Cancer sign personality

Cancer sign personality. Each zodiac sign is represented by an animal or symbol, which in the case of cancer is a crab. Cancer is a sign with many strengths, among them are: their high imaginative power, they are emotional, tenacious, persuasive and understanding beings.

Those born under this sign like art, hobbies at home, relaxing in the water, enjoying a good meal with friends and helping their loved ones.

While what they do not like is to receive some criticism towards their relatives or friends, strangers and reveal their personal life. This sign also has some weaknesses such as pessimism, bad mood, manipulation and insecurity.

With a very deep intuition and sentimentality, Cancer can be one of the most difficult signs of the zodiac to know. They are emotional and sensitive, they are people who care a lot about the affairs of their home and family.

They are understanding and attached to people who are close to their environment. Cancerians are very loyal, they also empathize with the suffering and pain of other people.

Cancer characteristics

The natives of this sign have a deep faith and emotional sensitivity. In addition, their intuition guides them very well and they know when to play and fold at the same time in times of risk.

The most characteristic features of this sign are its predominance in the emotional world and its sensitive imagination, but depending on how they are channeled they can be transformed into a positive force or a weak and vulnerable point for this sign.

They have an emotional, constant, loyal, protective, sensual, traditional, sweet and intuitive character, this sign is associated with the need for security.

They identify very well with the crab, for that hard shell, which represents an introverted nature that contains armor that is difficult to penetrate, thus representing the need for self-protection.

Of all the signs, Cancer is the one that most needs security and is always waiting for a show of affection or a hug, feelings that they do not hesitate to express.

Those born under the sign of cancer are very spiritual and reflective, they have a prodigious imagination and in their lonely moments they nurture it; This sign also likes to open drawers with old photos and remove nostalgia for the past.

When discussing with people of the sign of cancer, the debate will be somewhat predictable, if they feel hurt or questioned, the nerves will explode and after a while they will try to remedy the matter or ask for forgiveness, since they do not tolerate the idea of seeing the other badly person or themselves.

Susceptible and emotional, they do not conceive the idea of being without company. Their emotional food is affection and it will be difficult to feel fulfilled until they find their ideal partner. Above all else they love the tranquility of the home and for that reason they slowly build their future.

Their thing is a constant and slow work since they do not trust the quick and easy results. Your intelligence can be developed to unsuspected limits. Considered noble by nature and with a prophetic intuition that joins their great spiritual sense that guides them.

Date cancer starts

The sign of Cancer begins after the sign of Gemini and runs from June 20 to July 21.

Cancer in Love

The children of this sign tend to be submissive, tender, understanding and if they are in a safe environment when they feel loved, they become the couple that will never cease to amaze.

For cancer, the most fundamental thing is to feel, since they are very romantic people, the kind who believe in fairy tales.

They are very affectionate, emotional and familiar, their way of being adapts very well with signs such as Taurus and Virgo, although in the same way they connect perfectly with Capricorn, Pisces and Scorpio, with whom they can have very successful relationships.

Being a sign that is ruled by the moon, this explains its temperamental character and its behavior with very rapid changes of mood.

They can go in a very short time from feeling sad and melancholic to excited and euphoric, perhaps this is the reason why they are considered mysterious and enigmatic people.

They always have a lot of kindness, they are very sweet, so you have to read beyond that receptivity and perennial smile that cancer has for anyone.

When Cancerians are in love it is noticeable by leagues, they begin to feel inexplicable things, something that not even they themselves can define with words, but that makes them overflow with joy wherever they go.

People of this sign when they are really in love, both generosity and affection show it in its pure state, the devotion they feel for the other person is authentic.

Cancerians are delicate, affectionate people who have a very strong family bond.

Cancer woman

Among the qualities that stand out of the women of this sign is their extreme sensitivity and their emotional personality. They always make decisions guided by the heart and not by the conscience.

Motivated by their sensitivity, Cancer women frequently have many mood swings that force them to withdraw into themselves as a kind of defense strategy.

This usually happens when someone they appreciate very much fails them or does not see that their unconditional dedication is reciprocated, they feel on a two-way street, where they lose everything at once or give everything completely.

They have a great quality and it is their artistic and literary talent. Inside they have an internal struggle that makes them capable of being inspired and creating; although sometimes not even they know it.

In the same way, they have a memory to remember events with luxurious details, especially those of their childhood. Cancer women are highly qualified to succeed in whatever profession or job they choose.

Because they know how to listen, they are excellent journalists and writers; Because they are very patient, they tend to be great cooks and hoteliers. Thanks to their organizational capacity, they are perfect as directors, managers, among others.

The character of these women is contradictory, they can be funny and crazy or monotonous and shy. She has moments where she is very sociable and others where she wants to be alone.

Something that is very certain is that cancer women identify with the situation where a friend is, they put themselves in their place and try to help as much as they can. Being empathy one of its greatest virtues, but first it will be necessary to win over cancer as a friend.

Among the positive aspects that stand out in Cancer women are their sympathy, they are protective, cautious, emotional, imaginative, romantic, shy, affectionate and melancholic.

While among their negative traits they stand out: they are calculators, their short temper and character, they can be somewhat messy and fanciful.

These women are very fond of the safety of home, parties with friends, the warmth of the house, literature, art, romance, theater, and music.

No les gusta que le digan lo que tiene que hacer o que le lleven la contraria, además que no le den muestras de cariño.

Cancer man

Cancer men have deep and emotional personalities with an intuition that they never really use. These emotions are usually very intense and variable, but their element (water) gives them a capacity for adaptation.

Changes for cancer are a virtue, these are not problems for them and they can be easily adjusted. When giving himself to other people, he is very cautious.

They never trust strangers and getting to know these people will take a little time. This does not mean that they do not connect with other people and that they can have fun, because above all they have a good heart and let it show in their emotions.

They also have excellent work skills and are very good companions, unable to advance in the company at the expense of others. Although at the beginning it is difficult for them to adapt to new professional environments, they manage to achieve it and as soon as they achieve it they develop with effectiveness and ease.

Faced with challenges and new opportunities, they are not easily overwhelmed. They are very intelligent and curious in an unconventional way, they are carried away more by their experience and intuition than by what they have learned in books.

They are considered very protective and their sensitivity causes them to surround themselves with people who value their stability and security.

They have a lot of imagination and know how to tell interesting stories. They are traditional men, but at the same time dreamers, considerate and sensitive. They really like the warmth of the home and good food.

They have a basic personality that is always very confident and stable. With a very complicated way of being that does not let itself be known much, but as soon as that layer of protection is overcome, you can notice a very familiar person who is not afraid of being vulnerable.

Cancer men are very tender in bed and tend to sense what their partner wants. They are not afraid to experiment, but it is difficult for them to gain the confidence to unleash their passion.

They are faithful and loyal men and demand the same from their partners. They do not hesitate to express their expressions of affection to the people they really love and provide a security that few signs can give.

What are cancer like?

From the positive side, Cancerians are emotional, protective, loving and friendly people. They have a lot of intuition and imagination. When necessary, they are usually cautious.

Children, the field, the home, are to their liking and they also enjoy when they are at parties, having a romance and enjoying their hobbies.

Looking at it from the negative point, those born under this sign tend to be moody, calculating, self-pitying and disorderly. Their moods are very changeable and they can be overly touchy.

Cancerians do not like failure, conflictive situations and advice, nor do they like to be contradicted and told what to do.

As for their character they are the least clear compared to other signs. They can range from boring and shy to famous and brilliant.

They have a very conservative personality, they like security and the warmth of home. Your home is your personal refuge from cancer. People of this sign understand when there are times to be alone and others to be sociable.

One of the contradictions of their character is that they can seem determined, stubborn, resistant, wise, energetic and intuitive, but those who really know them know that there is a different type of person, that is, a person who is very sensitive especially towards people of their own. intimate setting,

Cancer lucky number

The lucky numbers of the cancer sign are: 2, 8 and 12.

Cancer astrology sign, horoscope
Cancer astrology sign, horoscope

Tarot for cancer

HOUSE I: Personality

Arcane: The Hermit

Tip: Reflection, contemplation and introspection will be necessary in order to connect with the voice of inner wisdom. Also, it is vital to pay attention to details and be aware of the process for structuring plans.

HOUSE II: Material possessions

Arcane: 9 of Swords

Advice: there will be concern and prudence with financial operations will be essential. Avoid requesting new credits, which may threaten the ability to pay in the long term.

CASA III: Communication and thought

Arcane: The Wheel of Fortune

Tip: good luck and progress are coming, as well as personal and professional improvements. A new stage and challenges will begin that will drive growth. It is necessary not to cling to the past and define the objectives very well.

HOUSE IV: Home and family

Arcane: 7 of Swords

Advice: there will be disappointment and greater caution should be exercised with family businesses, since there is a possibility of doubtful handling. You must rely on ingenuity, in order to find unexpected and creative solutions, the key is not to lose faith.

HOUSE V: Romance and creativity

Arcane: Page of Pentacles (Golden Page)

Advice: joy, enthusiasm and romantic opportunities are coming. A new stage is foreseen in couple relationships, so it is better to motivate yourself to fight for your dreams.


Arcane: 5 of Swords

Tip: Situations from the past come up that can lead to conflicts in the work environment. It will be necessary to defend the position sensibly and with certainty, without being dominated by the ego.

HOUSE VII: Personal relationships

Arcane: 8 of Pentacles (Gold)

Tip: All relationships require periods of adjustment and dedication to overcome difficulties. It would be ideal to invest a little time to get to know the couple much more.

HOUSE VIII: Sexuality

Arcane: 6 of Swords

Tip: By holding on to past loves or old beliefs, it will be more difficult to move forward in a present relationship or open up to new opportunities.

HOUSE IX: Philosophy

Arcane: 2 of Cups

Tip: indecisions and stagnation are problems that will not end alone, which is why action must be taken. Partnerships and alliances provide momentum to be able to move in the right direction.

HOUSE X: Vocation and aspirations

Arcane: 9 of Wands

Tip: dissatisfaction and bouts of exhaustion are coming. The ideal is to close a cycle and embark on a new path that manages to move towards the purpose and vocation.

HOUSE XI: Friends and groups

Arcane: 2 of Wands

Advice: with cooperativism and collaboration, collective projects will be very successful. It is a good idea to take the advice of loyal friends in a good way, and to remember that people are not infallible.

HOUSE XII: Mysticism and Karma

Tip: aligning your heart with reason can strengthen your inner balance.

Tip: aligning your heart with reason can strengthen your inner balance.

Cancer compatibility with other signs

Cancer and Aries

Those of the Aries sign at the beginning will have problems approaching cancer, since they think they are fragile, this being a mistake. On the other hand, Cancer is not as wise and intelligent as it sounds, but it looks great. In addition, in matters of love, the strongest is not always the one who appears to be.

Cancer and Taurus

Taurus is a sign that knows how to give Cancer that peace of mind. They feel safe in his arms, which makes Taurus feel very happy. The only thing that they should not be falling into is routine, since it is the only aspect that can damage this relationship.

Cancer and Gemini

It is nice to see how these two signs evolve together. Cancer loves the humor of Gemini, while the latter loves the young spirit of Cancer. Both can live love in a playful way, that is, an idealized story.

Cancer and Cancer

Both are the best couple in the zodiac. They attract like magnets and complement each other perfectly. But they can quickly become locked in their own relationship and lose touch with reality.

Cancer and Leo

Leo is seduced by the charm of Cancer, on the other hand, Cancer loves the strength that Leo gives off. When a Leo begins to seduce Cancer, he manages to make her lose control of his life.

Cancer and Virgo

These two signs are very sensitive. Virgo hides it at all costs, while Cancer assumes it without inconvenience. Both share the same attachment to home, in addition to intimacy and they like to live in perfect harmony. But sometimes they both need a little bit of craziness.

Cancer and Libra

Libra likes the humanistic side and the sweetness of cancer. On the other hand, Cancer is drawn to the touch and elegance of Libra. Both signs should stop worrying about appearances.

Cancer and Scorpio

The passionate character of Scorpio tends to precipitate cancer sensitivity. But the charm of cancer drives Scorpio crazy. It should be noted that with Scorpio, Cancer manages to reach and fulfill its deepest desires.

Cancer and Sagittarius

As for these two signs, they are in different territories, but when they meet they manage to overcome their personal limits, up to a point. Since it is a mystery if they can stay together being independent or if they manage to endure the mood swings that both have.

Cancer and Capricorn

At first glance, they are totally opposite signs. However, on a day-to-day basis they manage to complement each other almost perfectly. In order for you to accept each other, you must accept your mistakes.

Cancer and Aquarius

This union is not easy, Aquarius may feel trapped by the sensitivity of cancer and end up claiming their independence, but between the two everything is possible, if they manage to reach agreements.

Cancer and Pisces

These two signs are perfectly understood. But they really have a problem and that is that sometimes reality catches them and results in conflict. Luckily the tension decreases between the two signs thanks to the tenderness and generosity of one to the other.

Cancer qualities

It is a sign that has a deep sensitivity and great inner richness on an emotional level. In addition, they are able to easily understand other people, thanks to their intuition and empathy.

These people love to build their own environment that has to do with family and home, where they can manifest their protective nature and hospitable and welcoming character.

Cancer in bed

In cancer, sex is a very essential part of their life, it is something they need on a daily basis, and sometimes they are insatiable. They know that when sex fails, things can get worse.

Cancerians in bed let themselves be loved, with their eyes they ask for a night of passion without having to express it with their mouths. They seduce, insinuate and court, draw their secret weapons; that’s how they are: they heat up and then let them go to them.

In sex, Cancer likes to be caressed, but without ceasing to feel a certain insecurity and fear. With a little love, affection and gentleness, Cancer in any sexual relationship feel very comfortable, they do not ask for much, they just need a night of passion.

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