Tiger Ox compatibility Chinese horoscope

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Tiger Ox compatibility Chinese horoscope, How compatible are men and women of these signs in love, marriage, and other spheres of life in the Chinese zodiac, in Chinese astrology? Who is stronger in a relationship?

The tiger is a strong and fast carnivorous animal. The ox, despite its powerful size, is quite the opposite: a herbaceous representative of the fauna. People born under these signs of the eastern horoscope have special characters. Despite the differences, men and women can find a common language. In the article, we will consider the compatibility of the Ox and the Tiger in various spheres of life.


In love, these signs are a tandem of ice and fire. If you evaluate the character of people, it is not difficult to see that they have different qualities and temperaments. On the other hand, according to experts, such differences attract Tigers and Bulls to each other.

If a girl is born in a couple under the ox sign, she will be able to take a leadership position, it will set the tone of the relationship. The fair sex is stronger if she does not lack wisdom and thinks competently at every step. The buffalo woman will be able to create such conditions in which the Tiger man will be considered the main one, although in reality everything will be controlled by a firm female hand.

Ox tiger compatibility chinese zodiac, love
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Ox tiger compatibility chinese zodiac, love

The union of the tiger and the ox can be compared to ice and fire. On the one hand, these are individuals with completely different levels of temperament. But, on the other hand, it is precisely this difference that attracts them to each other. When an Ox girl is paired, she can easily become a leader and set the tone for a relationship. This is only possible if the woman is endowed with wisdom, and will allow the Tiger to feel in charge of her, although she will be the one who guides him.

The calm and prudence of the ox balance the ardor of the Tiger. If the girl is a Tiger in the union and the boy is a buffalo, it will be more difficult. A man will have to work on himself so that his beloved does not lose interest in him. Tigress women are more prone to rebellion, impulsiveness, and reckless actions. It can be difficult for males to bear such an explosive character from their lady. An attempt to subjugate such a woman will be a mistake. The union has a chance of success if it is the Ox guy who learns to adapt to the girl.


In sexual terms, the representatives of both signs have a high compatibility. If in everyday life Taurus are moderate and calm individuals, then alone with a sexual partner, they reveal themselves differently, demonstrating their natural potential. Lovers born under this sign successfully combine tenderness, affection and passion. They are capable of providing their partner with sensual and emotional pleasures.

Tigers themselves are emotional and temperamental in nature. They show the same qualities in bed. Passionate lovers prefer to master the pleasures of love. If Taurus really loves his partner, he will without hesitation allow him to have sex. Due to the different energy, the partners perfectly harmonize in intimate life.


According to the Chinese horoscope, marriage between the representatives of the signs will be very difficult. Both the man and the woman, as two strong and self-sufficient individuals, will claim supremacy in the family union. In this sense, the strength of the marriage will depend more on the woman, who will have to make an effort and recognize the head of the husband’s family.

The Tiger man is never under pressure from the outside, and all attempts by the beloved to somehow tame him and impose his will will cause him aggression. Ultimately, without the understanding and support of the wife, the husband can initiate the divorce.


According to professional astrologers, a strong family can easily go out of Ox and Tiger. Let your main character traits and behavior patterns be different, in marriage they are united by the following qualities:

  • Sense of justice;
  • nobility;
  • focus on results;
  • desire for development and self-knowledge;
  • respect for family values;
  • love for family and loved ones.

The ox is able to protect the Tiger from reckless actions, prevent problems and family conflicts. On the other hand, a person born under a temperamental sign will bring sharpness and brilliance to the relationship. A balance is maintained, which is very important for family life.

The patient, prudent, able to control his emotions Ox, will sometimes prevent the Tiger from taking rash actions. The Tiger, in turn, will begin to bring into the relationship moments of passion, fire, romance that the Ox is not capable of creating.

The Tigress wife can push the Ox husband to new ideas and actions in the workplace, contributing to the growth of his career. Husband Tigre will always be happy to return “from the hunt” to his home, knowing that there will be peace and comfort for him.

Both partners are very caring and subject to true love, they will appreciate and protect each other, providing a reliable shoulder in any circumstance. Marriage problems can arise if the Tiger is too active in showing his leadership, trying to take the Ox completely under his control.

Do not forget that the Ox is also strong enough and strong-willed, and will not tolerate such treatment. Deep respect and understanding that everyone, even in marriage, needs personal space will save relationships.


Warm and strong relationships between friends can last for many years or even a lifetime. In difficult moments, the Tiger will ask the ox for advice. Instead, an emotional sign will make your friend’s life more active, interesting, and fulfilling. In such a tandem, everyone will feel comfortable.

To maintain and develop friendship, both people must have the same level of development, both spiritually and mentally. If this is not the case, misunderstandings and difficulties will begin. As a result, there are constant conflicts and disputes. Instead of pleasant communication, accusations and harsh comments will be directed at each other.

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