Alchemy meaning spiritual

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Introduction: Alchemy meaning spiritual is unique as its name. Mystical alchemy is an ancient practice with the aim of divine alteration, not material. On the other hand, alchemy was a magic science forerunner to modern-day chemistry.

It was initiated throughout the primitive period and looked to transform base metals, such as lead, into Gold. Alchemy was practised by persons who wanted to attain material prosperity and those who looked for a universal medicine for immortality.

Alchemy meaning spiritual
Alchemy meaning spiritual

Divine alchemy is the earliest philosophy that uses the symbol of transforming metals into Gold to achieve mystical enlightenment. It is used to attain contentment, agreement, and mindfulness by liberating one’s spirit from acquired behavior.

The character comprises the inauthentic part of the self, counting one’s beliefs, ideas, opinions, injuries, doubts, and fear. In this way, the transformation of lead into gold symbolizes the procedure of self-actualization and divine rebirth. 

What is spiritual Alchemy? 

Mystical alchemy is altering and refining your soul to discover your true self. An essential part of this process is shedding away the fragments of your behavior that stop you from seeing your true self, comprising your ego, preventive beliefs, and reasons. 

Olden times of Alchemy

The Arabic role in the banquet of alchemy is important; numerous books on alchemy were translated into Arabic from Greek before being presented to European spectators.

In his book “Magic and Witchcraft,” historian Nevill Drury records that “The word alchemy is supposed to derive from an Egyptian word, ‘chem’ or ‘hem,’ which signifies black, a reference to the black alluvial earth enclosing the Nile. We know that the Greek word ‘chyme,’ meaning to fuse or cast metals, recognized itself in Arabic as ‘al Kimia from which alchemy is derived.”

7 Stages of Alchemy meaning spiritual

There are following seven stages of spiritual Alchemy which are briefly explained here.


We are breaking down our personalities, self-doubt, long-standing behavior, and arrogance so that we may rejoin our Dissolution:  

Captivating a stage back and detecting us, both optimistic and undesirable qualities, and not permitting ourselves to base our intelligence of being on whichever. 


 We have practiced thinking and feeling by splitting our reliable opinions and feelings from thoughts and sentiments. It allows us to see ourselves more obviously and deeply investigate our shadow work.


We are permitting our unconscious thoughts to come to the surface so that we may detect them with conscious mindfulness. 


It is the chief stage in the procedure of rebirth. It is the expiry of our old opinions, patterns, and beliefs. And the starting phases of the birth of our uppermost self over internal peacetime, inactive, and self-examination. 


A profound level of refining requires us to look for the innermost peace in the routine of our daily lives. This phase is also known as the state of clarification. 


In this state, the world is no longer distinct from the inside mind or spiritual realism but rather an image of it. 

 Physical to Mystical Alchemy

Medieval alchemy has roots in Egypt, spreading from this zone toward Europe. Meanwhile that time, alchemy has frequently been defined as “Ars Laboriosa Converters Humiditate Ignea Metala in Mercury’s,” mentioning the alteration of fire’s wetness into mercury. In another sense, it is the skill of turning lead into Gold.

In mystical alchemy, this is considered as turning a being’s “lead” into divine “gold.” Alchemists used to express humanoid magic anatomy. The vigor surrounding the body exceeding its limits is recognized as the “aura,” and nerve links at a delicate level, frequently called “chakras,” are two instances of this secret anatomy. Magical anatomy is a type of humanoid anatomy which is not evident.

Spiritual Alchemy in the Hindu tradition

The Hindu custom defines three main animated channels: the Ida, the Pingala, and the Sushumna. Besides, it states three portions with links between them formed the human mind. These parts are the sensory mind, the intermediary mind, and the interior mind.

The Hindu custom also speaks of certain “ages of humanity.” These were the Krita Yuga when individuals used to be mystical and innocent. The Treta Yuga, when information initiates to loss of light; the Duapara Yuga, when battles start. The Kali Yuga (Iron Age) is when persons require interior alteration due to distancing themselves from graceful and emerging negative behaviors.

The Philosophers stone and the Alchemists Lab

The Thinker’s Stone, the Lapis Philosophorum, is supposed to be a stone with a perfect cube shape. In divine alchemy, it is the sign of the inner force that delivers excellence. The Magnus Opus, the Great Work, signifies the journey from the early stage to reaching the last phase by practicing alchemic knowledge.

Before the appearance of medieval alchemists, the idea exemplified by the Philosopher’s Stone, known as the Golden Fleece, led the Argonauts to look at numerous monsters. The Philosopher’s Stone is supposed to be obtained by refining mercury.

Upon completing the Great Work, the alchemist gets the Donum Dei, the Gift of the Gods, meaning the capability to understand the mysteries of lifetime and decease. These consequences in the option of going beyond the limits of sound and sinful.

Mystical Alchemy is turning lead into Gold 

The most commonly-cited instance of physical alchemy is the lead alteration into Gold. It is a great metaphor to define spiritual alchemy.

We are eliminating the impurities of our ‘lead’ behavior to create rather far more valuable and cherished.

You are born pure

Rendering to the theory of mystical alchemy, we are innate with pure souls that join only to love. It will clarify why babies don’t have uncertainties or limiting views. Inappropriately, as we grow older, we are unprotected from impurities, which cause the development of the ego, self-doubt, shock, and negative sentiments.  

Alchemy includes the elimination of fixed elements 

Mystical alchemy is alike. Physical alchemy includes the discharge of definite elements from their static physical properties. In our attention, these uncooperative pollutants of the soul are fixed parts of us that we can’t alter. That’s why the procedure can be so problematic.  

Alchemy comprises hard work

It can be claimed that we are continuously developing spiritually. Yet, just as with physical metals, it’s also true that we are very set in our ways for the most part. It takes terrific effort on the portion of the alchemist to make a permanent change. 

Numerous persons associate Alchemy with the human alteration of metals

There are a lot of resemblances between physical alchemy and mystical alchemy. Purification with the undressing away of needless constituents is complex with both.

It was supposed that spiritual Alchemy came before physical Alchemy

 Physical alchemy is an olden rehearsal. You might even call it a skill. The information surrounding it has merely grown over time, and it shows a massive role in numerous significant industries these days. 

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