Taurus and Taurus compatibility

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Taurus and Taurus compatibility. Taurus is part of the element of Earth, being a sign that is characterized by having a serious personality, very pragmatic and efficient in everything it does. Regarding their relationships, they are distinguished by being faithful and very loving people, although in some cases, they can be somewhat possessive if things get out of their control.

Let’s learn more about how this sign usually behaves in friendship, sexuality and marriage. This is an analysis of a Taurus person with another person of the Taurus sign respectively.


Taurus uses sincere friendships, since he is an autonomous person and only looks for those who he really appreciates. He hates relationships based on interest and little reciprocity, so he can be seen, at times, as a lonely person. However, he can bond with many people, becoming the center of groups with some frequency.

The attention of Taurus towards his friends is very warm. In fact, he often chooses to host meetings, where he can, in addition to having everything in control of him, be the most helpful to the people he cares for. This also happens because Taurus is not a lover of changes, and therefore, he enjoys staying in his comfort zone.

His relationships become more solid over time, so he does not share his intimacies with anyone. It may even take him years to talk about his personal affairs if he does not feel confident. On this, we understand that it is a very observant person, who takes the time to visualize the behavior of her circle.

The friendship between two Taurus people speaks of a very connected relationship, as they are individuals who only refer as friends to whom they have earned their trust. In this way, Taurus characterizes a very important friendship, whether he has two or ten people, he will have them in a unique place in his life.

On some occasions, this situation can become a bit complicated, since Taurus can become a possessive person. They can even be very demanding of time and attention, a scenario that could generate a shock when it comes to a friendship forged by two people of this sign.

However, this can be avoided as Taurus understands the value of friendships and can strike up an awkward conversation about saving their relationship. So this will not be a problem without greater scope, as long as the two people are willing to talk about what is bothering them.

Based on these characteristics, the friendship between two Taurus people will be a unique relationship, which can last for many years as long as these people know how to mature over time, being able to always count each other as unconditional people. A friendship that may even be decisive in their lives thanks to the feedback that will exist.


Two Taurus will enjoy full sexuality, since they are people who communicate their needs, and, in addition, they really enjoy being complacent. They care about the pleasure of their partner, while they have no problem explaining their desires and fantasies, since they always seek to make their intimacy as pleasant as possible.

They are people who are always looking for passion, and love to live each moment to the fullest, so they will have no problem creating the perfect moment in each intimate encounter. There will be no problems when it comes to communication, so you can enjoy your privacy from the first second.

Taurus loves romance and details, so their intimacy will be full of games, role-playing, and perhaps even new guests. A spiral of pleasure awaits these two. There will be no limit on this plane, so both will experience all their intimate exchanges to the fullest, being one of its most important dimensions as a couple.

They must be very careful with their agreements, since Taurus hates to lose control of any situation, so there can be no broken rules during their intimacy. Only then will they be able to enjoy a sexual life based on complete enjoyment, without major problems than lack of time.

The sexuality of two Taurus will be ever-changing, as both will love to find new ways to pleasure each other. Their connection will always have a strong emotional accent, since it is impossible for them to connect only from the physical, so they will not share their intimate life with anyone.

In bed, Taurus enjoys caresses, intense looks and the use of force, but, at the same time, a tender force, with determination. He loves the explosive touch, and he never misses an opportunity whenever he can. He doesn’t mind doing it in his house, in his office, or in a bathroom as long as he doesn’t get caught.

Taurus and Taurus sexuality will be an intense experience, characterized by passion, dedication and the most real love. They will be two people who discover each other every night, stoking pleasure in every possible way, remembering during the day and reliving all their desires during the night.

Taurus does not show a decisive interest in the physique of his partner, as he is interested in other points such as his creativity, his strength and his versatility. He is not looking for the most beautiful people, but rather those who can make them feel like they are in heaven. Sexual performance will be very important above other aesthetic features respectively.

It is worth mentioning that one of the most important aspects of Taurus in sexuality is that they need to feel loved. Sex without love means nothing to these people, and therefore they will highly value gestures that explain a loving feeling. Taurus should not lose sight of this aspect, otherwise he will not be able to have a successful sexuality.


The marriage of Taurus with another Taurus person is a very special union, since they are people who want to live that novel love story. They adore passion and choose to have a relationship that is wonderful every day. They do not miss the opportunity to make themselves feel special with the details and gifts, while being extremely attentive people.

Taurus can have certain problems for the marriage, since being two people who need to be in control, they can experience certain conflicts to reach an agreement between the couple. However, it is not an impossible task for them, since they have the intellectual capacity to build a relationship by and for two.

Both women and men are loyal people, so there will be no need to worry about infidelity. They are solemn people, so they greatly respect their union, preventing any third party from causing a problem for their relationship. They take their marriage very seriously as it is part of one of their most important goals in life.

The idea of marriage is not worrisome for Taurus, although this will depend on the personality of your partner. Two Taurus must learn to understand each other in order to lead the same lifestyle, as some love luxury and constant efforts, while others worry about the basics and enjoy themselves.

In this sense, they must find that middle ground to be able to constitute themselves as a harmonious marriage. They will have no problems if they learn to understand each other, and if they succeed, they will have an exemplary relationship, capable of adapting to any situation. The differences will not be an obstacle to love each other, and thanks to that, they will be able to face any scenario that may affect their union.

Two Taurus will worry about maintaining their marriage as far as their finances are concerned. They are people who will always seek to innovate in their forms of income, progressively improving their quality of life. Their union will be one of their main motivations, therefore, they will take care of growing whenever they can.

They will make the most of their abilities to find new opportunities, and thus ensure their stability. This, together with his ambitious personality, will suppose a couple of challenges, which will be able to go far in his individual and joint goals.

A marriage project that will show that, although between the two of you progress is slower, you can go much further properly. Taurus is a person who can offer a unique relationship.

When it comes to a Taurus next to another Taurus, this exception only intensifies, so we will find a truly special union between two people who decide to share different areas of their life. Whether it is a friendship, a marriage or a purely sexual relationship, Taurus will always leave an essence in the other person with whom it shares.

These have been the most distinctive characteristics that two Taurus can show in the different types of relationships that they can have with each other.

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