy a free life without much attachment. As soon as they show their true personalities, the conflicts between this couple will begin.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

If Scorpio manages to lower his pride and is willing to commit, it is possible that a relationship together with Sagittarius will work. The approaches to life of these two signs are very opposite.

Scorpio values their independence, is jealous and possessive in a relationship. On his part, Sagittarius wants an independent life and does not want anyone to control it, so if Sagittarius feels the pressure that Scorpio exerts, he will most likely run away to protect his precious freedom.

Additionally, Sagittarius is usually fierce when arguing, while Scorpio does not open his mouth when he feels the barrage of verbal attacks.

Scorpio and scorpio

The attraction between two people of the Scorpio sign is possible. Because they belong to the same sign, they will have a very intense relationship, both tend to be obsessed and have a lot of attachment. It is a relationship that can lead to marriage, as both of you will highly value the relationship.

They require a stable and deep relationship, that is why the possibility of marrying is very high, both will love each other strongly, but as in any relationship they will also have their differences.

Between the two, certain fights may arise, but love will always end up triumphing. The love you have can become the same as your hate, so you must always give in, no matter how difficult it is, in order for the relationship to last.

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