What Chinese Food is best for Diabetics?

What Chinese Food is best for Diabetics? Chinese food is one of the most loved menus all over the world and eating this food is the greatest culinary joy for a Chinese lover but if you are at significant risk of diabetes or you have turned diabetic, then many elements in Chinese food are not safe for you. But we cannot stop you from eating tasty food as it is the right of everyone to enjoy rich flavors and deep culture foods however, we can suggest some Chinese food that you can eat even if you are diabetic.

What Chinese Food is best for Diabetics
What Chinese Food is best for Diabetics

Chinese foods for diabetics are not prepared from some different recipes or anything special is not used during their preparation but with the help of some simple tips and alternatives, the same food can be used by diabetic patients at no risk to their health. Below are some Chinese foods that you can suggest to a diabetic person so he can also enjoy his life to the fullest.

Steamed Ginger Soy Fish Instead of Fish

Ginger Soy is included as a classic dish on the Chinese menu and it is a typically-pan fried fish that tends to be very dangerous for diabetic patients because of the saturated fats packed inside it. So, instead of pan-fried fish, you must go for steamed fish.

Steam fish still contains the fusion of all the amazing recipes and its fishy smell and it is healthier in the long run. This dish is typically made of some white fish and Cod is the whitefish which is mostly preferred as it is rich in Omegas 3s carrying significant health benefits.

The healthful fats of fish give great benefits to diabetics as it is high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that can improve blood lipids and blood sugar control in diabetic individuals.

Another positive point of this dish is that sauce for steamed fish requires only two tablespoons of soy sauce which is much less compared to other Chinese dishes that have a comparatively high level of sodium due to the high amounts of soy sauce used.

For bonus and additional flavor, you can top your steamed ginger-soy fish with scallions as scallions have extremely high antioxidant potential and it has been proved that their sulfur levels play a role in preventing diabetes.

White Rice Alternative

White Rice is considered a staple of Chinese food and countless Chinese cuisines such as stir-fries are believed to be incomplete unless they are eaten with a fluffy hotbed of white rice. But for diabetics, it is unfortunate as for them eating white rice can cause significant spikes in blood sugar.

Moreover, according to research, it has been discovered that with each serving of white rice an individual develops the risk of type 2 diabetes by 11% and the rate is significantly high for white rice containing a high glycemic index but there is a safer alternative.

If you still look for rice on your dining table and opt to eat them, then you should go on tasting brown rice but in reduced portions. The benefits of brown rice are that they are rich in magnesium which helps monitor the body to use insulin in a more effective way lowering on GI scale being a healthier rice option over traditional white.

But this thing should also be kept in mind that brown rice is richer in carbohydrates than white rice so it is careful to eat them in small proportions. The optimal serving size of brown rice should not exceed more than a cup and visually it shouldn’t be larger than a scoop of ice cream.

Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup can serve as a great starter for a meal as it has been observed that people all around the world need some sought-after appetizers and starters before moving to the main meal. And if you felt the need for some Chinese starter then the soup is the best option but they are not optimal choices for diabetic patients and they have to make some changes in it.

Wonton soup or hot and sour soup are avoided to be preferred to a diabetic person as the presence of cornflour signifies the increase in calories and carbohydrates as it is easily digestible leading to spikes in the blood of a diabetic person.

But we have a tasty alternative for diabetic persons also as they too have the right to enjoy the same classic flavors and blends as anyone else does. Egg drop soup is a step in the right direction for diabetics as it is a relatively low-carb soup and it is cooked with half the amount of cornstarch found in hot and sour soup.

You even have the option to prepare the egg drop soup without cornstarch and cornflour and it can still be rendered as a sufficient appetizer for diabetics. Not only this but if you prepare hot and sour soup without the use of ¼ cup of corn starch and the addition of vegetables such as mushrooms it can also be consumed by them.

Another reason to use egg drop soup is the egg as the protein found in the egg is beneficial for diabetics. This process is rather easy as you only have to take three eggs and create a ribbony texture of these eggs in a bowl. Eggs are a great blessing, especially for a diabetic as one large egg contains 6 grams of protein, and consuming eggs keeps the blood sugar in control preventing it from rising high after eating.

One of the best options that a diabetic can opt for is to frequently use dishes that are made of vegetables, mainly leafy vegetables. Moo goo gai pan loaded with vegetables are great for a diabetic person as not only does it fill you up but these vegetables filled with essential vitamins have very minimal impact on blood sugar level.

All these dishes are a great option for diabetic persons as consuming them will keep them healthy and maintain the delicious taste of the tongue at the same time.

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