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Flying stars 2022 and cures

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Flying stars 2022 and cures, Unfavorable sectors, The 4 afflictions . This February 4, the arrival of the Feng Shui New Year is celebrated, which represents a change in the position of the 9 flying stars in the Lo Shu magic square. These stars represent, individually, a series of elements that symbolize different circumstances in a person’s life.

Color of luck year 2023 Feng shui v...
Color of luck year 2023 Feng shui video

For the arrival of the year 2022, we are going to make a study for all the unfavorable, negative sectors, the four afflictions, and of course, the cures of each one of the stars respectively.

Flying stars 2022 and cures, flying stars
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Flying stars 2022 and cures, flying stars

Unfavorable sectors

  1. Southwest Sector: This will be the sector of the star of the disease, which will be synonymous with psychological and physical complications. Elderly and pregnant people will have problems with this star, as they will show great sensitivity to the aforementioned problems. This sector should not be activated under any circumstances, avoiding any renovation activity in the home or office. You will also need to largely avoid using the fire element. To counteract bad energies, you will be able to use the Metal element.
  2. East Sector: There will be complications for the activation of this sector, since it can generate problems at the professional level of a person, as well as compromise their reputation, directly affecting their wealth and relationships. They should avoid using a sofa or desk to work during the Feng Shui year.
  3. West Sector: A sector that should not be activated, as well as discarded as much as possible. Its meanings translate into theft, unfair competition, confrontations, conflicts and unforeseen events. Those who require it, should avoid its use for more than 2 hours, and after that, keep their gaze to the South or North. Yin Water can also be used as a treatment to counteract any complications.
  4. Center Sector: It is the star number 5, which is associated with bad luck, and, therefore, should not be activated. As its name indicates, it can bring misfortune to a person’s life, signifying a growing problem as long as it is activated. To weaken all the bad luck that strikes a person, you can use a Feng Shui remedy that is associated with Metal.

Negative sectors

For the year 2022, we find four unfavorable sectors, which should not be activated.

  • West: Star of violence, better known as the flying star number 7.
  • East: Named Fighting Star, in the case of flying star number 3.
  • Center: Condemned as the Star of Bad Luck, in this case, it is the number 5.
  • Southwest: Labeled as the Star of Disease, being the number 2 flying star.

The 4 afflictions

For the year Feng Shui 2022, the recommendation refers us not to carry out any activity that requires more than 2 hours of duration for the sectors presented below:

  1. The Yellow Five: The Yellow Five, located in the Centro sector. It will represent the constant concerns for health, money and emotions. It will be harmful, being equivalent to situations such as depression and loneliness. These effects can dissipate when the star is located in the center, in that sense, it must be kept in the greatest possible movement when it is in this sector.
  2. Northeast Sector: Located specifically from 52.5 ° to 67.5 °, it will be the representation of diseases and material losses. Its location corresponds to the sign of the Chinese horoscope that governs the year, and not to Jupiter, although it is symbolically associated with it.
  3. Southwest Sector: Presenting between 232.5 ° to 247.5 °, named as Breaker of the year, Sui Po. In its relationship with Mercury, it symbolizes loss of money, obstacles, and disappointment.
  4. North Sector: Located between 315 ° and 45 ° respectively. He is known as the Three Assassins, or also, Three Massacres, San Sha. Its representation symbolizes all kinds of robberies and catastrophes. It is also directly associated with the setbacks that have to occur in professional jobs.


When a sector in Feng Shui is activated, an energetic treatment better known as a cure takes place. For this, it is necessary to locate a specific objective in the spaces of our home, which will be connected to the elements (Wood, Earth, Fire, Water and Metal) and, at the same time, associated with a cure.

The permitted actions will be specified with the word “Duty”, and with “No duty” those prohibited, which, if carried out, could inhibit the cures.

Fire (South) and its activation in 2022: Duty.

  • Install a wooden figurine, plant or bonsai.
  • Place decorative objects that are red.

Earth (Center) and its activation in 2022: Should not.

  • Place a crystal chandelier or lamp.
  • Brown or yellow object, it can also be a terracotta statuette.

Earth (Southwest) and its activation in 2022: No duty.

  • Electric light.
  • Natural crystals and cut crystals.

Metal (West) and its activation in 2022: No duty.

  • Display family photos.
  • Terracotta statuette, also made of ceramic.
  • Lamp.

Water (North) and its activation in 2022: Duty.

  • Flowing blue candles inside a bowl of water.
  • Wind chimes, found in brass tubes.

Metal (Northwest) and its activation in 2022: Duty.

  • Install a lamp with electric light.
  • Use a ceramic figurine next to a brown object.

Earth (Northeast) and its activation in 2022: Duty.

  • Terracotta statuette.
  • Install electric light lamp.

Wood (Southeast) and its activation in 2022: Duty.

  • Have a plant or shrub.
  • Small aquarium next to a fountain.

Wood (East) and its activation in 2022: No duty.

  • Natural or silk shrub. It can also be represented in paint.
  • Install a lamp.

The Feng Shui Year is composed under these guidelines, constituting a series of instructions that all its faithful must put into practice to attract the necessary energies to their lives. Reading these indications will be key to finding the right path, undoing, at least, all the energies that can counteract in the life and integrity of individuals.

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