Taurus sign, meaning, traits

Taurus sign, meaning, traits, characterístics, in love, woman, man, tarot.Taurus (bull in Latin, derived from the Greek word Ταῦρος), is the second astrological sign of the modern zodiac. It ranges from 30 ° to 60 ° of the zodiac. This sign belongs to the element Earth or triplicity, and has a feminine or negative polarity, as well as a fixed modality, quality or quadruplicity. It is a sign ruled by Venus along with Libra. The Moon is in its exaltation here at exactly 3 °.

This sign is considered introverted, fixed and feminine; aspects that manage to configure your particular personality. In the case of people born under this sign, we must say that they are beings of important character, which is not always visible, but of strong temperament.

Both Taurus men and women are intuitive, possessive and impulsive, not only in relation to material goods, but also in relation to the people with whom they live.

Characteristics of the taurus sign

Taurus are determined, firm and constant people in many ways. They love to feel security and that is why they constantly seek it, more as a necessity.

Being determined, pragmatic people with enormous willpower, Taurus tend to have very conservative and fixed ideas and there will be no way to convince them of something that goes against their principles or what they feel or think, being stubbornness the most obvious feature of this sign.

With great capacity to avoid displeasure and conflicts, since they prefer to solve their problems in a more practical way. In addition, they have a good sense of humor, but when their nerves flare, they have the ability to display terrible temper and break out in anger.

Those born under the sign of Taurus are very sensual, fidelity, care and beauty are their main demands, however, they have a negative point and that is that they tend to be very possessive. Their romantic character can make them enjoy feeling the love of a couple, sex becomes for this sign the manifestation of dedication to the person they love.

Taurus are also very organized, to the point of planning the smallest detail to avoid any kind of surprise. They have a great sense of perseverance and responsibility for whatever work they do. This sign gives great importance to the material, but above all to love, they are usually very loving and warm, dependent on love to be able to move forward, although sometimes it is not reciprocated, in the same way it is committed to harmony and tranquility with their couple, elements that provide the stability they require.

Those ruled by the Taurus sign tend to be slow people when they act, but these actions are conscious and their effects last over time. These are trusted people who give themselves too much, who prefer to be surrounded by people with whom they are familiar.

They need to have security and that attitude sometimes causes them to cling to possessions and become jealous in their relationships. In addition to being warm and affectionate, Taurus can also be very inflexible, firm and stubborn in their convictions, without accepting different ideas and opinions from other people. Taurus start date The Taurus sign starts after the sign of Aries and ranges from April 21 to May 21.

Taurus in the horoscope
Taurus sign

Taurus in love

The planet Venus is the representative of sensuality and love and is the one that governs the sign of Taurus and unlike other signs that behave in that area in a crazy way, Taurus is marked by serenity and sensitivity.

Eroticism is the word that perfectly defines a Taurus, but there is also room for love and security. Those of the Taurus sign are represented by Venus Pandemos who represents carnal love and sensory pleasures, that is, love and the physical.

Taurus are beings that have great intelligence, with a special sensitivity for gastronomy and the arts, refined and demanding people in the life of a couple. They are the perfect match for those in search of stability and security, and it is also an open door to hidden pleasures.

Taurus woman

The women of this sign are the most sensual and mysterious of the zodiac, they usually do not lack suitors, since beyond their physical appearance they have a charm that they themselves do not know. They are very sincere, they generally do not measure their words and almost always say what they think, something that sometimes is a problem, because they accidentally hurt other people around them.

Other times, on some issues, he chooses to keep quiet and not express an opinion. When talking about Taurus women, it can be said that they are very practical women, with great emotional intelligence and common sense. They tend to analyze all the variables before making a decision, making them excellent workers, and they also do a great job as counselors among their group of friends.

They have a great sense of organization and in their work they do things methodically in order to achieve their goals. They almost always have their feet firmly on the ground and that is why they are irrational beings, although sometimes they get carried away by the spiritual.

They are very attached to traditions; innovations and changes are not what they like, much less attract attention; These women do not like to be the center of attention at an event or party. They will always be there for their friends, thanks to their warmth and kindness anyone can count on a Taurus woman.

In addition, they feel happy enjoying the pleasures of life (friends, family, trips, books, a wine, etc.). However, they are scared that they may lack the material and for this reason they work not to depend on anyone. They are usually very romantic, but they do not commit lightly; fleeting adventures are not among their tastes, since they only seek to build solid and lasting relationships, it is for this reason that they choose serious companions who can provide them with the security and stability they need.

They highly appreciate hugs and fall madly in love with simple and sensitive men, they prefer the stability of a genuine and honest relationship and try to flee from unstable relationships and people who are not clear about what they are looking for. A situation that can scare their partners is that when Taurus girls think they have found the right person, they start to think about the future and dream of starting a family with the man they love, and not all men are willing to go. so fast.

Because they are so possessive, Taurus women do not tolerate infidelity, nor the suspicion of a possible affair. They want a partner by their side in any circumstance. Even sometimes their insecurity leads them to see things where there are none, this type of behavior can cause relationship problems and even breakups.

How to conquer a Taurus woman?

For a man to be able to conquer a Taurus woman, he should not rush her, since she only needs to feel safe before starting a relationship. If she has doubts about the sincerity of the couple’s feelings, she will automatically end the relationship.

She does not like intolerant men in any way, she truly appreciates that they are open to dialogue; She also likes that her partner surprise them with some gestures, such as a romantic evening, a weekend getaway or a candlelight dinner, she will appreciate these intimate moments.

It is necessary that for the relationship with a Taurus woman to last, the couple share the same family values, since their goal is to start a family. His dream is to have a simple, comfortable and quiet life; In order for her to flourish, the Taurus woman needs the security that a man can provide her, whether from a moral or material point of view, these aspects should never be lacking.

Taurus man

Men of this sign are usually sensitive and responsible, they are the ones who like to do things very slowly and try to move towards their goal while enjoying the journey. Although they do not consider money as an important element in life, they tend to worry about it to obtain well-being.

They like the topic of investments very much and they will always look for a way to earn more money, to improve their life and that of those around them. Taurus men are also careful and as a precaution save and understand the need to have savings before starting a family, all to avoid future problems that may endanger their family environment.

Considered good lovers and seducers, when they like a woman they use all their charms to win her over. All thanks to their reputation for being stubborn, that when they propose something, they do not stop until they get it. They are faithful and not very possessive, they are also looking for a stable partner. They like calm and peaceful women, as they do not like to be pressured and prefer to go at their own pace.

For the Taurus man, the perfect woman is the one who is able to remain by his side without pressure or demands. The gentlemen of this sign are in a way detailed, they usually give their partners flowers, spend a romantic weekend with them, attend beach vacations and anything that they can give to their partner.

In this case, money is important to them, because it allows them to give their partners the whims they deserve.

How to conquer and fall in love with a Taurus?

To be able to seduce a Taurus man, it is necessary to be present in his day to day. For him it will be difficult for him to accept a long distance relationship, he will need to see his partner frequently, do things together, walk next to him, etc. One way to win over a Taurus is calmly, as he hates screaming and noise in general.

Like a Taurus gentleman, your partner must know how to enjoy the good things in life, go out to a restaurant, have a few glasses of wine, etc.

Finally, and something very important, is that a Taurus man likes his partner to care about his physical appearance, to dress well and above all to look very pretty to him. They will never notice a woman who tends to be disheveled and does not worry one bit about her physique.

What are Taurus like?

Taureans are very practical, determined and have a lot of willpower. They have a stable and conservative personality, they like peace and tranquility, and they are very respectful of rules and laws. They are reluctant to change, they are more practical than intellectual people and as they like continuity they tend to have fixed ideas.

They have a great sense of justice, they are very prudent and they do not get into difficulties because they continue to get ahead. Taurus are sometimes very rigid, self-centered, and very stubborn. Those born under this sign like beautiful things and that is why they are usually fond of art and music.

His religious faith is unconventional and deeply rooted. Taurus love good food and drink, luxuries and all the pleasures of life, in fact, they should strive not to be carried away by the temptation to indulge these tastes in excess.

Taurus lucky number

The lucky numbers for the Taurus sign are: 4, 6 and 11.

Tarot for Taurus

  • House I: Arcane Personality: The Hermit. Advice: self-discovery, inner search. Reassess personal goals, have self-confidence regardless of the circumstances.
  • House II: Arcane material possessions: 8 of swords. Advice: avoid incurring new debts and financial commitments, the ideal is to manage income wisely and with intelligence.
  • House III: Communication and Arcane thought: Ace of Pentacles (gold). Advice: academic and professional development, materialization of projects and ideas, progress, success in presentations. Put it to use due to talents.
  • House IV: Home and Arcane Family: 7 of wands (sticks). Advice: be firm in situations of family conflict, defend the principles and be consistent in the purpose to achieve the solution.
  • House V: Romance and Arcane creativity: 9 of swords. Advice: guilt, anxiety, stress and resentment. Even if there is anguish and worry, direct the mind towards the search for solutions and of course never lose optimism.
  • House VI: Arcane Work: 8 of wands (sticks). Tip: good news will come, whether it is a job proposal or career advancement, with perseverance the effort will lead to success.
  • House VII: Arcane personal relationships: 9 of wands (sticks). Tip: In order to move forward in present relationships, you need to close the loop and prepare for new experiences.
  • House VIII: Arcane Sexuality: 2 of cups. Advice: a lot of understanding in couple relationships, the love given will return multiplied, thanks to the fact that the universe is aligned with the desired purpose.
  • House IX: Arcane Philosophy: The Hanged Man. Advice: it is necessary to avoid clinging to pride and it will be better to request support to overcome obstacles, as the proverb says “if you want to go fast, walk alone; but if you want to go far, go together ”.
  • House X: Vocation and aspirations Arcane: Ace of Cups. Advice: it will be a stage of personal fulfillment, with great harmony and happiness, with a new stage in the professional field, where opportunities will be received with gratitude and love.
  • House XI: Friendships and groups Arcano: The Wheel of Fortune. Advice: the possibilities are unexpected, that is why you should take advantage of the events in your favor, it will be a divine blessing, to be able to cultivate new friendships and break into groups; in short, to expand the network of professional contacts.
  • House XII: Mysticism and Arcane Karma: The Emperor Advice: it will be essential to live the material world, without losing spiritual consciousness. Wearing a breastplate of skepticism will make it difficult for the miracles that are waiting to enter.

Taurus compatibility with other signs

Taurus and Aries

Aries are fiery and impatient, on the other hand, Taurus know how to keep their composure and have a lot of stamina. However, instead of fighting each other, they usually move forward together. Their success will depend on their tolerance for the need for independence.

Taurus and taurus

When two Taurus meet, they cannot be separated and they tend to vibrate in unison, even under the sheets. They can become so dependent on each other that they run the risk of isolating themselves.

Taurus and Gemini

A Gemini can be impressed by the natural charm of Taurus, but they are often hesitant when making a commitment. If the Taurus is interested in happiness and can respect the freedom of Geminis, then the story may be different.

Taurus and Cancer

Both signs are managed to move with the sensitivity that both have. A relationship between these two signs can take some time to get off the ground, as the need to feel something forces them to be together.

Taurus and Leo

Between these two signs, love at first sight is inevitable. However, in everyday life the situation is complicated, because Taurus refuses to submit to the natural authority of Leo. The relationship could thrive if Taurus gives in a bit on certain things.

Taurus and Virgo

A Taurus feels completely safe with Virgo. Jealousy will subside a bit, since Virgo has little interest in sensual pleasures and it frustrates him.

Taurus and Libra

These two signs do not always have the same perspective when it comes to love. Taurus give more importance to sexuality, while Libras are more related to the intellect. But libra in the same way helps to enjoy excellent moments.

Taurus and Scorpio

The most ardent encounter of the zodiac is between Scorpio and Taurus, each one knows what the other’s wishes are. But beyond the loving and physical complicity, daily life can be somewhat tense, since Scorpio will provoke jealousy in Taurus, creating problems in the relationship.

Taurus and Sagittarius

Taurus admire the freedom of spirit and intelligence of Sagittarius, while Sagittarius likes the solidity shown by a Taurus. The problem is that Sagittarius is more adventurous and independent and it will not be a good idea to try to stop him under any circumstance or else he will run away.

Taurus and Capricorn

Considered the strongest partner in the zodiac, the two are possessive, homey, and comfortable with stability. But you need to be careful and stay open to others and to the world, as you run the risk of being locked in a bubble.

Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarius is a very independent sign, on the other hand, Taurus is very possessive. It is likely that this couple will not work out, but everything is possible in love if they do their part and reach certain agreements.

Taurus and Pisces

When a Taurus is attracted to a Pisces, it will be difficult to get their attention, because it will seem unattainable. The only thing that attracts a Pisces to a Taurus is their stability, and this allows them to anchor themselves to reality.

Taurus qualities

Taurus have the following qualities: they are persevering, patient, practical. For business they have an excellent sense of smell and they know how to manage their finances very well. In addition, they have a strong artistic sense, great stamina, and of course they are very kind and honest.

Taurus in bed

Those born under this sign are not carried away by impulses. Although they have great erotic capacity, they also know how to control themselves. Through the senses it is the best way to seduce a Taurus.

Taurus as well as Scorpio have earned the reputation of being the most sexual signs of the zodiac, and in many ways it can be much more exciting and sensual. They are one of those who need communication, complicity and affection.

Additionally, Taurus in numerology is guided by the number two, symbol of duality, being especially careful with his partner. Taurus in bed prefers a relationship where no one is dominated and both of them enjoy it in a combined way.

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