Tiger woman personality

Tiger woman personality: love, in love, How is the tiger woman in the Chinese horoscope? How to conquer a tiger woman? How to propose to a tiger woman? What kind of man does the tiger woman like? How to make the tiger woman fall in love, how to seduce her?

The tiger woman according to the Chinese calendar, Chinese horoscope. This prototype woman loves the activity more than anything, from organizing a walk, helping to save lives in a forest fire, to raising funds for charity.


Tiger woman personality love
Tiger woman personality love

The tiger woman thinks, walks and works fast even in sex and love. She can be impulsive, she can even be abrupt, be careful.

She can be very eloquent and terribly outspoken to express herself. Few women are as loyal and capable as the tiger woman according to the Chinese horoscope; She has great courage going for her but also a sanguine temperament. Once you decide what her goal is, she will proceed with enthusiasm until achieving it.

Her ability to quickly evaluate and make decisions on the fly makes the tiger woman the right executive for positions of leadership and authority.

Due to her constant dynamism, it would not be unusual for the tiger woman to suffer from fatigue and exhaustion as a health problem. As she is little given to showing weakness, it is very difficult for her to ask for help, in all areas of her existence. Emotional reactions can be her Achilles heel.

In love

Tigress needs a reliable life partner and a strong family. Despite the reckless nature, the representative of this sign appreciates the family and the beloved man. But she needs a lot of personal space to be able to “hunt” for other men.

This may manifest itself in flirting, teasing, and suggestions, but the Tiger’s wife knows how to be faithful. If she gets a jealous husband, such an alliance won’t last long. Any reproach about the behavior that the Tigress perceives as an invasion of freedom is rejected.

The wife is obliged to understand and forgive his charming jokes, but is believed. The feelings of a tiger woman resemble a passionate tango, and not a “slow” calm. Be prepared for the wife’s mood swings, to her sudden strange ideas.

From time to time, you feel the need to recharge relationships, revive them with sentimental games. He tries to watch his wife as an actress. He appreciates her skillful play and unusual roles.

How is the tiger woman in the Chinese horoscope?

Despite her busy and chaotic schedule, she will always have time for her elders.
She is one of the women who feels equal to men in all aspects and nothing strange would have to be a feminist activist in her spare time.

It is perfectly normal that the tiger woman has had gynecological, reproductive and hormonal problems throughout her existence. If she is not able to have her own children, the extension of her heart allows her to adopt those that are necessary.

How to conquer a tiger woman?

The key to the heart of La Tigresa is adventure and luxury. Give him a fascinating journey and extreme emotions. Monotony and routine kill him.

By locking a Tiger woman in a cage, even if she is golden, you will not receive gratitude and humility, but will make your life unbearable. Sooner or later this royal cat will escape conjugal captivity, and you will get what you deserve!

Love her, adore her, exalt her above all. For this Tigress she will be dedicated to you with all her heart.

How to propose to a tiger woman?

It will take a lot of imagination. It would be nice to participate in the corresponding television project and invite her to become a wife in public.

If she prefers this event to be more modest, she will organize an unforgettable romantic dinner at the best restaurant. Prepare a surprise for the girl in the form of an original wine bottle, order her a song with live sound.

Let her feel like a queen. You can find beautiful poetry or read a confession in prose. Tigress will appreciate your new ideas. When you make her an offer, you must stand out from the other men who claimed her heart.

What kind of man does the tiger woman like?

The “ordinary” and quiet man is not your type. This girl can give her heart only to a strong and successful man, she will inspire him to achieve even greater achievements. She makes novels with different types of guys, but only for the excitement and the game. Only the best, talented and charismatic gentlemen can wait for the hand and heart of an unruly young woman. The Tigress likes purebred representatives of her predatory species.

She needs a man with the same rich imagination and creative imagination. This beauty is hard to surprise. The tiger girl, the tigress, begins a personal life, and from a fairly young age she has a lot of experience in this field. She saw many lovers and heard many sighs of love. To win the favor of a pretty predator, you must be special and exclusive. Often times, the tigress demands more of the knights than they can accomplish. Disappointed, she leaves without saying a word and leaving the poor man heartbroken.

How to make the tiger woman fall in love, how to seduce her?

In the Chinese zodiac, a woman born in the Year of the Tiger is an independent, caring, and courageous leader. She looks for a partner who matches her strong qualities, but respects her need for freedom and autonomy. The Tigress likes to be in control, and her sex life requires a stimulating and exciting partner to keep her excited and interested.

A shy prey is not inviting enough for her to chase after, as she enjoys the challenge of the hunt as much as the spoils of victory. Since she possesses such magnetic qualities, she is able to have a good relationship with each zodiac sign, but only a few will stand the test of time.

Tiger woman in bed

Bright, spectacular tiger woman without hesitation, turns her head to the men. I am absolutely sure of my own exclusivity, I accept with dignity and benevolence signs of attention. For the most loving men it can not be counted, in most cases they do not care about the feelings of the fans.

To attract the attention of the Tiger they can only be bold deeds or a particularly polite attitude. If she showed interest in a man, she is guaranteed fascinating sexual adventures. According to the Chinese horoscope, tigers are strong and self-sufficient women, although very sexy.

And don’t do anything special to please, just cleverly use natural data. The tiger woman is not at all ashamed to be daring and frank, in intimate relationships she realizes all her audacious fantasies. She will not flirt, she will represent the shame of a girl: love relationships are a natural process, why is there intolerance and hypocrisy here?

Tiger woman in marriage

A bright, beautiful and energetic tiger woman is any gentleman’s dream. She is similar to the predator of the same name – the smart and graceful owner of the jungle. Her outward appeal is combined with a subtle, insightful mind and purpose.

A Tiger woman always achieves what she wants, both at work and in love. So many stubborn hearts she won on the love front! You can’t resist a woman like that. She is brave warrior and hunter for hearts, but her soul is not without romance and sentimentality.

Men are eager to unravel their great mystery of femininity, behind which lies passion and sensuality, the magic of temptation, and violent erotic fantasy. But the Tiger woman is in no rush to let the men get too close.

She plays with them, beckoning sweet and dangerous captivity, flirting, giving false hope. The beauties of this sign follow her appearance, protect her beauty and youth, so they are surrounded by admirers until old age. A female tiger loves a masculine society, but often enjoys solitude.


A proud and stubborn tiger woman is principled in many matters, making it difficult for men to win her favor. However, in intimate relationships she does not recognize any framework and limitations. She may be the first to show initiative, if she experiences a fiery attraction for a man.

An intimate horoscope presents her as a passionate couple, a tiger woman enjoys great intimacy with a man of similar temperament.

In bed, a female tiger demonstrates independence. First of all, she is interested in her own wishes, and her lover must be satisfied with what she receives. Although there is no reason for disorder: the ingenuity of this sophisticated woman is more than enough for two.

The tiger’s sexuality will be revealed with even greater force, if the couple can inflame their passion with their skillful treatment. The love affair of the two experienced lovers will last for a long time, the tiger woman will not leave such a man. At least until fully satisfying her needs.

Don’t expect a tiger-woman in a bed of indulgence. She likes to see the admiration in a man’s eyes, she really enjoys the role of a leader. However, to tolerate the partner’s lack of initiative and passivity, she will quickly leave the upset lover.

A temperamental woman like experienced men who will be able to support a love game, and even better, bring something especially spicy.

Typical mistakes of men with tiger women

The Tigress woman does not carry losers or whisper. In the presence of her, you cannot indulge in these kinds of attitudes. In any situation, she is still a real man.

The Tiger Girl does not tolerate cowardice and indecision. If you don’t put her shoulder at the right time, she will kick an untrustworthy partner out of life without regret. She give her complete freedom, do not bother her with pretense and jealousy.

She will always communicate and flirt with other men, but if her feelings run deep, she will never push the limits of what is allowed.


Passion and protection, there are two definitive karmas to understand the tiger woman.

Inner strength and independence can cause a tiger woman deep problems in love and sex. Being so competent, the tiger woman is not the type of woman that men want to rescue; her strength drives them away, even so she fascinates the faint and weak men who seek her pampering.

However, the key for the tiger lady to be a good lover, very solicitous and loving, is that she is able to admire her sentimental or bedroom companion, if that is not the case, many setbacks await her.

Being a proud and firm woman, she requires at her side a strong, secure and direct subject, who is not less than her. The strong man who tames the tiger woman will see her efforts amply rewarded.

A lady who lives fast

The Tiger woman is elegant and has exquisite taste. Finding a lover is not a problem at all for her, but she may have a hard time deciding on a person. She wants someone who has similar interests, not someone who makes her happy for a moment.

She does not seek to settle because she is by no means domestic. After all, she is a hunter who would hate to be caged because she needs to chase her.

This is why she doesn’t care about short-term romantic relationships and gets involved only for one-night stands. One of the obstacles in her life is her short attention span and the need to always change. This lady lives fast because she has great passion and she needs to avoid the large number of people who find her irresistible.

All Tigers can have intense emotions and are delicate, but the way they love is very intense. Possessive, the woman in this sign will want to change the bad boy, and she will be successful most of the time because he will be completely fascinated by her passion and romanticism.

Attracted only to people who are independent, she would not mind being with another Tiger because she would only feel stimulated and she would always look up to him.


However, she could do very well without a partner, so it doesn’t make much difference to her whether she is single or not. She likes to express herself, but she has trouble changing her emotions and preferences all the time. That is why she needs someone stable and stable.

Very nonconformist, the Tiger woman will react all the time against the norms and rules imposed by society and other people.

She does not mind fighting, but her lack of a sense of humor cannot be good news when she will be criticized. Don’t think you don’t have to pay a price for your successes because your impulsiveness and aggressiveness can cause you to make big mistakes, especially when you need to interact with other people.

She is obsessed with success and wants too many adventures, which cannot be good for business or for the fun side of her life.

By being hostile towards men, whether at home or at work, she will feel frustrated and tense when she cannot get along with them. It is suggested that she feel less motivated to succeed, more relaxed, and that she learn to laugh or take a good joke.

Understanding life should be enjoyed rather than earned is something you would definitely need to work on. Graceful acceptance of failure should be understood by everyone, not just her, because it comes with life and is an important lesson. It would be impossible, even for this girl, to win all the time.

There are only a few other women who are more moral than the Tiger. She is very loyal and sticks to what she has promised in the most stubborn way. She is also honest and would not even think of using a white lie. Hypocrites will have nothing to do with her because she is too strict when it comes to being yourself.

This lady will never cheat, no matter how much money and comfort it may bring you. If there is someone who messes with her integrity, she becomes violent and thinks of the ugliest forms of revenge.

Very interested in learning new things, she is curious and wants to learn about anything. She will try to educate herself more and more with age. Her memory is good and her intelligence will help her to be the perfect student of all the schools she joins.

You can talk about anything because you know a lot and have accumulated a lot of information by reading books or the newspaper.

Tiger woman as a housewife

He loves when the house is clean and comfortable, but he will not dedicate himself to family life. Therefore, the husband will have to assume some domestic obligations. In general, the Tigress is a good housekeeper, cooks deliciously and knows how to create a cozy home.

However, you need to acquire for your irreplaceable helpers: a dishwasher, a food processor, a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning. Remember that your spouse is an actress and an aristocrat. Her talents must not devour life.

Tiger woman as mother

The tigress is a wonderful mother. She does not accept strict methods of education. Her children receive an excellent education. Mother Tiger is doing everything possible to develop her talents and abilities. She doesn’t stop them from being determined in life, taking independent steps, making mistakes, and learning from her mistakes.

Tigers usually have one or two children, but they try to give them a happy childhood and a decent future.

Water tiger woman

Creatively endowed women of this sign do not like difficulties and difficulties. Do not seek to perform heroic acts, do not want to overcome obstacles.

Water Tiger women are surprisingly tender and fragile, they deserve a caring attitude. Although if necessary, they will be able to defend themselves, they have spiritual perseverance. However, the qualities inherent in all Tigers are still present in their character. These subtle natures are actually quite strong women.

Nature endowed them with intuition, so they easily find a common language with a variety of people. Men adore women of this sign, they admire their talent and perfect beauty.

In a love relationship, the Water Tigers behave like gentle and trembling people. They gladly court, even if they don’t mean to reciprocate. They prefer to lead a subtle game, provoke fans into crazy acts.

Enjoy the attention, do not rush with the choice, you do not tend to join the marriage. But romantic dates, interesting meetings bring them great pleasure. After getting married, they try to behave like an exemplary wife. Although they do not leave work, they spend most of their time with their families. Women of this sign are very enthusiastic about cleaning, and they are also raising their children with great desire.

Wood Tiger Woman 1974-2034

These outgoing women enjoy consistent success with men. He loves to travel, visit new places, thirst for emotions. They do not have aggression or anger, they are happy and carefree women who can rejoice in every moment of life.

However, if necessary, they can be harsh and demanding, no one, not even the closest people, will be able to deceive them. The wood tiger is a bright and interesting woman, perhaps a little frivolous, but completely candid.

Sharp mind, flexibility – qualities that allow you to quickly find a solution even in the most difficult situation. Working is very responsible if, of course, you can determine your vocation.

Women born in the year of the wood tiger love to have fun, they like to spend time in crowded places. With all friends and acquaintances, communicate equally friendly, although they are a bit harsh and short-tempered. Do not tolerate loneliness, so the first one makes contact.

The wood tiger is a good-natured woman, with great pleasure forgives offenses and tries not to completely interrupt things. This charming lady has many admirers, each of whom is hoping to become her husband.

You can not doubt that the representative of this sign will get a good wife. Despite the large number of friends and the fast pace of her life, she will always find time for her family.

The Fire Tiger Woman

This woman is a powerful creature who cannot bear to be criticized. Those who contradict her will have a cruel fate. Not that she wastes too much time getting back at her, but they will probably realize that she was right. This lady likes to live fast, so she can make many things happen in one day.

Fire tiger woman
Fire tiger woman

She expects others to act in the same way because she believes that her attitude is the most efficient. The Fire Tiger woman can be a great leader and a good boss, in the real sense of her sign and element. At the same time, she is always happy and optimistic. It is easy to talk to her, but you will not take any advice from her into consideration.

Weak people do not interest him because they are a true predator who likes to fight for what he wants. Men cannot be indifferent to seeing how beautiful she is. And when she is offered fun, she won’t say no, especially since she’s always ready for a new adventure. If you want her to fall in love with you, get the expensive gifts from her.

Because he’s sensitive, compliments and surprises would work too. Her man shouldn’t flirt with other women because she can’t stand it. This lady will protect her territory with everything she has. Not to mention that she is faithful, so she definitely expects others to be the same.

Virgo Tiger woman

The charming Virgo-Tiger woman seems like a sweet and reserved person. But she in her actions is guided solely by the arguments of reason, it is almost impossible to turn her flattering head.

She may pretend to agree, but she won’t go beyond this. Don’t argue, she just gets the desired result. She tries to take part in the profession, she persistently defends her right to do what she likes. She would never surrender to her husband and would become an exemplary homemaker.

Much more benefit for the family and society can bring at work.

It is not necessary to restrict the freedom of the Virgo-Tiger woman, the more she gives a report of her actions, the more she behaves with dignity. If she flirts, she makes him so innocuous that it is impossible to find fault.

Aries Tiger Woman

The Aries Tiger woman will always be the one who encourages them and makes the decisions of others for them. She may be innovative at work, but when she is faced with making decisions for her own good, she hesitates. She sets global goals for herself, unable to achieve them.

Ambitious and strong, she is also selfish at times. She could do any job as she has many talents and likes to work hard. She this is a lady who likes to travel, and that is the reason why she has financial problems or why she feels lonely. If she wants a happier life, she needs to change priorities.

Your career will always be perfect. The Aries Tiger woman is an excellent leader. Not knowing how to set her priorities in life is her main weakness. She doesn’t need to solve other people’s problems like she usually does, she just needs to take care of her own. If she paid more attention to the little things, she might learn that life isn’t just about big dreams and higher purposes.

Woman tiger man dog

When the husband, boyfriend, friend with rights or dog lover share a relationship with his wife, girlfriend, fiancée, suitor or tiger lover, in reality two idealistic and humanitarian beings come together, resulting in a somewhat more objective dog when it comes to drinking. decisions. The tiger lady turns out to be more spirited and passionate, emotional and impulsive.

Under normal conditions the puppy will be diplomatic and will be able to make her see reason without hurting sensitive points.

The tigress on the other hand is very affectionate and sincere, the last of the dog’s footwear if it allows me the verbal license to express it in this way, enlivening any relationship. They feel comfortable with each other. It is about a couple that will harmonize on many levels of understanding, extracting from each the best of their counterpart for the benefit of both.

Woman tiger man rabbit

In the relationship between the Rabbit man and the Tiger woman, they can see in each other what they lack. She is impulsive and likes to go out, while he is charming and gentle, preferring to spend more time at home than outside.

The Tiger woman can be too intense, passionate, and reckless, so she could use being protected by the Rabbit man, who wants to fight his battles. However, she may not ask him anything just because she needs to feel like she’s in control of her.

Woman tiger man dragon

According to the Chinese zodiac, in the relationship between the dragon man and the tiger woman, these two are attracted to each other almost instantly. They are both passionate about their desires, so it is very likely that they will fight from time to time.

However, when they argue, they want to have a good opponent, so they will enjoy even the friction moments that they are going through together. Furthermore, they are also wild, determined to succeed and very intense, indicating that they can also have a good time in the bedroom.

Woman tiger man snake

In the relationship between a Snake man and a Tiger woman, the two will try as much as possible to quickly discover the things they have in common, since the attraction between them at first is not enough for them.

Woman tiger man horse

In a relationship where the man is a Chinese Zodiac Horse and the woman is a Tiger, both partners may spend too much and not be careful enough with their finances. This is because they love not worrying about anything, and also being able to walk away from responsibilities. However, the Chinese zodiac suggests that they are very compatible because they respect each other and have similar lifestyles.

Woman tiger man goat

In various aspects of the Goat man and Tiger woman relationship, things can be quite challenging. For example, he likes to think logically, she only works with his intuition. They may also encounter a serious communication problem. The Chinese zodiac says that they should try harder to make things work for each other.

Female tiger monkey man

In the relationship where the man is a monkey of the Chinese zodiac and the woman a tiger, they can compete too much and cause all kinds of problems for their partner. She appreciates the fact that he is a feminist, but she can’t understand why he always has to put others first.

Tiger Woman Rooster Man

In the relationship between the Chinese zodiac Rooster man and the Tiger woman, they both have differences and similarities, so their connection can be fruitful if they both try to do so. They should be less selfish and appreciate each other for who they are.

Tiger Woman Pig Man

These two create a feisty and difficult relationship, but their differences can also be brought together excellently.

In the couple between the Pig man and the Tiger woman, there is a lot of admiration for each other, so these two can overcome any problems when they are together.

Tiger bride

Behavior of the tiger bride.You cannot pressure your loved one, try to change him and retrain him. If there is a choice for a Tiger girl – freedom or a man, she will always choose the former.The tigress will not cry for long, you do not have time and you blink, since at the feet of your ex she is already a new gentleman.

With the Tigress you must speak in equal terms, do not expect her submission. These women do not adapt to men but, on the contrary, expect compromises from you. She pays maximum attention to the girl, admires her, gives flowers and gifts. Otherwise, the Tigress will run away from you very quickly.

Chinese zodiac tiger woman
Tiger woman personality 5

In summary

Compared to other signs, a higher percentage of tigers choose other women as sexual partners.

The tigress is one of the few that is capable of making a clear distinction between love and sex; Don’t think that because you shared a great night of sex with her, she is automatically in love with you. No sir. Sexually, she manifests her innermost desires clearly and explicitly; she is very active in bed.

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