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Characteristics of the water tiger in the Chinese horoscope: personality, colors, qualities, challenges, zodiac. They are very energetic, fun-loving and somewhat self-absorbed (particularly when it comes to their own virtues).

They are completely ignorant of their own faults. Very promiscuous, they are talented speakers but their intentions are not as pristine as many would like. They are open-minded, continually open to new ideas and experiences. Objectivity is among their virtues.

Their average life expectancy is 71 years and they will face 7 major obstacles in their existence. Probable divorce and even a child. They tend to squander their fortune.

The water tiger is a humanitarian and empathetic soul; they are the dreamers and artists of the tiger kingdom. Excellent judge of truth because it is able to contact the feelings of others.

Water tigers are also those born between February 1962 and January 24, 1963.

Personality water tiger chinese zodiac

Water tigers are quite confident in their ability and can always do their best step by step in the face of any challenge instead of losing their heads due to some trifles or mood. Being calm and cautious, water tigers pay attention to humanity and dislike rigid and dogmatic procedure.

They can always take advantage of current general ideas and future popular trend. In addition, water tigers are willing to adopt new ideas and techniques and judge things clearly, rarely making mistakes. However, they must be mindful of their indecisiveness; otherwise, they will waste time and energy and delay the original plan. They should make good use of their judgment and not be too timid with determined things so as not to miss the opportunity.

Water tigers are quick learners who love novelties, especially crafts and arts, and can master them well. With strong self-esteem, water tigers persist in their old ways and are self-righteous and overly proud of their ability. Therefore, they find it difficult to accept the opinions of others, which is the main reason for their failure. But they rarely fail, which makes others jealous.

In the race, water tigers have both good and bad luck in life. If they can get help from their friends or partners, they will have a new perspective.

However, they should keep in mind that they do not trust others easily, take special care in handling things, and conserve some strength in advance. They should try to be attentive to emergencies, so that their plan can be executed successfully. As long as they are willing to make efforts, they will get their due rewards.

He is always dramatic and passionate but able to control his instincts; he combines the will and determination typical of his sign with an unsuspected humanity. Open and intuitive, always very objective, they know how to assess situations and dominate them without making their own authority obvious. These natives really know how to communicate and convince people to do what they want them to do. Their ingenious mind along with all these traits makes them great writers.

They have everything they need to get what they want. Energetic and determined, the impossible seems possible to them. According to the Chinese horoscope, they are not afraid of conflicts.

More than this, they seem to get their energy from arguing with others. This is why they are so good at fighting for causes that many consider lost.

If there was a contradiction and you heard that someone won it, you can be sure that person is a Tiger. With a special magnetism and a lot of charisma, Water Tigers are irresistible but difficult as lovers.

Anyone who wants to get them must be calm and patient. Because they are passionate, they can have mood swings.

Being proud, they would never admit that they are hurt. They are very likely to suppress the negativity and one day explode. Your other half should be careful not to take these outbursts personally.

At this time, they would need all the support they can get because their emotional life must be balanced. In return, they must give more importance to the person they love or risk losing him or her.

Water tiger personality characteristics, personality
Water tiger personality, chinese zodiac


Blue and black.


Generous, polite and self-confident;


Rebellious, unpredictable and vain;

Secret need

They have an immense need for affection that they do not make public;


Help others more because through these actions you will achieve personal satisfaction.


People born in Water Tiger years have a penetrating and flexible mind, have various interests and are great supporters of research and experiments. Water Tigers often show indecisiveness, a non-specific trait of this zodiac sign, but in decisive and critical moments they manage to remain calm and show remarkable resilience.

They are generous and, as a rule, maintain friendly relations with those around them. In most cases, Tigers get what they want mainly because of their abilities.

Water tigers have a highly developed imagination, thanks to which the representatives of this zodiac sign become talented writers and excellent speakers.

The natives of this sign should have more confidence in themselves and in their possibilities.

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