Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Horoscope. The Chinese name is Hu. Time: 3-5 o’clock Direction: East-Northeast. Spring station. Month, February. Intrinsic element wood. Polarity, yang. Considered brave and powerful but cruel and terrifying, tigers symbolize both power and loneliness. In the past, people used to compare emperors and high dignitaries to this animal. To this end, court officials reported that when they accompanied the emperor, it seemed to them, simply, to be next to a tiger. There are also many Chinese legends related to this feline.

Tiger Chinese horoscope Years

People with the sign of the Tiger were born in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010.


The tiger is rebellious and rebellious. He has a fiery character and always rebels against his hierarchical superior. There is wood that we make revolutionaries, leaders of men … Unfortunately, like all leaders, he does not always deserve the trust we place in him, and when he shouts “go ahead!”, In business.

As in love, and as in war, well-informed people would do well to think before acting, and sometimes even to restrain it by the Basques. The tiger could lead them to disaster. In fact, it pushes the taste for risk to the point of recklessness and even unconsciousness.

tiger chinese horoscope-chinese astrology
The tiger in the Chinese horoscope

It’s hard to resist its magnetism. His natural authority gives him a certain prestige. He hates to obey, but he makes himself obey. We respect it. Nobody dares to tell him the four truths about him. And even as we try to destroy it, we adore it.

If you can think before you act and listen to safety advice, you can achieve the most success.

Characteristics of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac

Violent, irascible, bellicose, he is capable of giving himself to death for a cause.

Stubborn and stubborn, possessive and often petty, he is always in conflict with someone. Selfish in little things, he is capable of great selfless acts. Narrow-minded, he doesn’t trust anyone.

The tiger is always ahead, despising established authority, hierarchy and conservative minds. Paradoxically, he can shy away from an important decision until it is too late to make it.

The tiger could be a military leader, a business leader. He could even become a formidable gangster. He will like all trades that involve risk. The same will happen with tiger women who will always be the first to launch an idea or to go to war against a habit or to acquire a right.

The tiger will not be directly interested in money, but it will be able to make a fortune. He is the quintessential man of action. He is also the man of exceptional destinies, unexpected situations (Elizabeth of England, born in 1926, the year of the tiger, was not destined to reign).

The tiger in love in Chinese astrology

The tiger loves passionate love stories. He will invest his body and soul in a relationship if it is intense, emotionally speaking, instead he gets bored quickly, he will not hesitate to change partners if he starts to get bored.

She is rarely made a constant love, unless she finds the rare pearl that will ignite her senses at all times. The Tiger needs to feel the new, the days go by and they don’t have to be the same. If they were alike, he would leave his cozy little nest.

Living in a romantic relationship with a tiger is exhilarating. A true seducer, he falls in love quickly, love at first sight surprises him, he throws himself, lives intensely and quickly gets bored if nothing else moves.

The qualities of the Tiger

The Tiger is a generous being. He will not hesitate to defend the oppressed, volunteering or working in an NGO encourages him. This sign is not indifferent to the misfortunes of others. On the contrary, putting yourself at the service of others helps them to fulfill themselves and feel useful.

As soon as he engages in an action, the Tiger is thoroughly invested, he gives his all.

Another of his qualities is his honesty. Tigers are upright, they will respect certain rules, their goal is to be as fair as possible to others. If certain rules were preset initially, he will abide by them. If the laws seem unjust to him, the Tiger will rebel, he is a rebel at heart. But that doesn’t stop her from doing his job seriously.

The tiger at work

At work, the Tiger is always motivated, full of good will, he will infect others with his good humor if he feels that he can progress personally. He is a positive element within a group, he will naturally energize people and push them to action.

As a collaborator, you will easily contribute new ideas, the Tiger loves novelties. With him, projects advance, metamorphose and always end up materializing.

The Tigre is not lacking in ideas, his only problem is not accepting limitations. There may be some tension with the hierarchy, if we don’t give it some form of freedom. He hates feeling submissive. The Tiger can adapt to all trades, especially those in which he will feel free.


Astral advice for natives who live with a partner: avoid running away from realities and pretending to ignore obvious problems. The longer you wait, the more complicated the situation becomes. Single, love affairs, flirtations will be frequent; They will give you the opportunity to highlight and strengthen your social side.

Be careful not to get caught up in your own game, as your charm will be very effective.

Tiger chinese horoscope love
Chinese horoscope tiger love, in love


You will be in excellent shape to perform with the maximum chance of success, in all areas. You will have all the assets at hand to satisfy your ambitions and take a decisive turn. It is up to you to show what you are capable of.

Tiger Chinese horoscope health
Tiger Chinese zodiac health in general

Elements, types of tiger

What are the five kinds of tigers in the Chinese zodiac? Using the logic of Wu-xing, these would be:

  1. Water Tiger: (February 5, 1962 to January 24, 1963); This version of the Tiger is the one most likely to be successful in the professional world, as well as being good at communication.
  2. Wood Tiger: (January 23, 1974 – February 10, 1975); hates authority and is struggling to hold on to others.
  3. Fire Tiger: (February 9, 1986 – January 28, 1987); it is impossible for him to stay long in one place, he needs to constantly change due to his unpredictability.
  4. Metal Tiger: (February 17, 1950 to February 5, 1951 and February 14, 2010 to February 2, 2011); Anxious and overwhelmed by the desire to be perfect, he is struggling to finalize his plans due to his own expectations.
  5. Land Tiger: (January 31, 1938 to February 18, 1939 and then from January 28, 1998 to February 15, 1999); The calmest tiger! He will not hesitate to take a step back to better analyze the situation, taking his time and thinking is his specialty.

Signs compatible with the tiger in the Chinese horoscope

Here is the list of the signs that are most likely to attract the natives of the Tiger:

  • Tiger and Rat: the most romantic union! The Tiger must still be careful not to go too fast for the Rat.
  • Tiger and Dragon: two strong signals! They will have to listen to each other if they don’t want to burn out and last as long as possible.
  • Tiger and Horse: If the Tiger’s temperament can destabilize the Horse, their relationship will be perfect once they meet.
  • Tiger and Goat: you must not forget to communicate if you want it to last!
  • Tiger and Rooster: a very passionate union, they will go together perfectly!
  • Tiger and dog: a duo capable of facing everything that is most difficult in life, nothing will be able to separate them!
  • Tiger and Pig: The impulsiveness of the tiger fits perfectly with the wishes of the pig.

Sheep goat

The sheep and goat or tiger, what is their compatibility in love, friendship or family?

At first the two signs do not appear to be romantically compatible due to their ingrained differences in personalities and priorities. However, in labor matters they can carry out many projects together.

In a possible sentimental relationship between these two animals of the Chinese calendar, we will have conflicts such as: the goat, we already know that it is rather shy and not very fond of social gatherings; the tiger, for its part, loves to exhibit itself, to be admired (for what it appears, is and does).

But in addition, felines have the duality of needing from time to time space for individuality, to be intensely private as well. I am not saying that the sheep is antisocial because it is not, when it is necessary it is very charming and friendly.

Another area where you can perform very well together is in altruistic matters; the tiger likes to develop solutions and systems to improve the functioning of society, while the ram has a strong hunting instinct, associated with causes of health, childhood, adolescence.

Obstacles? Challenges? The way of seeing life. The sheep is emotional par excellence and thus processes the world, while the tiger uses more of the objective mind to make its decisions; This may mean, among other things, that the goat seeks affective commitment while the Phantera Tigris seeks a partner in conversation, conversation and debate.

According to the contrary view, the sheep can pass as extremely delicate and sensitive and the tigers as too distant and disinterested. The first is too possessive and the second too interested in conserving his space.

Now, we pointed out above that you can do well together by developing noble causes. But, they can also have their differences there. The Tiger likes to show off, to show that he participates in great tasks; the goat prefers a low profile, to get involved in more restricted causes, to help friends, neighbors, relatives.

Tiger horse and dog

In Horse, Tiger, Dog, Swiftness of Decision, Nobility, Vigilance we mean these high-spirited lovers who understand the trine of compatibility with purpose. These three signs seek each other’s company and are allied in their pursuit of humanitarian causes.

Each excels at verbal communication and is a talented speaker. Relationships and personal connections are his top priority and each seeks his intimate soul mate in life. Idealistic, decisive, noble, these three passionate and earthy lovers are ruled by assertive positive yang energy.

What signs are incompatible with the tiger?

Here is the list of signs incompatible with the natives of the Tiger:

Tiger and Ox – This couple is doomed because they can’t understand each other!

Tiger and Monkey: The Tiger will have no patience with the Monkey’s antics.

Tigre and Tigre: if they look alike, they can’t match! Your character will spark.

Tiger and Cat: The Cat will not be able to follow the Tiger on a daily basis, which is a shame when it comes to building a life as a couple.

The tiger and the snake – these two have nothing to do with each other! The Serpent will stand no chance against the power of the Tiger.

Who should a tiger marry?

Generally speaking, people in the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger can get along well with people in the signs of the dragon, horse, and pig, who can be the best partners in your married life.

And their relationship will be sweet and eternal. Meanwhile, they are not compatible with Ox, Tiger, Snake or Monkey people as they conflict with each other in zodiac compatibility. Life will be a tragedy for both.

What is the lucky color for the tiger in the Chinese horoscope?

Blue, gray and orange.

Ascendant tiger Chinese horoscope

Birth time: 3-5 a.m. Outstanding traits: passion, impulsiveness, loving, generous, caring.

Best influence on those people born in the Chinese years of: horse, ox, snake and tiger.

Tiger and dragon

The tiger and the dragon, Chinese horoscope, feng shui; alludes in Chinese philosophy to yin and yang. The earth is crossed by currents of force (feng shui) whose link is yin or yang. These lines of force can be positive or negative.

Any impediment can divert them or return them to the right path: the “veins” of the dragon can be absorbed by a hollow of ground or a cavity or be totally contained by a large and imposing building.

These various and multiple wandering influences belong to two great psychic currents that surround the earth: the dragon-yang and the tiger-yin.

Since human beings are a provisional and partial fusion of the supreme being, ki, we have in us a permanent and habitual imbalance of negative and positive forces, yin and yang. The balance between the two forces, which is reached through Taoist realization, is true life, while its dispersion is nothingness.

The two forces act on the most subtle human planes on the events that push people to the flowery fields of the future and also on the mental and vital initiatives that surround our actions.

The currents of force influence our actions so we believe we are always in command. Our initiatives are always yin or yang and act in conjunction with our history, our present, our inclinations. Such a situation can be a source of joy or pain, depending on the mood of the person living it.

Man must know himself and not allow himself to be swept up or down by waves or the undertow of subtle eddies.

Virgo tiger

Virgo tiger, characteristics, compatibility, love and family; The noble and friendly Tiger-Virgo is a model of virtue and perfection. His impeccable demeanor elicits admiration and respect.

People trust him, boldly share his sorrows and troubles. You can always trust him – come to the rescue, cheer up, share the last ruble. And sincerely help, the Virgo-Tiger is distinguished by exceptional goodness: the sufferings of others are perceived as a personal tragedy. He doesn’t like to focus on problems; on the contrary, he tries to support a kind word. This is a true philosopher and a great optimist, he has the ability to see the essence of things. With enthusiasm, he deals with solving problems, always takes the business last.

Virgo Tiger Traits

A strong Tiger, who has been supported by a rational Virgo, becomes even more self-confident. The man of this combination of signs lives quite a happy life, he does not face serious difficulties on his way.

Tiger-Virgo is infinitely patient, intelligent, calculating, so he easily overcomes all obstacles. He rarely loses his self-control, he is quite capable of translating an unpleasant conversation into a joke. His positive attitude and strong self-confidence help others cope with negative emotions.

And not only does he have moral support, but he also actively participates in the lives of close people. The Virgo-Tiger will not be able to lend the correct amount of money, help with the move or with the device to make it work.

The behavior of a calm and balanced Tiger-Virgo does not cause anxiety or fear. You seem to control your emotions and feelings so well that you are never in an awkward situation. This is a very polite, discreet and reserved person.

Despite the impulsiveness and aggressiveness of the Tiger, they rarely, but do make themselves felt. Undeserved resentment, injustice, and wickedness cause him to anger and rage of immense power.

At such times, he does not seem like a soft and pleasant person. He will not tolerate humiliation, he will rush violently to defend his interests and, with the same ardor, he will defend the rights of those around him. Virgo-Tiger is a born leader, a true fighter and a just man.

Cheerful and active Virgo-Tigers like people, they have many friends and good acquaintances. Communication with them only provides positive emotions, the only difficulty is excessive demand. Tigers-Virgo practically do not admit mistakes, they try to provide all the consequences of their actions.

Similarly, it refers to others, they can never find a common language with non-binding people. Of course, they will not make a loud complaint, especially scandal, but will try to limit their communication with untrustworthy people.

But they are always happy to help their loved ones, they are loyal and faithful friends. It is important not to forget to praise them, otherwise the Virgo-Tigers will be offended.

Compatibility (Love and Family)

In a romantic relationship, Tiger-Virgo shows himself on the best side. They are a kind, loving and very temperamental couple. He derives great pleasure from the courtship process. Preserve the inherent prudence, but not save money, think of all the new ways to entertain your partner. She will not give vain promises, if you do not see a common future, immediately declare her position. This is not a frivolous seducer, but a serious person.

Virgo-Tiger relationships rarely fail, making him a reliable partner. Always protecting the interests of his family, for him there is no greater happiness than communication with his loved ones. It is difficult to find a more dedicated person, but Tiger-Virgo is short-tempered and jealous.

More often than anything, he tortures his half with suspicion, does not tolerate objections, expects complete obedience. But more than offsetting the inconvenience caused by fancy gifts and a caring attitude.

Relationships and energy

Regarding relationships and yang tiger energies, this is the result, thinking about love, friendships, work relationships:

  • Soulmate, pig, pig
  • Trine with horse and dog
  • In Opposition, Monkey
  • Fighter, snake
  • Friendly rabbit
  • Karma to solve with the snake
  • Peach blossom, hare.

Career and business

The disciplined and responsible Tiger-Virgo is the decoration of any work group. He does not make hasty decisions, every action has a serious basis. Don’t worry, always collected and focused. The authorities appreciate him very much for his diligence and diligence.

Tiger-Virgo moves confidently in the race, usually his candidacy is not objectionable. This is a sensitive leader, with great respect for subordinates.

In choosing a profession, the Tiger-Virgo is quite consistent. Do not look for an unattainable ideal, I agree to work for any publication, even boring. He pays attention to the little things, he is not indifferent to money, that is why he chooses the professions demanded in the labor market.

He is quite authoritarian and authoritarian, but he is able to contain his emotions, he copes with his duties. Virgo-Tiger can be a good financier, builder, politician, or scientist.


It is going to be a year where reflecting on your past performances will give a dizzying boost to your present and future decisions. Not always being so radical is the most convenient.

Love life

It will be a very busy year at first, especially February-March and April, are you ready? Are you ready? May and June, on the contrary, are announced calm, where delicacy and patience to understand your partner is synonymous with success. For the second half of the year there will be changes, for example the arrival of a child, important situations for the couple, breakups and reconciliations.

Friendship and friends

Their circles of contacts will promote new achievements and productive or work projects with a long future.

Artistic and sports activities especially between May and June will have their best time to shine. During the month of September you may have conflicts with those close to you and those close to you.

Health & Wellness

Your energy flow will be quite erratic. There may be excess food in March, September and November, which will require high doses of discipline to try not to be overwhelmed and avoid digestive complications.


It is a moderate year, where the tiger should not incur paralyzing anguish due to problems that are presumably very big but that in the long run it will end up solving, with the unexpected help of unsuspected people.

2034 green wood tiger

Chinese horoscope 2034 green wood tiger, predictions, cabal, omens and predictions. It is a year of making and losing fortunes. Whoever decides to risk must bet high, but well aware that the risks of losing are many.

People will do extreme and spectacular things, motivated by the momentum of the moment, of their troubled present. It will be a time of losing your temper and an arduous test for diplomacy. Like this feline, we tend to attack without having reasoned before, to later regret our audacity.

2046 red fire tiger

Chinese horoscope for the red fire tiger yang 2046, similar to those born in the Chinese lunar year 1986. Some predictions, omens and predictions.

Friendships, joint ventures, and businesses that demand mutual trust and cooperation starting this year will be very weak and inconsistent. Yet the vitality of the Vermilion Flame Tiger can inject new vitality and vigor into lost causes, faltering performances, or dull, dull industries. Time for massive changes, conducive to the introduction of new and daring ideas, the more controversial, the better.

The enhanced fire of the tiger will have a purifying effect, bringing out the best in ourselves.

Trust your sense of humor and let things return to their normal temperature.

Tiger day

A day of the tiger will be favorable for fire rituals, to build buildings, for health, movements to the east and west.

It is not at all favorable to marriage (weddings), not for holidays or offerings, starting quarrels or fights, haircuts or giving remedies.



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