Soulmates meaning

Soulmates meaning: signs meeting, examples, .Many of us at least once in our lives felt that they were connected with a person more than acquaintance and friendship. Sometimes the closest relative does not understand your aspirations and emotional impulses.

At the same time, with a stranger whom you know we have recently sucked, you will feel a unity that cannot be explained by any laws of logic. Next to him, you feel calm and easy, as if you have known each other for several years. Many of us believe in the existence of soul mates, but there are also skeptics who claim that this is a myth.

Soulmates: signs

Esotericists believe that we all came to this world with a specific purpose, and each of us is looking for the reincarnated souls of those whom we loved in past lives. Maybe they have unfinished business or unsaid words.

Maybe this is a blood connection with those whom they were so afraid to lose then, in that world. They believe that love and friendship is an energy that does not disappear without a trace. It arises in the soul of a person as a ghostly memory of whom he lost at the moment when he left a past life.

These are the images of those people who were dear to the heart then, in those distant times, and maybe in other dimensions. This can explain what we think is painfully familiar to the person we see for the first time.

In the accessible language of the majority, soul mates are people who are close in spirit, with similar interests and habits. These people tend to be loyal to each other’s shortcomings, forgive them, and endure even the most negative character traits.

They are connected by this kind of mutual understanding that no words are needed, it is enough to be close. After some time, it becomes noticeable that even their habits, facial expressions, gestures and way of thinking become similar.

Soulmates – what are they?

To increase the likelihood that you will be able to find a soul mate, use the following tips: Look inward. Many people believe that meeting a soul mate is something that must necessarily happen to him.

Sooner or later she will knock on the door, and that’s it! It only remains to wait. It’s a delusion. Strive to make this meeting happen as soon as possible. If you still haven’t found your soul mate among your acquaintances and friends, then it’s time to pay attention to your inner “I”.

It is harmony with oneself that helps a person to look for a “soul mate”. A restless person who does not know which of the banks to nest is unlikely to understand that only a second ago she lost her kindred spirit. And maybe irrevocably!

Won’t go anywhere? Not true! While in search, a person tries to be for others, if not an ideal, then someone close to him. And when that same soul mate is found, he relaxes and believes that now she will not go anywhere.

But there are many moments in life when it is difficult to understand and make the right decision. And, once a good relationship, can deteriorate in one minute. Trusting relationships with people is a constant work on yourself, on your emotions, feelings and manifestations of character.

We must not only demand patience and understanding for ourselves, but also fully give it to the people around us. Circle of friends. There are many loners and monogamous people in the world, but there are also those who cannot imagine existence without a large number of friends and acquaintances.

They play an important role in the life of such a person, give meaning to his existence and delight with communication. Often, having found a kindred spirit, a person reduces the social circle, which is reduced to a minimum. It is not right!

Communicating with a large number of people, we paint for ourselves a complete picture of human relationships, highlighting the merits and tolerating the shortcomings of friends. However, this is the only way you will find associates and like-minded people.

These are the people who support your interests, aspirations, and help you achieve success in life . It also happens that your soul mate is far from where you were looking for it. You did not even suspect that such a person does not live in the circle of your friends and acquaintances.

However, having met once, you will immediately understand that this is the kindred soul that you have been looking for for so long. The fact is that our brain has long formed the image and character of the very person who should become the chosen one. And the match will be visible instantly.

This behavior is typical for women. They are used to living with feelings and emotions, moreover, they have developed intuition .

Soulmates meeting

No matter how much we prepare for this fateful meeting, no matter in what minute details we draw it to ourselves, it will happen at the most unexpected moment. How do you know that you have a soul mate in front of you? It is impossible to describe this person with clear characteristics.

On a subconscious level, you yourself will feel it. After a few words of communication, you will understand that you have not experienced such a feeling of flight and unity of souls and thoughts before. The main thing is not to confuse love and the relationship between soul mates.

These are different things that are not alike in any way.

How to understand that you were not mistaken?

Trust yourself, listen to the feelings and emotions that a meeting and communication with your supposed soul mate evokes in you. Just don’t trust logic and cold reason.

They are able to put everything in its place in such a way that you doubt even the need to communicate with this person. You will definitely understand that this is the one who should walk alongside you through life in one direction. However, a soul mate is not necessarily a member of the opposite sex with whom you are starting a family. To put it in the language of esotericism, these are people whose energies are the same.

At the same time, they complement each other, increasing the life potential of each and the efficiency of the work performed.

Examples of soulmates

In the literary works of many writers, there is a definition of a kindred spirit as a companion, colleague and best friend. This connection is inherent in us from the very beginning – by the heavens, which lower human souls to Earth. It is there that we are destined to look for a kindred spirit in this world, and form strong bonds between couples or several people.

Individual components of these connections are scattered throughout the world, and even live in other dimensions. The relationship that arises between people has its origins and ends where there is a divergence of views. As soon as a person fully receives what he wants from a kindred spirit, he ceases to need her and looks for new connections. However, no true feeling goes away without a trace. There are happy memories that it was once very good with this person.

The relationship between soul mates is visible to the naked eye. People use the same expressions and gestures. One gets the impression that they were brought up in the same family, or are close relatives. Scientists have proven that such tandems even have the same heart rate.

These are the people who understand each other “from a half-glance”, and they do not even have a thought that the partner may be wrong. We can say that they are happy.

Now it has become fashionable to attract soul mates into your life with the help of mediums endowed with psychic abilities. People rushed to the top, considering the search for such a person, almost the goal of life. However, these individuals count on one-sided love and understanding.

They are sure that they have something to love and respect, and a kindred spirit is obliged to provide them with these benefits.

Reasons why people are looking for a soulmate

People spend a lot of time and effort looking for a soul mate. However, all efforts are in vain. Ask yourself why do you need a like-minded person? What are you looking for in such a relationship, what do you expect from them?

There are many reasons, we will list the most important ones: You have low self-esteem , which you cannot raise on your own. To do this, you need a person next to you, who will become the tug for you to achieve your goals; You are an unhappy person. Feelings of guilt , dissatisfaction in life follow on the heels, not giving the opportunity to feel the taste for life, to feel its fullness and greatness.

You are looking for the person who will give you happiness, friendship and love; You have been betrayed! It was a long time ago, but the experiences associated with the rupture of a heavy stone lie on the heart. You need someone to help you forget and take responsibility for your future.

There are a great many reasons for this. However, they are all based on taking something from a soul mate. And what in return? Are you willing to give more than you receive? Sharing warmth, care and understanding?

It is worth remembering that a soul mate is a reward for a person from Above! You should not just wait for it, like winning the lottery. In order to get it, you need to work hard, work on yourself and do good deeds.

There may be few such meetings in life, but they certainly happen to everyone. It remains only to understand that the person who is in front of you is the very same soul mate. You need to believe that sooner or later, the very person will meet who will become your closest and dearest, who will help overcome all the storms and hardships of the cruel world, and in return will receive your love, warmth and understanding.

In conclusion: Soulmates meaning

A soulmate is nothing more than an individual you have known in past lives and with whom you have maintained deep emotional ties in the various reincarnations in which they met.

Theories of how soulmates arose are varied. For Plato, we can believe that in ancient times, we were a being with 4 arms, 4 legs, everything double what we are physically today. For defying the wisdom of the gods, they punished us and split us in half so that we would feel incomplete and wander through lives looking for the other half.

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