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Dreams meaning. Since its inception, humanity has tried to find meaning in those images that our mind produces while we sleep. Due to its abstract and incoherent nature, spiritual and magical interpretations have been attributed to this phenomenon for centuries.

In ancient times, sorcerers and shamans were the best suited to question and make sense of dreams; some people who generally related these manifestations of the mind, with revelations of the gods or premonitions.

Later, each culture was adopting a different position regarding the meaning of dreams, thus arising the different myths and legends that we know today. Although many people still believe in these theories, they lack evidence.

However, the advancement of science and technology has provided valuable information regarding this phenomenon; and the theories that had been proposed in the past have evolved over time. Today, it is more common for dreams to be associated with events in our daily lives than with mystical or spiritual events.

Before going deep into the interpretation of dreams, it is necessary that we know certain basic concepts of this area. In addition, it is important that we understand that these mental images will be the results of experiences and stimuli of each person; therefore, the meaning of dreams must be different depending on the case.

What are dreams

A dream can be defined as an imaginative activity that our brain executes during the unconscious state; In this period of time cognitive, sensory and emotional elements coincide that work together to elaborate visual images, capable of manifesting positive or negative feelings in people.

Dreams can also refer to a mechanism that our brain uses to express thoughts or situations that we normally repress during our state of consciousness. These elements that we ignore and are hidden in the unconscious, can be our deepest desires or fears.

Meaning of dreams, what are they
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Meaning of dreams, what are they

Types of dreams

  • Lucid dreams: this dream is not very common, but those who are fortunate to live it, say that it is a very rewarding experience. In general, it occurs when the individual is conscious within the dream; This state allows you to control his actions, modify the characteristics of the dream and remember it quite clearly when waking up.
  • Nightmares: a negative dream from which we all want to wake up as soon as possible, that’s what a nightmare is all about. This event can generate panic, anguish or depression in the individual; the intensity of the physiological or cognitive response will depend on the content of the dream.

Generally, children under 10 years of age are the most susceptible to this type of dream, but it is also normal for it to occur in adults when they feel pressured, distressed or very exhausted.

  • Shared or connected dreams: they are similar or very similar dreams that occur between two people who have a strong emotional bond; whether they are family, friends or partner. The outcome of this type of dream can occur in different ways, whether both people dream of the same place or are aware of the presence of the other.


What does the Church of Dreams think? What explanation do you give to this dreamlike phenomenon? Just as other cultures and religions associate these experiences of the mind with messages from higher beings; the church also has the certainty that dreams are a means of communication between the Lord and his disciples.

Some images or elements that come to our mind while we sleep, may be God’s intention to convey a message to us; For this reason, all those believers must be attentive to these signs and know how to interpret them, according to the current circumstances in their lives.

On the contrary, the church associates nightmares as disturbing dreams or messages that are sent by Satan, with the intention of disturbing our tranquility and plunging us into a deep state of anguish and despair. Even so, at any moment we can go to the Lord to intercede in these bad thoughts and be able to remove them from our mind.

On the other hand, we can also find certain episodes from the Bible that describe situations in which some characters had revelations sent by God through dreams.

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream

Nebuchadnezzar was king of Babylon, which at one point was disturbed by some very strange dreams. These images caused much unease and uncertainty to the King, so he ordered all the wise men of the town to guess and interpret his dream; whoever was able to reveal its meaning would be rewarded with gifts and honors.

However, these sages did not believe that anyone was capable of guessing such a thing, so they asked the King to tell his dream so that they could explain its meaning to him. But this request only produced the wrath of Nebuchadnezzar; He thought that these people would only lie to him and ordered that they all be punished with death.

One of the wise men, named Daniel, upon learning of this situation decided to visit the King; he promised to interpret his dream, but told him that he would need more time to achieve it.

After the King agreed, Daniel went to his friends and they all prayed that night for his well-being and that of the other wise men of Babylon. That same night, God granted Daniel the answer to Nebuchadnezzar’s mysterious dream.

The next day Daniel requested an audience with the King and described his dream to him; in this he could see a terrifying statue that had a head of gold, chest and arms of silver, bronze on its thighs and belly, the legs covered by iron and the feet had a combination of iron and clay. Then a huge stone fell on the feet of this figure and completely collapsed it.

Daniel explained that the head of gold represented the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar, strong and glorious; the next levels were related to the kings after him. However, Daniel placed more emphasis on the statue’s feet made of iron and clay, as these referred to a kingdom to come that could not hold together.

Finally, Daniel clarified that the stone that toppled the statue in the dream was about a king who would be sent by God to end all kingdoms and who could not be defeated. At this revelation, Nebuchadnezzar knelt before Daniel to show his appreciation and appointed him governor of Babylon.

Joseph’s dreams

During adolescence, José had two prophetic dreams that were questioned by his entire family; however, no one imagined that they would come to pass after a few years.

In the first, Joseph observed himself and his brothers tying sheaves in a field; At one point, Joseph’s stood upright and his brothers’ leaned toward his. The second dream consisted of Joseph admiring how the stars, the sun and the moon bowed before him.

In both cases, Joseph’s stories seemed absurd to his brothers and parents; they did not believe that Joseph would be able to rule and that they should bow to them.

However, years later the good deeds of Joseph made him the governor of Egypt and he was in charge of the food that was distributed to the entire population because of the shortage. Even his siblings came to him for help, just as he had dreamed of when he was young.

Witches, meaning of dreams

Since medieval times witches have been described as supernatural women related to witchcraft, spells and terrifying situations; therefore, it is common for people to associate witch dreams with negative aspects.

However, this is not entirely true, several factors of the dream must be analyzed to determine if its meaning is malignant or not. Many times, the dreamlike appearance of these characters can be related to important transformations in our lives, the warning of certain events in the future or the arrival of success.

Dreaming of a witch who is performing spells

This dream is very common in people who are without a partner; represents the individual’s desire to find love and begin a stable relationship.

But perhaps that special person is closer than you expect, since this type of dream also usually represents a premonition about the arrival of someone important in your life.

Dream of flying witches

This type of dreams can have several interpretations; the person must relate these explanations to her current situation to find the real meaning of her dream.

In most cases dreaming of witches while they fly, means that you will use your creativity to be able to solve certain difficulties in your life. These strategies will be very risky or intelligent, but the important thing is that you will be able to overcome the obstacles that you are presenting and you will be victorious in this situation.

Try to remember all the details of your dream. Were several witches flying in your dream? If your answer is positive, perhaps it should keep you alert regarding your family, friend or work circle; one or more members of these groups could have bad intentions towards you and cause problems for you.

Other common meanings of witch dreams

  • These dream experiences could also warn you of your manipulable personality. Witches are known as cunning people who convince others to act as they please; Therefore, you could be getting signals from someone trying to take advantage of you.
  • If you wake up with fear or anguish, this dream with a witch could indicate negative situations to you in the coming days.
  • Another interpretation of this dream could be your desire to go to powerful beings who can help you, especially if you are going through difficult situations in your life.


For Christians dreams represent an important phenomenon in their religion, since the sacred scriptures relate how certain characters were guided by the word of God while they slept. These surveys gave these people the necessary tools to act, or failing that, they warned them of unfavorable situations for them or their people in the future.

Based on these events, many believers have the conviction that they can receive signs from God in their dreams; Here is a list of symbols and the interpretation that Christians often give them:

  • Dreaming of a lion: in the Bible, the figure of the devil is represented with this animal on several occasions, therefore, its appearance in a dream can have a negative connotation in your life. On the other hand, if the person is escaping from a lion, Christians may relate it to the individual’s intention to separate from God.
  • Dreaming of a cat: some Christians often associate this animal with the presence of the devil; they assume that Satan could wickedly intercede with people through cats. For this reason, dreaming of this type of feline (mainly black) can warn of negative and dangerous situations.
  • Dreaming of numbers represented in symbols or objects: Joseph, one of Jacob’s sons, interpreted that the 14 cows in Pharaoh’s dream meant 7 years of plenty and 7 of poverty. This example is used by Christians to analyze the numbers that may appear in their dreams; These symbols can mean days, years, or number of people.


Sigmund Freud, also known as the father of psychoanalysis, was a neurologist who devoted much of his life to the interpretation of dreams. However, before entering the dream world, he spearheaded the study of the therapeutic effects of cocaine and the influence of hypnosis in treating hysteria.

But how were Freud’s earlier projects related to dreams? Why did this doctor want to study the meaning of this phenomenon? In general terms, Freud had determined that there was a psychological element of great importance in dreams, which he described in his greatest work entitled “The Interpretation of Dreams.”

In this book published in 1899, Freud affirms that dreams are a manifestation of the human subconscious; All those unfulfilled wishes and desires remain hidden in our minds and come to the fore during our hours of rest.

Basically Freud explains to us in this book that our subconscious is capable of solving situations in dreams that seem impossible to us; Those conflicts that we cannot resolve or the goals that we do not achieve appear in our dreams from a more positive perspective.

Also, according to this doctor’s criteria, those aspects of our life that we normally deny or ignore when we are conscious usually appear in our dreams; becoming a reminder of our true intentions, aspirations and capabilities.


Dreams involving jewelry can have various interpretations, but in most cases they are positive. These elegant items often represent wealth, power, and beauty; therefore, you should feel lucky if you had a dream about these clothes.

To make a correct interpretation of these dreams, you must ask yourself some questions. Were you wearing the jewelry? Did you admire someone else’s jewelry? Have you lost your jewelry? According to your answers, you can reach a conclusion.

  • Dreaming that you were wearing jewelry: it can be a premonition of good luck and success in your life, in a short time you could receive excellent news or opportunities.
  • In your dream you saw the jewels of another person: this situation can reveal the admiration you feel for a person, which you value very much and do not want to disappoint.
  • Dreaming that you lose your jewelry: the first interpretation may be related to the loss of contact with a loved one; The other option may be the difficulty you are going through to demonstrate your capabilities.


Dreams are an alternative that the mind has to show us situations that are hidden in our subconscious. If we have been repressing a feeling for a long time, avoiding a problem or postponing an action; our subconscious will be in charge of reminding us through our dreams.

Do you repeatedly dream of a person? Some place or circumstance? This is the easiest way to recognize a situation that is causing us a lot of discomfort in real life and that we must resolve as soon as possible.

Being cheated on is one of the most common recurring dreams; This revelation can show us our insecurity or distrust towards our partner. On the other hand, repeatedly dreaming of death can be related to the closing of a stage.


You probably had no idea how many interpretations are associated with this prestigious drink. From victorious situations to betrayals from close people, they may be being warned when you dream of whiskey.

Be very careful with your work circle if you recently dreamed that you were offered whiskey, someone could be conspiring against you to harm your business. On the contrary, if you get drunk with a group of people, perhaps in the very near future you will be celebrating a triumph.

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