Blue moon meaning

Blue moon meaning, astrology, spiritual meaning, crystals, native americans, rituals, bible, horoscope. Have you ever had a strong desire for something but believed you wouldn’t be able to obtain it? The moon in the sky shone brightly just as you were about to give up all hope. The rare, magical Blue Moon, not just any moon.

The phrase “Once in a blue moon” has been repeated too often. However, what does a blue moon actually entail? Moons do not turn blue, unfortunately.

Blue moons, despite their misleading name, are fascinating for several reasons-aside from being a great opportunity to admire the night sky, they reveal more about our culture and history than you might expect.

Even though the next blue moon is still a way off, there is plenty to keep you occupied in the meantime. Find out when the next lunar eclipse will take place, in addition to all the details about the eclipse.

Blue moons – what are they?

Blue moon meaning . According to the most common definition, a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. Blue moons are rare because full moons occur every 29.5 days (just enough for them to appear once every month). Blue moons occur at the end of most months when there is a full moon on the first or second day of the month. Despite leap years, blue moons cannot occur in February because the month is shorter than a lunar cycle.

Because there are normally only three full moons per season, the word can also be used to refer to the third of four full moons in a calendar season. Between the solstice and equinox there will be four full moons, the third of which will be a blue moon. Blue moons are the appropriately named seasonal phenomenon.

In Astrology

The older definition of “blue moon” says that it is not an astronomical term, and it means whatever people think it means. But our cultural understanding has evolved over time: “It’s not an astronomical term, with some precise, technical definition.

The phrase “once in a blue moon” refers to how rare it is to have two full moons in a single month or astrological season. So be sure not to miss out on the magic this tremendous lunation holds.

Blue moon, meaning
Blue moon, meaning

The Spiritual Meaning of the Blue Moon in 2022

There is immense energy surrounding every full moon, signaling the attainment of goals and a high level of enthusiasm. However, Blue Moon’s spiritual significance and intentions provide an extra punch that is both lucky and enchanting!

The energy of a full moon is amplified much more when you set objectives and intentions during a blue moon. Many people believe that the intentions you set during this time will last until the next Blue Moon.

When the Blue Moon occurs, it is a time of clarity and a strong connection to nature and the ego or soul. Although there are no strict customs surrounding Blue Moons, they are still seen by many as a magical and one-of-a-kind event.

Meaning and correspondences of the Blue Moon

Intentions for Spiritual Growth

  • Knowledge of second chances
  • Divination
  • Love \sProtection
  • Fertility \Abundance
  • Spirit to spirit contact


  • Quartz (Clear) (to help amplify the energy)
  • Moonstone is a mineral that is found in the (great for connecting with the divine feminine)
  • Eye of the Tiger (protection)
  • Lapis Lazuli is a type of lapis lazuli (wisdom)
  • Rose Quartz is a stone that has a pink (love)
  • Aquamarine is a blue-green gemstone (communication)
  • Some other crystals that are connected to the spiritual intentions mentioned above

Was this term originally used by Native Americans?

The name “Blue Moon” was first used in the 16th century, but it was thought to be ludicrous or inaccurate at the time. However, after doing some study, it appears that the word “Blue Moon” is a relatively new phrase when applied to two moons in a month or season.

It was most likely inspired by James Hugh Pruett’s piece “Once in a Blue Moon” in the March 1946 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. He was quoting a little-known essay from the 1937 Maine Farmer’s Almanac, but he misinterpreted it unintentionally.

Rituals and Intentions for the Blue Moon

During a Blue Moon, powerful intentions can be set and spiritual work can be done! There are some ideas for you to start:

A Blue Moon has a strong spiritual intention of love

Right now, find an opportunity to engage with your partner. Preferably something that brings you outside in nature or stimulates your creativity! Take a pottery lesson together, get a massage together, enroll in a culinary class around each other, or attempt something you’ve always wanted to learn. My husband and I enjoy taking photographs and going on treks or drives together. We also enjoy cuddling and stargazing! It is entirely up to you to make your decision!

Bathe or shower for a while

I know this comes highly recommended, but it can be a genuinely beautiful way to connect spiritually. It’s a moment when you can be alone (ideally) and concentrate on your own thoughts, intentions, and breathing techniques. Make it into a full-fledged ritual! Clean your bath/shower with natural cleaners first.

Bring candles or incense, a diary, music or frequency, crystals, herbs, bath bombs, or Epsom salts, and so on. You can also use a shower tablet or bomb while in the shower. Imagine a soothing blue light sweeping over and encompassing you once you’re inside the bath/shower. Blue is a soothing hue. Allow it to soothe you.

Be wise and seek knowledge

The Blue Moon is associated with wisdom and insight, as well as the Crone phase of life, according to some. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn something new! You can seek advice from a family member or loved one, particularly an elder you respect. Pick up a book about a topic or pastime about which you’ve always been curious (this is why I always say the library is one of the most magical places). Watch a documentary or listen to a podcast. You can also speak with someone of a different religion or heritage to get a new perspective on the matter.

What does the Bible say about the Blue Moon?

Blood moons, according to many prophets, foreshadow remarkable and significant events to come. Many Bible experts also feel that the emergence of blood moons is a fulfillment of Joel 2:29–31’s prophecy.

We have all witnessed disasters on a larger scale in recent years, with frequent flooding of disasters such as earthquakes, famines, epidemics, and floods that are terrifying to witness; the world situation is in chaos and continuously changing.

One by one, the Bible’s promised signs of the end times have shown, as have the catastrophic tragedies.

Glamour Magic

You can utilize beauty magic in four different ways to reset your vibe and achieve your goals. But what exactly is glamour magic? Simply defined, it’s a type of spell casting in which you can improve your confidence by changing your appearance using makeup, perfume, crystals, and the moon.

Glamour magic is not only a terrific method to improve your life through beauty regimens and rituals, but it’s also a great way to realize your visions – and it’s incredibly easy to master.

  • Glow up with the moon
  • Color magic
  • Embrace your inner goddess
  • Bath magic

Blue Moon Horoscope 2022-2037

When we hear the term Blue Moon, we frequently wonder what it means exactly. This is also mentioned in the Moon phases 2022 calendar, and it turns out that this is regarded as a very rare occurrence. Blue Moon is a brand-new notion that occurs when two New Moons appear at the same time. When four Full Moons appear in a row during a given season, the third one is known as a Blue Moon. In 2022, there will be no Blue Moon, and the next one will not occur until 2037.

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