Chinese New Year foods

Chinese New Year foods (Meaning, for good luck, not to eat, Cantonese, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan). Introduction. The Chinese New Year celebrations are one of the largest festivals celebrated in Asian communities in different parts of the world.

Chinese New Year foods (Meaning, for good luck, not to eat, Cantonese, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan)
Chinese New Year foods (Meaning, for good luck, not to eat, Cantonese, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan)

In China, the celebration, also known as Spring festival, has been in existence for more than the last 3500 years. The holiday is characterized by plenty of customs which vary from one household to another. 

For instance, people decorate their homes with red lanterns, clean their houses, buy firecrackers, and other honor gods. However, one factor is common in all households and this is the types of food that are cooked during this celebration. There are certain foods that people should not eat during these celebrations because they bring bad luck for the year. Other foods are the most ideal and are obtained from cousins all over the nation. This article will [provide more insight on such food to ensure that the next time you are celebrating the Chinese year, you only eat the right foods. 


The Chinese New Year festival is a celebration that marks the completion of one year in the Chinese lunar calendar. This festival is celebrated on a different date from the one celebrated by other parts of the world. This festival was traditionally viewed as a period to honor the gods and the ancestors. The celebrations begin with cleaning, shopping and decorating homes. During the New Year’s Eve, every person is expected to be at home with their loved ones. 

In the modern world, the Chinese New Year has become a period to visit families and feast. This explains why food is an important aspect in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. In this case, food refers to all the items from different cuisines in the country that are consumed or not consumed during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Some of these foods are known to bring good luck and are commonly eaten in many households during this period. Other foods are not eaten because they are believed to bring bad luck that can negatively affect how people spend the rest of the year. 

For good luck

Did you know that the type of food you eat can bring you good luck? Well, tis is according to the beliefs of the Chinese New Year celebrations. During these celebrations, the Chinese believe that there are certain foods that should be compulsory in every household because they bring people good luck throughout the year. If you plan on celebrating this festival, it is important to know some of these foods to ensure you benefit from the good luck they bring during the new year. 

One of the luckiest foods to consume during the Chinese New Year are dumplings. These food items are known to represent wealth. Therefore, when you consume them, you will attract wealth to your household throughout the year. The dumplings are boat-shaped like silver ingots and Chinese gold. Silver and gold are associated with the wealth that would come along an individual’s household when they consume dumplings during the Spring festival. 

The Spring roll or the Egg roll is another lucky food people consume during the new year celebrations. These foods are frequently eaten because they resemble gold bars. Gold is associated with wealth and therefore the Spring rolls also represent wealth. The best part about this food is that it can be bought ready or you can fry them at home.

Oranges and tangerines are also great fruits to include in the menu during the new year celebrations. Their color represents gold which is a factor in wealth. The round shape of the fruits represents unity and oneness. Therefore, consuming them would be a guarantee of a harmonious and prosperous year ahead. 

Not to eat

The food that you should not eat during the Chinese New Year celebrations are the ones associated with bad luck. If you consume these foods, the chances are high that your year will be filled with bad luck and you will find it challenging to accumulate wealth.

Among the common food you should not eat during the new year are Chicken. These birds are associated with bad luck because they tend to scratch backwards. Eating chicken on this day means that you are focusing on your past more than your future. When people focus on their past, it becomes challenging for the to utilize new opportunities that can facilitate success.

Bitter melon is another food that people should avoid during the new year celebrations. The bitter lemons represent bitterness and this is not the ideal feeling to bear the entire year. Squash sounds like death and should also not be consumed. The Chinese Sauerkraut is also not ideal due to its sourness.  


Cantonese cuisine is one of the Chinese cuisines with a history of more than 2000 years. This cuisine is common among the people of the Guangdong province. This cuisine provides the Cines with a wide range of foods that can be consumed during the new year celebrations.

The Cantonese cuisine focuses on mild, natural and fresh flavors and uses less seasoning to ensure that the food maintains its original taste. The cuisine is also famous for the wide range of food items that chefs can prepare. Hence, it is an ideal cuisine for use during the Chinese New Year celebrations. The best part about the Cantonese dishes is that they can be cooked following simple recipes. 

Hong Kong

Nian Gao is one of the most common foods you will find in almost all parts of the country. In Hong Kong, people have additional flavoring options that can be used to make the Nian Gao tastier. This makes it one of the commonly eaten foods in this area. The people in Hong Kong prefer to have savory puddings during the new year celebrations. 

This can be achieved with turnip pudding such as dried mushrooms, dried shrimp and sausages. They also serve other puddings with different sauces to make them tastier. The red bean pudding is also another favorite during the new year celebrations. Hong Kong people also enjoy the poon Choi during the spring festival. This meal is prepared in advance and not like other meals that are prepared during the feasting time.


Singapore has a wide range of meals that they consume during the Chinese New Year celebrations. These are foods consumed in other parts of China. The only difference is how the people from Singapore season their foods. For instance, the flavor of the Poon Choi in Singapore varies from one layer to another. In other areas such as Hong Kong, this food has the same flavor for all the layers. 

Yu Sheng is also yet another popular dish in Singapore which is consumed during the new year celebrations. The meal consists of raw fish combined with delicious sauces and shredded vegetables. The dish can also be prepared using other sea foods other than fish. 

Singapore has a lot of traditional foods which are eaten during the new year celebrations. These are not the only foods consumed during this period because the people have also learned how to cook cuisines from other parts of the nation. A common example is the assimilation of the foods consumed in Hong Kong in their menus. 


Luwei is one of the most commonly consumed foods in Taiwan during the new year celebrations. This food is a platter that consists of stewed meat. The meat is cooked in soy sauce until it becomes delicious and tender. Fish is also a must-have dish in Taiwan during this period. The Taiwan people have different recipes which they use in preparing the fish to consume during the new year celebrations. However, the Taiwan people do not consume raw fish. 

The people of Taiwan also enjoy Nian Gao by pan-frying it and sweetening it with brown sugar. They also eat dumplings, a dish which is symbolic of wealth and is widely eaten in all parts of China. Some of the Taiwan families have a culture where they create a special treat during the 15th day of the new year celebrations. The treat involves the creation of rice balls and stuffing them with different items such as peanut paste, bean paste and sesame. 

Conclusion: Chinese New Year foods

The Chinese New Year celebrations mark one of the most important celebrations in China. If you plan on being part of this celebration, it is important to know the meaning of food. Such will ensure that you consume the right foods during this period and avoid foods that might bring you bad luck. 

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