Tiger Ox compatibility Chinese horoscope

Tiger Ox compatibility Chinese horoscope, How compatible are men and women of these signs in love, marriage, and other spheres of life in the Chinese zodiac, in Chinese astrology? Who is stronger in a relationship?

The tiger is a strong and fast carnivorous animal. The ox, despite its powerful size, is quite the opposite: a herbaceous representative of the fauna. People born under these signs of the eastern horoscope have special characters. Despite the differences, men and women can find a common language. In the article, we will consider the compatibility of the Ox and the Tiger in various spheres of life.

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Chinese horoscope compatibility

Chinese horoscope compatibility, zodiac, chinese astrology. Chinese astrology is based on traditional astronomy. The development of Chinese astrology is related to the burgeoning astronomy of the Han dynasty. The Chinese zodiac is one of the oldest constellation systems in the world, consisting of twelve species of animals that represent a given year.

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Cancer compatibility

Cancer compatibility. The sign of cancer is defined as the most sensitive of all, the symbol of this sign is the crab, which is usually very sensitive to external forces and when they hurt or bother it, it withdraws.

They are extremely resistant to changes in their environment and self-protective, possibly due to their hard outer shell. But they can still be defensive, since they are known for having a wait-and-see attitude.

They don’t like being the center of attention and they try to live in their little world as much as possible.

As it belongs to the water element, cancer is unpredictable, as well as unpredictable in regards to emotions, they can become deep and yearning like waters in this sign.

The moon is characterized by being associated with the emotional structure of cancer, in everything that is strong, sensitive, its maternal instincts and its inner child, aspects that are attributed to the moon, which governs this sign.

Next, in this article we will summarize the compatibility of the sign of Cancer with the other signs of the zodiac.

Cancer compatibility with the 12 zodiac signs

Cancer zodiac signs compatibility
Cancer zodiac signs compatibility

Cancer and Aries

Something very important to mention with these two signs is that they both have temperament issues. Aries in this case requires freedom to explore new things and have new experiences.

Aries tends to be aggressive and assertive. What will constantly hurt the feelings of cancer, who is more compassionate. Aries is also known to be very playful, which will ultimately explode Cancer’s jealous nature.

Cancer and Taurus

Taurus always needs a relationship that is stability and security, one that is provided by cancer. Taurus seeks beings of extreme habits and natural comfort, which will easily be provided by Cancer’s need to offer guarantees and a nurturing nature.

Both will be able to enjoy the pleasure of staying where they are, in the comfort of their home, since Taurus’ need for constant tranquility will be complemented by the overprotection that cancer will give them.

There is a downside between Taurus and Cancer and that is that they can both be very stubborn and possessive; which can seem over the top when emotions start to get a little higher than normal.

Cancer and Gemini

A Cancer-Gemini couple will make Cancer feel neglected, because Gemini is always busy with other matters. Geminis are often very fickle and restless, a trait that doesn’t quite fit the possessiveness of Cancer.

Cancer is considered a very deep sign, while Gemini keeps things superficial and does not appreciate the need for an emotional connection that Cancer requires for safety and security.

Cancer and cancer

There is a problem with a couple where both are cancer and it is how much they have in common. The two of you will be very sensitive, overprotective, dependent, and could easily get hurt if you don’t interact with the outside world.

Both of you will need pampering, reassurance, and taking initiative in mastering the relationship. The good thing about you being together is that you will understand each other perfectly and will work to support each other in your emotional trials.

They will also provide emotional support to others and understand the need for affection. Another problem that can arise is the bad mood of both, especially since it is two states of mind that will result in constant emotional stress.

Cancer and Leo

In this case, Leo has the disposition to be cheerful, while Cancer constantly changes its mood. It is a very delicate relationship to work with, especially since Leo considers himself very extravagant, he is very outgoing and requires mastery.

These aspects can be considered by cancer as unpleasant and rare. Leo may find comfort in cancer thanks to his praise and admiration, but that will be short-lived, motivated by Leo’s strong emotions and proud nature.

Cancer will not agree with Leo’s constant need to seek approval and attention from other people, since Cancer does not really need any of those things.

Cancer and Virgo

Virgo is said to be one of the signs most compatible with Cancer, they love to adore and care for each other, whenever they can. Virgo can see that the emotional nature of Cancer is very acceptable.

On the other hand, Cancer is always waiting for the perfect moment, something that fits very well with Virgo who are usually analytical people. Motivated to the laid-back personality to blend in with Cancer, it won’t matter that Virgo takes forever to make a simple decision.

This aspect generally works in Cancer’s favor, as you want to make sure your emotions are in check before sharing any decisions with Virgo.

Virgo will take care of organizing and planning Cancer’s life, especially since Cancer will keep its emotional tendencies at bay before making a decision.

Cancer and Libra

Both signs work with totally different temperaments and levels. Cancer is heavily dominated by its emotions, while Libra requires intellectual stimulation.

Libra is a person who tends to be calculating and cold and that Cancer sees it as a lack of understanding and care. On the other hand, Libra needs a lot of stimulation, especially in outdoor spaces, something that Cancer does not like since she prefers the comfort of her home to relax.

It will be difficult for a Libra to deal with the possessiveness of Cancer, which will generally see it as a shackle for its free nature. Libra will seek to attract the attention of her friends, something that will make her feel very insecure and hurt by cancer, resulting in an obstacle to the relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio

These are two very passionate signs. Cancer is very possessive when it comes to a relationship, an aspect that will be well received by Scorpios. The need for cancer care will keep the mood of the Scorpio, who will see this situation as a sign of loyalty, which gives him security.

These two signs can create a magnetic relationship, which makes them seem to always be together.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is commonly a direct and tactless person, which sometimes hurts Cancer for being very sensitive. Sagittarius by nature is often fickle, which will leave Cancer feeling hurt and wanting affection and attention.

Sagittarius will also shake the imaginative gears of Cancer, but will be very impatient to endure the mood swings of Cancer. On the other hand, Sagittarius is very unfaithful and will not be able to provide the security and love that Cancer needs.

In a relationship of these two signs Cancer will tend more towards home, while Sagittarius will be mired in laziness and exploration of other worlds. Additionally, the excess possessiveness of Cancer is too much for a Sagittarius. Which will make him walk away from this relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn

Although these two signs are a bit opposite, a relationship of the two can work and work very well. As Capricorn is a very ambitious sign, you may not get enough time to dedicate to cancer, as well as all the care and attention that it needs.

Cancer and Capricorn have a lot in common, the reason why a relationship between these two signs may work. Although they are so different in temperament, the two urgently need to calm down, but in different ways.

That tranquility has to do with the benefit of the Capricorn career and so that Cancer feels important and loved. They can also complement each other or they can be very competitive.

Cancer and Aquarius

In a relationship between Aquarius and Cancer, it will cause the latter to walk away by being very cautious and vigilant. Aquarians think quickly and usually act on impulse without thinking about the consequences that will follow, leaving Cancer horrified.

In addition, Aquarius tends to be very lonely, they prefer to deal with situations in total solitude, while Cancer always needs warmth and constant closeness in a relationship.

In this case, Cancer will not understand Aquarius’ emotional detachment and emptiness. Likewise, it is important to consider that aquarium is the opposite of cancer and that is why they react in this way with each other.

Cancer and Pisces

The main need for Cancer and Pisces is to love and be loved. It is a relationship that can be very harmonious and symbolic, since the wishes of one and the other are totally reciprocal.

Also, both work perfectly, because they tend to feed the egos of others. Pisces are very imaginative when dreaming, while Cancer is good at putting actions in their imagination, so they are both destined to create imaginative things.

They can connect on a deep level when it comes to emotions, the two signs are very dedicated and emotional, which will lead to a fruitful and deep relationship, without excesses or complications.

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