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Capricorn sexually

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Capricorn sexually. Sexually speaking Capricorn: If you want to have a good time under the duvet with a Capricorn, the first rule to follow is not to make fun of him or as a joke. The feeling of shame comes easily to them and often causes a lack of confidence in them.

Many Capricorns are aware of their sexual performance. Any criticism could undermine your libido and end your romantic relationship. Lonely by nature, Capricorns can easily miss out on sexual opportunities out of fear of rejection, but also perhaps because they are reluctant to invest too much time, effort, or money in a relationship without being sure it is for something safe.

Capricorns always want value for their money and especially in love. Capricorns have a well-established way of doing things, but that doesn’t mean this Earth sign isn’t a great sexual partner.

Capricorns are good lovers in bed when the roles are well defined. Especially when it comes to domination and submission.

What we love sexually about Capricorn

Capricorns do not have a reputation for being the sexiest animals, but when they manage to overcome their prudence and their natural reserve, then generally the sexual satisfaction is total. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. In love, as in all areas of life, Capricorn prefers to take time to make love.

His great self-control gives him very good resistance to be able to reach the end. As an earth sign, Capricorn is endowed with a strong sensuality that expresses itself simply and naturally without the need for extravagance. For many, Capricorn seems to lack romance, perhaps.

But Capricorn makes up for this lack in terms of discretion and responsibility. This zodiac sign is the least likely to reveal the intimate secrets of your sexual relationship. With Capricorn, your reputation is in good hands. Privacy is something that is taken very seriously when it comes to love and sex. how a capricorn behaves in bed.

What Capricorn likes sexually

As the most ambitious sign of the zodiac, Capricorn lovers approach sex with determination and dedication. When a Capricorn feels comfortable, he turns out to be one of the most unusual sexual partners in the zodiac. The faithful Capricorn is devoted to the pleasures of his partner and takes pride in his sexual exploits.

There is a competitive nature to Capricorns’ sexuality and they like to be the first or best of their sexual partners in whatever they attempt. The nastiest Capricorns should enjoy sexual role-playing games. They also tend to like army uniforms to firefighter or nurse to maid through schoolgirl uniform, it will delight them!

Sex games allow Capricorns to free themselves mentally. They will finally be able to venture out and understand the mysteries of their sexuality and experience their sexual fantasies that they didn’t even know existed.

What Capricorn likes sexually
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What Capricorn likes sexually

Capricorn’s negative points regarding sex

This earth sign can seem indifferent or distant when it comes to romance, moving extremely slow at first and expressing very little about their sexual tastes. Another negative point is his passive side and his lack of initiative in bed.

Rather, it will be up to the couple to know how to vary the pleasures and take control of the sexual act in the bedroom. The Capricorn will adapt to your tastes and will give everything he has to be able to satisfy his partner sexually. As we said a bit earlier, our cuckold friends like things well established.

They may be reluctant to try certain things in bed and will often never change their mind even to try. Otherwise, they will try “quickly” and very quickly move on to something else to their liking. Sometimes they lack flexibility at certain points.

Capricorns can be quite cold and calculate the use of their sexual partners to reach their goal and disappoint them when they reach it. You rarely enter a relationship unless it fits your long-term aspirations.

On the other hand, Capricorn knows who and what he wants, if he meets this person, he will never give up his goal. And, as he is the most stubborn of all astrological signs, he always achieves his goal!

The erogenous zones of the astrological sign of Capricorn

Knees and Joints These erogenous zones are not the sexiest and very often, erroneously, they remain the least known and explored on a preliminary basis. Kisses, caresses behind the knee or small scratches in the hollow of the knee as well as gently running the fingers over the elbow or the other side in the ulnar fossa can have effects that you did not even imagine!

Kamasutra positions to try with Capricorn

Capricorns often leave control in the bedroom. Therefore, we will give you positions suitable for both genders.


The sexual positions that Capricorn women should enjoy will be the drunk ship, the starfish, the missionary, the shell, the spoon.


The sexual positions that Capricorn men should enjoy will be the Andromache, the Amazon, the Frogs, the Amazon, the Phoenix Position, the Swing, the Sphinx.

Capricorn Sex Assets

Ambition, determination, reliability, endurance.

Capricorn’s sexual defects

His inflexible side, his reluctance, his passivity, his lack of initiative in bed.

Better sexual compatibilities

With Capricorn: Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn

The astrological ascendant, an element to consider

Let’s not forget to also take into account the astrological ascendant that, over time, plays an increasingly important role in our character and our behavior, even sexual. In fact, the older we get, the more ascendant the ascendant takes, hence its name.

We hope you enjoyed this article and had a great time! Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything else to add about Capricorn’s astrological sexual portrait.

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