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Tiger-Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese zodiac soulmates
Chinese zodiac soulmates

Tiger-Rabbit Compatibility. People with the tiger sign and the rabbit sign usually have a good but not ideal relationship. Although your relationship brings many rewards, it can have many rough edges.

In a loving relationship, tigers will be fascinated by the humility that characterizes the rabbit and he will love the power and fierceness of the tiger.

If you are of the tiger sign and want to know the compatibility you can have with a rabbit, in this article you will learn how the union between a tiger man and a rabbit woman could occur.

Likewise, how is their love relationship, what would the sex between these signs be like, and how would it go if they got married so keep reading that here we will tell you everything!

Tiger-Rabbit Compatibility
Tiger-Rabbit Compatibility

Tiger man and rabbit woman

Tiger-Rabbit Compatibility. A duo like that of a tiger man and a rabbit woman is a bit complex, since the tiger in the Chinese horoscope represents the predator and the rabbit the prey. Then in their virtues they can be complemented, as well as in their defects they can be destroyed. If this couple wants to consolidate and be successful, they must commit to each other to understand each other, first and foremost.

Although, normally in a friendly relationship these two signs get along very well, conflicts can be created in a love relationship; because tigers are quite affectionate, but they need their space, and to go out alone sometimes. This sudden absence of affection can be taken in a bad way by the rabbit woman who can feel abandoned.

However, things within the relationship are likely to become unpleasant over time; since the rabbit woman is calm and she loves stability and routines. On the other hand, the tiger man detests them and avoids them at all costs. All of this can create confrontations that can become habit until ending the relationship.


In love, the rabbit woman can seem like the ideal partner of the tiger man, because it will place him above his needs, so you have to be aware of that because there may be the possibility that the tiger man takes advantage of the circumstances .

Of the rest, the rabbit woman will bring to the union the care, tenderness and sensuality that can make the relationship grow; and the tiger man will give his girl a good dose of romance, protection and luxury. Their love compatibility is based on the mutual and intuitive understanding of the needs that the two of you have.

Although the tiger man can initiate a fight for the position of leader in the relationship, the rabbit woman can grant it to him without problems. The important thing is to be able to stay together and listen to their complaints to maintain optimal communication in the relationship.

If the tiger man and the rabbit woman manage to connect intellectually, they will be able to consolidate a relationship where they complement each other. With enough commitment, affection and understanding, over time, they will be able to take the bond to another level.

Tiger, love compatibility
Tiger, love compatibility


When it comes to intimacy, the tiger man has the natural dominance and the rabbit woman loves that, so they have a high sexual compatibility. The two are lovers of pleasure and will seek together a way to experience new sensations.

The rabbit woman will not be concerned at all about the pressure to which she may be subjected and or the excessive passion of her partner, but, on the contrary, that will make her love it even more. While on his part the tiger man greatly enjoys the affection and tenderness of his lover.

The tiger can show a lot of leadership and fierceness, so much so that it can overwhelm the fluffy rabbit woman, who also wants kind words, caresses and affection.


The married life of the couple of the tiger man and the rabbit woman can be achieved through their harmony and wonderful intimate life. If the tiger man is given the leadership role that he performs so well, in the marriage, the union will be successful. In the case of not being like that, there will be many problems, because the tiger man will always look for a way to achieve leadership.

Both need constant care, support and time, although more the rabbit woman, who despite the passage of time may not accept the need of the tiger man to have his own space at times. This can create distrust and, over the years, a marital rift.

Although the compatibility of the tiger man with the rabbit woman is high in marriage, the essential rules of coexistence must be learned to maintain harmony in the home.

Tiger woman and rabbit man

The tiger woman will see in the rabbit man a complement that will help her to grow and learn. He will love the glamor of the tiger woman and she will love her simplicity and humility.

Although she will want to be impulsive, capricious and headstrong, he will have the patience to deal with her. She will teach him a bit of her humility, and she will teach him a bit to be more decisive. If it is true that they will nurture each other, they may often fight out of jealousy, leadership, or mistrust.

That is why in the union of these two signs it is of the utmost importance that you feed yourself with a robust confidence and talk about the role that you will play. If the rabbit man gives that role to the tiger woman then there will not be so many inconveniences in the future, as long as that agreement is respected.


The love relationships of this duo will grow positively if leadership is established to the most capable and respected. The female tiger is controlling and can be bossy at times, which the rabbit man may dislike over time.

The behavior of the tiger woman will greatly influence the well-being of the relationship with the rabbit man, because she has an explosive personality that can lead to problems for both of you. Besides that she can abuse the delicacy of the rabbit man.


In bed this pair of lovers will be bright, creative and passionate. You will both want to meet and exceed your own expectations and those of your partner. The rabbit man will choose to solve domestic problems in bed, which will strengthen the relationship as long as the tiger woman allows herself to be tamed.

In this way, there are many opportunities to enjoy in bed, and let this duo solve their problems there.


Once consolidated as spouses, their life goals, points of view and interests will be aligned, in such a way that there will be a harmonious coexistence. They are both responsible signs, which can make them successful parents.

But they must learn to deal with jealousy so as not to affect their family life, and the tiger woman must show more affection and tenderness to her bunny to increase confidence.

Many situations can get in the way of a couple to happiness. Tigers and rabbits are likely to respect each other, but they should take advantage of their personality advantages to strengthen the relationship and make it last.

So cheer up, there is no barrier that a couple with the desire, love and necessary understanding cannot overcome!

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