Feng Shui for Love

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The feng shui principles may help you bring love, romance, and fulfillment to your life. With this ancient art and science, you can easily activate the love sector of your home in order to attract and maintain love, no matter if you’re single or in a relationship.

Bedroom and marriage

Feng shui for love bedroom and marriage
Feng shui for love and marriage

Because it provides a subtle sensation of security, a nice sturdy headboard is vital for your sleep quality. Poor sleep quality has been linked to a decline in mental and physical health, as well as a reduction in sex drive, according to scientific studies. So not only the headboard, but any aspect of bedroom feng shui that enhances sleep is vital to enhancing the romance of your bedroom.

Changing your bed sheets and linens may help to revitalize your romantic relationship, according to some feng shui experts. Many people say instead of using red, which can burn your relationship, you should use colors such as white, bright green, or pink, which can heat up your relationship. Despite the fact that I’ve never tried these, I believe that the impacts of colours on feng shui are limited, and that these ideas can only provide short-term results.

Moreover, don’t position your bed in the corner as it may cause you and your partner to feel trapped, and do not sleep with your head under a window, among other feng shui taboos. To put it another way, both sides of the bed should be convenient to get in and out of, so you and your spouse do not have to climb over each other to get in and out. Make sure your bed is correctly placed to prevent your loved one from gaining the less desired position. With this method, waking up and getting out of bed will be less of an inconvenience and sleep issues will be avoided entirely.


If you have a well-feng shui bedroom, do not be afraid to use wallpaper. Behind the headboard, the wallpaper wall provides the feeling of protection while highlighting the commanding position, which is perfect for a headboard. Even if you cannot avoid having a sloping or slanted ceiling in your attic bedroom or loft, wall coverings that cover the wall, the corners adjacent to the bed, and the slanted ceiling above the bed will help you conceal that ceiling and make the room look more spacious.

If you have a well-feng shui bedroom, do not be afraid to use wallpaper. An open headboard gives a sense of protection and emphasizes the command position, which is excellent for bed arrangement, when it is backed with wallpaper. Even if you cannot avoid having a sloping or slanted ceiling in your attic bedroom or loft, wall coverings that cover the wall, the corners adjacent to the bed, and the slanted ceiling above the bed will help you conceal that ceiling and make the room look more spacious.

Feng shui for love compatibility: wallpaper, Relationships area, art, birds, cures, compatibility, corner in bathroom, corner dining room,corner living room, colors, charm,ducks, elephant,flowers,jewelry, match, mirror, objects, plants, pictures,statue,tips, for singles.
Feng shui for love compatibility: wallpaper, Relationships area, art, birds, cures, compatibility, corner in bathroom, corner dining room,corner living room, colors, charm,ducks, elephant,flowers,jewelry, match, mirror, objects, plants, pictures,statue,tips, for singles.


Our emotional response to artwork is very strong. Hanging paintings that portray violence, sorrow, or religion (such as angels) in your bedroom is not a good idea, as they may evoke strong emotions that could disrupt your sleep and romance. Rather, attempt to utilise artwork that represents love, such as two lovers kissing each other, because social proof might affect your behaviour. In other words, if you see another couple doing the same, you’ll feel more at ease bonding emotionally.


Birds used in Feng Shui are great good luck symbols which can be placed in your home and office. Choose a bird or birds that have a strong emotional connection with you for the best feng shui results.

Various lucky birds are associated with feng shui. Several areas of your home can be spruced up with them to bring good fortune and open up new possibilities for yourself and your family.


Relationships can be loving, destructive, or a combination of the two. If you’re in (or were in) a poor relationship that’s hard to terminate, one approach to assist breaks it up is to utilise a miniature rooster figurine. Roosters should be placed on shelves that are taller than a typical person, their beaks pointing at the door.

In the Peach Blossom Luck, the person’s animal sign determines its location in the home, which makes it the right choice for those looking for love (not for those already in a relationship). For best results, plant fresh flowers in the exact spot where your peach blossom luck appears in your home. The chart will assist you in determining the direction of your Peach Blossom Luck.

Your love zone is at the southwest corner of your house. It’s the Earth element, thus earthy hues can help with tenderness while also boosting the Earth element (especially needed if that area is missing or has limited space). Objects related to the Earth or Fire elements can also be used to activate the Earth element in that region.

Here’s one more thing to consider. The location of your bedroom and the way your own Kua integrates with your surroundings are two other ways that feng shui influences your love life. Although these are vast ideas that cannot be summed up in a few tips, I wanted to make you aware that they are out there.


Are you sure you have found the right mate if you feel comfortable with him/her? Having a profound awareness is one thing, but having dreams and desires that are still unfulfilled is another. There is something very useful about compatibility reading. Are you going to invite me to your wedding? That’s literally all I asked. In spite of their strong compatibility, they have also employed data to assure that they share the same views, beliefs, and other factors prior to getting married. Additionally, being aware of the fantastic quality of their Chinese Astrology provided additional validation for them.

Corner in bathroom

Some people believe that the bathroom should be transformed with healing energy that radiates a sense of beauty and spa-like pleasure. Others advice including lovely heart-shaped decorations, flowers, and artworks. These suggestions, I believe, will really benefit your relationship because they show love and caring. However, I believe this idea has little to do with traditional feng shui.

Bathrooms are not advised for good feng shui, so the Southwest corner of your house is considered the love area, and restrooms located in the Southwest are presumed to have a negative effect on your love relationships. Using Fire and Earth elements to enhance Southwest has been suggested for mitigation of its effects since it belongs to the Earth element of feng shui. Also, remember that healthy practices like closing the toilet lid and keeping the bathroom clean might assist to reduce unfavourable feng shui in the bathroom.

Corner dining room

The purpose of a feng shui dining room design is to attract wealth and good fortune. The ideal dining room colours offer a calm ambience for a memorable dining experience.

Water element colours are black and blue. The water element, being a yang energy, is thought to be too stimulating for a good dining experience.

Consider colours that generate feelings of warmth (soft and rich tones) and happiness when choosing feng shui colours for a dining area (cheerful colors). Using restive colours leads to a healthy family and a prosperous existence.

Corner living room 

Feng Shui Ba Gua states that the Feng Shui love corner is the part of your home on the far right, when looking in from the entryway, when you face the back wall. Your Feng Shui ba gua can be used in just one room, such as your living room or master bedroom, or it can be placed in your entire home or even your entire property.

You might want to check out the love corners throughout your master bedroom and other rooms in your house where you spend a lot of your time.

In any room of your home, there are various ways to activate the Feng Shui love nook. Infusing the space with living chi in the form of live plants or flowers is one of the most effective methods. (For a truly romantic effect, use red and pink roses.) In that location, you can also put two matching objects that symbolise romance, such as red candles (fire element). Make sure the space isn’t cluttered, and only use items that have particular meaning for you.

Adding feng shui elements to your home using wallpaper is a great way to keep your home tidy without clogging it up. A water element may be desired to heal or increase your wealth; however, an indoor fountain may not be feasible due to your small space, boisterous child, or pet. Instead, choose a wallpaper mural featuring a relaxing or vivid water scene. Murals depicting waterfalls, lakes, or oceans look great in rooms dedicated to career, family, and wealth.


It’s true: romantic colours like pink, crimson, and soothing white will bring love your way. Desire, affection, romance, and connection are all represented by these colours.

Remember that they are flaming colours, especially vivid hues of them, so use them sparingly in conjunction with white to embellish the room.

Too much red in a bedroom might stoke passion, but it can also make us feel like we’re in a battle zone. White will allow for the blossoming of genuine, unconditional love. Avoid using too much black and blue, as these hues will suffocate your passion.


When you’re looking for a partner, the good luck in love and relationships can also help you attract the right person. In Feng Shui the use of Lucky Charms for Love is widely practiced to enhance love and relationships.

There is a love charm on a feng shui bracelet. Put a black obsidian or pixiu bracelet on your working hand if you want to improve your love life.

Feng shui can help you attract a soulmate and reclaim your lost love. Amulets and symbols can help you achieve your goal.

Chinese sculptures of happy couples, ducks, symbols of double happiness, and fragrant candles are also displayed.

Make sure these items are on display in your bedroom southwest corner to improve your love life.


Paintings and other sorts of home décor might be included in these works of art. As previously stated, they are best suited for the bedroom and occasionally the bathroom. One of the most popular, well-known, and frequently used Feng Shui treatments for love is the use of artwork with Mandarin Ducks. As a personal recommendation, I recommend choosing the artwork that resonates the most with you.


Your primary relationship might gain more power and endurance if there is an elephant pair in your home’s love area.


You can also use peonies if you want to spice up the long-term relationship, even if you have already found Mr. (or Mrs.) Right. If you wish to attract new love, choose red peonies; choose pink peonies to keep the love you already have strong and long lasting.

What next in your career do you want to accomplish? The orchid is supposed to bring luck and success to those who wear it. The white narcissus’ vitality is also thought to aid in the development of a successful career. In your study, arrange them in a vase.

Is there a cash flow problem? Don’t waste your time hoping to win the jackpot. In addition to narcissus, paperwhites, tulips, lilies, gladioli, and iris, chrysanthemums are associated with wealth because of their abundance of petals.


Bracelets can assist in decision-making and provide advanced thoughts. Wear a bracelet in your left hand to draw attention to your brain and ability. You can also confirm the genuineness of a feng shui bracelet by reading reviews online.

They are a representation of the profession, wage, and company. Earrings are a fantastic way to add accentuation to your ears, creating new doors in business and profession and altering your wage.

A beautiful jewellery worn around your neck emphasises your attractiveness and importance. The feng shui necklace is available in both gold and silver.

Garnishing ourselves with genuine gemstones, gold, and silver is an excellent way to upgrade and draw useful energy into ourselves as well as shield us from negativity. Nevertheless, does it actually bring bad luck to wear gold and silver together? No, you may wear it all at the same time.

Rings are the most prevalent piece of jewellery worn by both men and women. Wearing feng shui rings might provide information about your personality and beliefs. The most effective way to express yourself is by using this small yet powerful gem in this way.

A woman’s love can be expressed in many ways, but speaking it out in practice is more difficult.

If your heart is racing, your breath is short, and you cannot speak, what should you do? Is it possible to talk incessantly about something else when your heart is racing, your breath is short, and your words won’t come out?

Giving a jewel as a gift could be a fantastic idea, but not just any jewel; it needs to be subtle enough not to shock, but not utterly innocent.


Your relationship may suffer if your bed is at the end of a long corridor or hallway, or if it is right across the street from your front door. Accordingly, hanging mirrors diagonally across the hallway will remedy the problem, as well as hanging a little crystal ball on a silver thread just inside the door.


In the bedroom and your Love area(s), place candles, fresh flowers (never artificial flowers), and pink or red decor. If you find two identical items together, you will receive extra credit. Keep the lovin’ sensation alive by adding artefacts that represent or feel like love to your Love room.

There is no greater emblem of love than love itself. In your Love section, display photos of couples you admire. Just don’t hang photos of other people, family, or friends in your room – that’s a no-no.

In Feng Shui, the fundamental element connected with Love is Earth. Here you can put things like ceramics and plants, among other things.


In the romance corner, there are no plant hospitals!

It is actually possible for your relationships to suffer if this corner has too many plants or big trees.

However, because dead or dying plants represent dead energy, the plant hospitals should be relocated.

Keeping lush plants with rounded leaves in this area is also important, and if you have any cacti, you may want to move them to your feng shui fame and recognition area.


Your home can be beautifully decorated with photos of you and your partner if you’re married or in a relationship. Kitchens, corridors, and other high-traffic areas are examples. Though I don’t believe this is related to feng shui, I do believe that recalling joyful experiences with your partner generates positive energy that will increase your connection.


By adding statues to your home, you can enhance your love. By adding statues to your home, you can enhance the beauty of your room.

Tips for singles

In basic Feng Shui theory, attracting a loving relationship first requires that one makes room for it in one’s life. Keep an extra toothbrush in the bathroom or on the CD rack if you’re single. Empty a drawer, leave some empty hangers in the closet, or just make space on your CD rack. This can be accomplished by taking into account the places or items that your possible partner might use and then working on them. You will boost your chances of finding true love if you declare your willingness to share your space with someone special.

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