Buddha in feng shui

Buddha in feng shui: Most favorable places, Laughing Buddha, Maitreya Buddha. Before buying a Buddha statue or figurine for your home (office), decide where it will be located, so that the Buddha will truly bring maximum luck and prosperity to your home.

First of all, the Buddha does not have a place in the bathroom or kitchen, but its location should be at least at eye level. Looking down on a deity is considered rude and irreverent. Avoid placing near power outlets, as well as near equipment with moving parts and motors, as such movement disrupts surrounding power.

Buddha in feng shui
Buddha in feng shui: Most Favorable Places, Laughing Buddha, Maitreya Buddha

most favorable places

Buddha in feng shui: The most favorable places for a Buddha statuette in the home and office:

  • In front of the front door: Many feng shui experts recommend placing the Buddha in front of the front door of the house on a table or pedestal at least 70 cm high. This arrangement allows the Buddha to interact with the qi energy in his home. From this position, the statue can neutralize any negative qi and transform it into positive.
  • Living room: Buddha is quite comfortable in the living room. Here he is best placed in front of the front door.
  • Table: It is especially useful for students, for example, to place the Buddha on their desk. This is the perfect place to attract your support and auspicious energy for learning.
  • Office desk or reception desk: For businessmen, placing the Buddha on the secretary’s desk at the entrance can contribute to the prosperity of the company.
  • Garden or patio next to the house: Another great place for a Buddha statue is a place where you can relax, rest and meditate.
  • Room or place for yoga: For this, you will most likely have a specially designated room or place in the room. There you can also place a statue of Buddha, which should be at eye level or higher.

Where not to place the Buddha?

  • Avoid placing near power outlets or devices with moving parts and motors. This type of activity disturbs the surrounding energy.
  • When placing a Buddha statue or any statue of a god, make sure that the position is truly a tribute. This means that you should never place buddhas in the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Buy a Buddha statue

When buying a Buddha statue for yourself, remember the following Chinese characteristics and legends:

  • Bigger is better: It is actually better to try to find the biggest Buddha possible. If that’s not possible, a smaller size will still work. It will not have such great power.
  • Try a Laughing Buddha First: There are many Buddhas available, but if this is your first purchase, start with the Laughing Buddha. The Laughing Buddha is also known as the Rich Buddha or the Happy Buddha. Who wouldn’t like a little of both?
  • Searching for Symbols: The Laughing Buddha is often depicted carrying some items, such as a pot of gold, a large ingot, or a sack full of treasure. Other symbols include “peaceful pisces”, which is a symbol of good health and longevity.

smiling buddha

Although feng shui experts may disagree on the best place for the Buddha, they are unanimous on one thing: a statue of a laughing Buddha is a wonderful addition to any interior. You may not be ready to use feng shui principles in your home yet, but purchasing a Laughing Buddha is one of the easiest steps to improve the atmosphere of your home. This special Buddha symbolizes happiness and wealth, and legend has it that he loves to enter houses, smile broadly and scatter all troubles.

The cheerful and happy Buddha is almost Santa Claus; he is chubby, happy and radiant, and he comes with gifts! The next time you are in a Chinese restaurant, look around you: you might see this cheerful guy sitting, smiling, quite smiling, near the cash register or in a special place overlooking the entrance.

Hotei (Laughing Buddha) in feng shui symbolizes the deity of wealth. He is considered the patron saint of good luck, wealth, and happiness, and is often worn as a talisman. In addition, Hotei according to Feng Shui brings fun, ease and carelessness in communication with people. Ancient legends say that in the hands of this god of wealth lies the human destiny, and if you pat him 300 times on the stomach, he will show his favor.

In the East, Khotei was an embodiment of luck and fate, with which it is much easier for a person to find a common language than with an abstract philosophical concept. Hotea can be placed anywhere, including the bedroom, but excluding the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.

  • In the eastern (family) sector of the living room, it will bring harmony to the family and remove problems and discord from it.
  • In the sector corresponding to your sheng qi direction, hotei will bring you great luck, wealth, authority, success, and good health.
  • In the southeast (money) sector of the dining room, bedroom, office, or living room, this god of wealth enhances money luck and helps win an unexpected prize.
  • Managers and politicians may place a Laughing Buddha in their office or home to ward off unwanted trouble and stress, as well as attract good luck.
  • On your desktop, it will save you from stress, conspiracies, betrayal, and also speed up your progress towards your goals.


“the belly can tolerate, and the things that are difficult to tolerate in the world are tolerated; laugh when you open your mouth, laugh at the ridiculous people in the world” is the best interpretation of maitreya buddha. He is one of the eight great bodhisattvas of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, and is also known as the “big belly maitreya buddha” because he always has a smiling face and a big belly.

Maitreya Buddha is the ambassador image of Chinese Buddhism, representing tolerance and the spirit of wisdom, humor and happiness of the Chinese nation. in life, this spirit of maitreya buddha is exactly what everyone wants to learn.

Maitreya Buddha in a Buddhist temple in our country usually honors him in front of the temple, where he enters through the mountain gate; Because of his kind face and kind eyes and his smile, Maitreya Buddha’s smile is often open, but instead visualizes the Buddhist purpose of magnanimity and compassion. therefore, he is deeply loved by the public.

When men, women and children see it, they inspire a relaxed and happy mood. In some monasteries, there is such a couplet with the maitreya buddha: “the belly can tolerate things that are difficult to tolerate in the world; laughter is always open, laughing at ridiculous people in the world.” Light up people’s hearts. it brings an air of delight to solemn dharma temples.

The warning prayers in Maitreya Great Belly Buddha Laughing Buddha Union are evocative and long, containing profound philosophies of life, enlightening thoughts, and pointing to life. all things in the world are full of sentient beings, human feelings, hate, sadness, joy, glory, wealth, poverty and nobility, status and official ranks are red and green…

Maitreya Buddha

Maitreya Buddha is one of the unique symbols in Buddhism, the fifth Buddha after Shakyamuni Buddha, but he does not have the calm and majestic appearance of other Buddhas. Maitreya Buddha statue – the “Laughing Buddha” statue is a symbol of joy and joy.

The Maitreya Buddha Statue has a general bile, a big belly, a smiling mouth. Looking at the Maitreya Buddha Statue, people naturally see generosity, joy, not entangled in movement, feeling strangely relaxed and comfortable. Placing sincerely smiling Buddha statues in the living room, office or car helps people feel comfortable, relieve stress and fatigue.

Where to locate it?

According to feng shui experts, the ideal place to place the Maitreya Buddha Statue is at a height of 1m above the ground and facing the front door to attract fortune and luck. Some of the best Maitreya Buddha statue locations are compiled and shared with detailed meanings invite you and the readers to refer to the information to choose where the Maitreya Buddha statue is suitable for feng shui to attract fortune and luck.


According to feng shui, placing the Maitreya Buddha Statue in the southeast direction in the living room of the house will help the homeowners attract many fortunes and luck while bringing good prosperity to the entire house.

For business, business, merchants should put the statue of Maitreya in this direction in the office to disa place the minor, attract wealth and promote at work.


In eastern feng shui, the northwest symbolizes as a trigger for luck, joy, happiness. Housing in the Northwest can bring a lot of luck, fame and status to the owners. The northwest direction is the direction of the slow sunset, which means that everything will come to an end, everything is done.

The Maitreya statue placed in this direction helps owners to strengthen relationships, advance their careers and attract supportive gentlemen.

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