Feng Shui for Health

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The importance of staying well is on everyone’s mind these days. Keeping your hands clean, disinfecting them, and maintaining a social distance will help you attain your objective. How much attention have you, on the other hand, paid to your emotional wellbeing? The effects of stress can weaken your immune system and affect your mental health. While the stress is unlikely to go away completely as the pandemic continues, there is one thing you can do to help: Feng shui can help you maximize the positive energy in your home.

In this ancient Chinese philosophy, everything, including objects, spaces, and living things, possess life force called chi. By harnessing this power, you can boost your own health. The higher the quality of chi that flows through a space, the stronger it will be and, as a result, it will benefit your emotional wellbeing-and, in turn, your physical wellbeing. A feng shui consultant defines it as “an energetic approach to arranging the room to maximize your productivity and support your personal and professional development.”

Placing multisensory items in locations of your house where you spend most of your time can harmonize the positive energies of your brain, body, and soul. For some of these, it is not necessary to place them in highly precise locations; simply having them around has its perks.

Feng shui for health:problems, pregnancy, area, bedroom, cures and remedies
Feng shui for health:problems, pregnancy, area, bedroom, cures and remedies


The mirror should never be kept next to your bed.” Feng shui experts consider mirrors in the bedroom to be one of the worst elements because they cause heart conditions. It is just as dangerous to look into a mirror above a bed.” Televisions also reflect light, so they constitute a mirror; if you must have a TV or mirror in your bedroom, make sure they’re covered when not in use.

If you want to sleep, you should never place a water feature behind your bed. The heart is affected the same way by a mirror as it would be by a painting of a lake or waterfall, or, worse, by an aquarium.

Never go to sleep with a sharp corner pointing towards you. The “death breath” is delivered by the sharp edge of a corner, which is a deadly sort of poison arrow. Make use of furnishings to hide the sharp edge.


Pregnant women should not have excess clutter in their home and should avoid furniture that is potentially unstable, particularly in close proximity to the bed. In promoting and encouraging a healthy pregnancy, colors like pink, red, green, indigo, and light blue are recommended.


As far as Feng Shui is concerned, the bagua’s health section is located in the center. You can see that the Health Gua works to affect every aspect of the Bagua, just as good health affects all aspects of life. Any part of your home–whether it is a room or an area–should be Feng Shuied in order to promote good health.

Because your health is at the heart of your home, it affects every other aspect of it (just like your life!).

So, if your home’s feng shui health area is out of balance, chances are that other areas of your life (and home) are also under stress.

Clutter can be disruptive in all areas of your home, but it can be especially harmful to your health.

Even if it’s hidden in drawers and closets, clutter can have a negative impact on your health. It’s just resting there, ready to burst forth!

Sometimes it’s just hanging there, ostensibly needing to be addressed. Clutter can be compared to your life and health.


It is important to apply the decluttering guidelines to every room in your house, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. Having a good quality bedroom, a good kitchen, and a good bathroom is good for your health. Health is impacted significantly by what happens in each room. Your overall health is influenced by how much sleep you get, what you eat, and how you take care of yourself.

In order to get the most benefit from your feng shui, make sure each of the three rooms has the best feng shui support possible. Be sure to adhere to the feng shui standards for bathroom layouts, kitchen designs, and bedroom arrangements. You will improve your health if you design these three rooms according to feng shui principles.

Cures and remedies

A great method to ensure the health of your body is to use your health luck direction to choose where to sleep. According to the compass, each sector represents a different type of luck.

It is necessary to know your KUA number. You can use this number to determine the direction of your good and bad luck. This number can be calculated using the kua formula. It displays the group you are a member of.

Now that you understand your kua number, you need to decide what sleeping orientation is best for your health. You should lie in bed staring in the direction you want to go once you have decided which direction to go. You will sleep with your feet pointing south and your head pointing north, for example, if your health direction is north.

In the shape of a two-part bottle, Wu Lou looks like a bottle gourd. As a feng shui symbol of longevity and health, it has been used for centuries. As well as resembling heaven and earth, the gourd shape is also reminiscent of the moon.

Sickness can be exacerbated and even caused by clutter. In a cluttered environment, the chi energy becomes stagnant. Whenever you stop or prevent chi energy from flowing easily in or out of your house, you can’t have fresh, powerful chi energy flowing through it. Everyone in the house is affected by the flow of chi, and nothing should be done to disrupt this natural energy flow.

Especially the kitchen and bathroom should be decluttered as part of the decluttering guidelines.


Feng shui for health:colors,elements, issues, jewelry, gemstones, symbols, can feng shui help depression ?, objects, black obsidian, pets, plants, protection, paintings, statues, tips, turtles, bracelets
Feng shui for health:colors,elements, issues, jewelry, gemstones, symbols, can feng shui help depression ?, objects, black obsidian, pets, plants, protection, paintings, statues, tips, turtles, bracelets

Even though our current home-decor trends are full of feng shui-inspired light greys, beige, and whites, they are missing one key element: bright colours. So, how can you remedy this without completely remodelling your space? One alternative is to paint one wall. Color can also be added with accent pieces such as colourful throw cushions for a less permanent approach. According to Chu (who believes that all colours are excellent), choosing a hue that appeals to you is an instinctive method to increase brightness. Make it easy for yourself by picking something you like! Making your home look more expensive is a basic home design idea that involves adding the right accent pieces.

The Fire element is represented by the colour red, which is associated with emotion, bravery, and romance. The energy of pleasure, enthusiasm, and sexual desire is brought into your home by the vibrant red colour.

Sunshine and happiness are represented by the colour yellow. It’s upbeat and lively, and it’ll brighten up any room or office.

The colour blue is associated with calm, peace, and tranquilly. It also denotes the element of water.

Orange is a social, upbeat, and open colour. It’s another colour associated with the fire element, and it’s ideal for spaces where red is a little too powerful.


There are five basic elements in Feng Shui: fire, water, earth, metal, and air. You can restore calm and energy in your area personally and collectively when you address each of these aspects.

For example, wood is perfect for harnessing the power of expansion and innovation. All these characteristics are represented by wood, including birth, strength, flexibility, and intuition. In your environment, wood must be used in an appropriate way, since too much could lead to feelings of overwhelm, stubbornness, and inflexibility. An absence of wood may lead to creative blocks, ambivalence, and despair. Adding wood to your room can be done with plants, paper, furniture, and textiles.

There is fire when there is a fire. Motivation is boosted by fire, as well as leadership abilities. We use fire in our homes to enhance our creativity, our imagination, and our daring. When handling fire, it is important to maintain the perfect balance. It is not desirable to have an excess of fire. Wrath, violence, irritation, and impulsive behavior are some of the symptoms of too much fire. An absence of fire manifests itself as emotional coldness, blurred vision, inexpressiveness, and low self-esteem. Take advantage of the natural light to add heat to your environment by adding candles and incandescent lighting. Adding a fire aspect to the arrangement will involve electronic elements, animal patterns, and “hot” colors like red, pink, or purple.

Earth has an impact on our physical strength and order, as well as providing a sense of anchoring, balance, and stability. An excess of earth in space might produce feelings of monotony, slowness, and solemnity. When there isn’t enough earth, it might lead to disarray, chaos, and a lack of focus. Use the hues green, brown, and sand to bring earth components into your area. Landscape images, as well as square and rectangular shapes, will help you incorporate these aspects into your home.

Metal has an effect on logic and mental clarity. Metal has an impact on one’s ability to organise, focus, be righteous, and analyse information. An overdose of metal can result in chattiness, impaired critical thinking, and speaking without consideration.

Spirituality and emotion fall under the domain of water. It is possible to feel like you are drowning emotionally if there is too much water around, but too little water can lead to a lack of creativity, wisdom, and insight.


There are no electronics allowed in the bedroom. The most essential room is the bedroom, because it is here that we renew and rest. If at all feasible, keep your desk/work place out of the bedroom. We spend a lot of time sleeping and are at our most responsive when we’re awake, so keeping technology close to our body isn’t a good idea.

Our health is harmed by clutter. Take a look around and troubleshoot any clutter issues in your home. Examine the central area of the house, paying specific attention to the bedrooms.

The heart of the house. Each room in our house reflects a different section of our body. The centre, on the other hand, represents our entire health, and because it is in the centre, you can tell it is the most essential place right immediately. Take a peek in the core of your house if you’re having health problems. Take a close look at the middle to see what it is. What is the state of that particular location? What is kept in the middle?


Despite their differences, feng shui bracelets and crystals both acts similarly. By aligning your body’s energy with whatever you are hoping to attract, they help you attract it. The effects of a feng shui bracelet will be enhanced if you set a strong intention before choosing one.

As Pi Xiu is made of obsidian, it can also be worn on your right hand, although it should be worn on the left hand to maximize its benefits. Avoid wearing them while sleeping, swimming, or having sex.


Jade. One of the most valuable stones in Asia, jade has been said to improve luck, health and overall wellbeing. It is thought that green symbolizes healing, growth, and vitality in feng shui. Besides providing security, jade can also provide wealth.


Generally, the area for health and the family in a home is in the east according to Feng Shui Bagua. Energy generated in this area will have an effect on your health, family relationship, harmony in these interactions, and well-being.

This health area promotes not just physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, but also mental and emotional well-being.

This is why the Bagua area is so crucial, since it supports many of the variables that keep us engaged.

To embellish a design, use Wood elements and Earth or Water elements that foster Wood.

Select Feng Shui treatments and symbolism that will benefit this area and include them into your decor. Make sure that this area is brightly illuminated and that it is always moving with fresh air; this will allow the energy to flow freely.

Can feng shui help depression? 

When combined with other efforts such as a healthy diet, socializing, being outdoors, and finding enjoyable activities, it can be quite effective.

Paint your furniture and walls bright colors, especially if your walls and furniture are dark or watery. You can brighten your house and your attitude with shades of sunshine or lemon yellow, white with colored accents, or light-colored upholstery on furniture. Bright colours are believed to lift one’s spirits, so choose some vibrant hues to liven up your space.


Ensure that your pets have access to plenty of fresh, moving air.

Because your pets are so close to the ground and also like to search for food, they will lick the floors thoughtlessly.

Allow them to have their own area.


The essential prerequisite for any environment is the presence of healthy green plants, according to feng shui expert Maureen Calamia, author of Creating Luminous Spaces. When you’re indoors, plants maintain your connection to nature, and they also remind you of nature’s rejuvenating properties. Furthermore, they also reduce the level of carbon dioxide in your home as well as the concentration of contaminants, providing you with a number of health benefits.

In order to attract good fortune and wealth, it is wise to plant a fruitful citrus tree in the southwest corner of your home. Do you have a green thumb? These easy-to-care-for houseplants are something you should consider. It is not only blooming plants which provide good feng shui, but also withered and brown plants as well.


Your health and happiness can be improved by feng shui. There’s no superstition involved like hanging a crystal or mirror in the window to make it work. It is clearly apparent that the energy quality in your home and workplace has an impact on your health.


The lotus blossom is often used as a sign of health in Feng Shui. For good energy, hang this picture of blooming lotus flowers in your living area.

A picture of lovely scenery with a bridge can offer enjoyment to both your life and your home. This is an excellent choice among the Feng Shui paintings for a bedroom to live a happy and fruitful life, according to Vastu.

A painting of a lake can be a powerful weapon for bringing good fortune to its owner. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, water elements such as lake paintings are also beneficial for bringing success and advancement in one’s work, resulting in a sense of fulfilment.


Tip 1: Clear out the clutter.

Tip 2: Bring your home to life with colour and live plants.

Tip 3: Concentrate on your health.

Tip 4: Your bedroom or living room should be a separate work area.


It is necessary to keep turtles in a direction that promotes health and avoids illness. To determine this, one’s birth element and Kua number (Kua is a system of numerology based on your year of birth and gender) are taken into account.


The bracelet can aid in the creation of excellent health Feng Shui, which is beneficial to the entire room. Instead of relying on a variety of different behaviours, the bracelet will provide good Feng Shui. Your home and workplace will be blessed by the good fortunes of the Earth if you wear this bracelet.

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