Wooden Tiger Characteristics, Chinese Horoscope

Wooden Tiger characteristics, Chinese horoscope. People under the sign of the Wooden Tiger look quite peaceful, but in their souls there is an involuntary impulsiveness. Their strange behavior is sometimes confusing. These people are calm and give the impression of a carefree person. But this is their mask behind which hides a constant anxiety. They should not be taken by surprise, otherwise they will fail.

They need to improvise and embody their ingenuity, their creativity enlightens and calms. They are deeply in love with freedom, they should not be afraid of the stage, as the crowd can not take their eyes off them, because they are always and completely surrendered to the inspiration that often visits them. People under the sign of the Tiger Tree love to joke and have a good sense of humor.

These tree tigers are not as independent as their other tiger sign types and tend to work together for a common purpose. These people often change their plans, get confused easily and this is very frustrating for them. They are generally loved and respected, they have a large circle of friends. People under the sign of the Tiger Tree are often engaged in an active social life.

What are the characteristics of the wooden tiger? They are those born in the Chinese calendar during the years of 1974, 2034 and 2094 for example.


Incredibly energetic, he is an innovator (he likes change, he is addicted to it) super creative. He is a tolerant type of tiger, able to evaluate situations in a practical and impartial light. Democratic in his views. Understands the importance of securing the cooperation of others to move forward more quickly. Will be magnetic to friends and supporters, as he is able to bond with people of the most diverse modalities.

The wood element gives it a more stable and affable disposition, and its character, charming and given to novelties, makes it extremely suitable for collective efforts.

He is socially sought after and has enough charisma to connect people who have nothing to do with each other. However, his loyalty is mainly directed towards himself. For this little tiger, no one is indispensable. If someone leaves his vicinity, he will wish them good luck but will not waste his energy and time replacing them.


He prefers to skate along the surface of things and maintain only a semblance of order. He likes to delegate tasks and, since he is skilled at command and knows how to make others work, he will take on a minimum of responsibility.

As his Moon sign does not possess a great discipline, he tends to disperse and not to finish what he starts. As a good tiger, he does not accept criticism easily, even if it is constructive. Proud, he does not tolerate attempts to direct or advise him. He has no patience for idealism or high-flying theorizing.

He is quick to anger and equally quick to calm down.He needs a strong, interesting and stable partner, capable of sustaining his attention. If a wood tiger’s home life turns out to be affectionate and pleasant, it can accomplish many things.

What year is the wooden tiger?

The years of the Wood Tiger are 1914 and 1974. This is because the Tiger year only repeats once every 12 years, and each rotation works its way through the five elements. This means that there is a 60-year gap between Wood Tiger years, and the next one will be in 2034. The tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac, the 12-year cycle of animals that are part of the Chinese calendar system. The Tiger is usually associated with the early hours, between three and five o’clock in the morning.

The wooden tiger man

The wooden tiger man can charm anyone into doing what he wants. He is understanding, knows his motives and who to fall in love with, so many women will like this attitude. He wants peace and to get along with everyone, which is rare for a typical Tiger. Brave and strong, this native can stand up for himself in any situation.

He is usually never aggressive or angry because he knows how to engage. But like all Tigers, he can be impulsive and difficult when it comes to concentrating on one thing. He usually does not like to waste time with useless activities. As said before, women will always like him because he is funny, polite and tolerant.

The wooden tiger man will also distinguish himself from the crowd. He believes that there is nothing and no one who can stand between him and his happiness. Don’t be fooled by his good heart and passive attitude, when he wants something, he is firm, resourceful and persevering. If he wants a woman, he will not rest until she is his. When it comes to him as head of the family, he is affectionate and puts his loved ones on a pedestal.

The wooden tiger woman

The wood tiger woman likes to socialize and is very lucky with men. She loves to go places and experience new adventures. She is neither aggressive nor tough, her personality is more in the cheerful and relaxed direction. This lady is able to enjoy life in the most unique ways. When necessary, she will be serious and very demanding.

There is no one capable of deceiving her because she is intelligent and quick to grasp things. Her ingenuity and adaptability will help her find solutions to any problem she may have. As far as work is concerned, she is responsible and wants to find the ideal job.

You can’t stop the wooden tiger woman from having fun and spending her time with as many friends as possible. She treats everyone as her equal, but can have a quick temper. This Tiger lady can’t stand to be alone. Her heart is warm and forgiving. She does not hold grudges and for this she is greatly admired by others. Many men will want to be her mate and she will get a good man because she is a good woman herself.


Famous people born in wooden tiger years include Oscar Wilde, Octavio Paz, Yuri Andropov, Julio Cortázar, Nicanor Parra, Joe DiMaggio, Eva Mendes, Penélope Cruz, Laura Paussini, Alanis Morissette, Angie Cepeda, Alessandro del Piero, Leonardo di Caprio, Zharick León and Cristian Castro.


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