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Aquarium sign meaning. The Aquarius sign has the following strengths: it is original, humanistic, independent and progressive; but they also have certain weaknesses: he is temperamental, avoids emotional expressions, is distant and uncompromising.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very fond of having fun with friends, fighting for humanitarian causes, risky businesses, and having intellectual conversations.

And among the things that this sign does not like are broken promises, limitations, boring situations and loneliness.

It is a different sign with respect to the other signs of the zodiac, they feel different at all times. Which makes them eccentric and energetic in their fight for freedom.

They are sometimes shy, quiet and afraid to express their real personality. In addition, they are deep thinkers and people with a very high intellectual level and love to fight for humanitarian causes.

They have the ability to see people without prejudice, which makes them really special. They adapt easily to the energy of their environment, but they have a deep need to spend time alone and be away from everything to restore their energy.

Aquarium Features

True nonconformists, Aquarius are not afraid to defy convention.

They blindly trust their principles, even if they are incompatible with other opinions and it is for this reason that they come to feel misunderstood and are left alone. However, that struggle manages to motivate them, as well as their imperative need to change the order.

Those of the Aquarius sign have a great inclination to look to the future without needing to dwell on melancholy and sentimentality, which leads them to achieve any goal they set for themselves, because they are heading towards them without anyone stopping them.

Aquarians tend to be successful with professions related to the fields of communication, astrology, electronics, and aviation. They hate routine, but they can adapt well when it comes to a work community.

Aquarius people shine in any career that gives them the opportunity to use their talents and apply their skills. In their working day, aquariums require a certain degree of autonomy and the possibility of making decisions without the need to constantly obey a superior.

Some believe that those of the Aquarius sign are mental and seem to have no feelings, but they really do and in great quantity. Their thing is not to discover and express their contact with emotion, as well as the water signs; but to become aware from a detached place that provides them with objectivity and vision.

Aquarium start date

The Aquarius sign begins after the Capricorn sign and runs from January 21 to February 18.

Aquarius in Love

In love, Aquarians tend to be altruistic, funny, generous, affectionate, thoughtful, sensitive and spontaneous. In addition, specifically in love they are people of fairly defined principles.

They are people who know very well what they want, with some nuances, since when something does not attract or bores them they can be unpredictable.

Aquarius’ freedom is fundamental, and it is possible that for such reasons they are sometimes reluctant to let a person enter their heart, but even if they deny it at all costs, they know that love is an essential factor in their lives. .

Aquarians are people who do not like problems, do not want ties and of course do not want someone to clip their wings by their side. In itself, it is not necessary to understand it literally and although Aquarius gives importance to its freedom, this does not mean that it is not going to fall in love.

What is really true is that the person who intends to enter the life of an aquarium, must be clear that they demand autonomy and a feeling of freedom in all aspects.

However, even though they miss out on some romance opportunities, Aquarius tend to fall in love easily.

And even if they feel butterflies in their stomach, as soon as they detect a relationship that does not work, or when they feel attached, they will have the ability to end the relationship and put love aside.

In any of the cases, the people of the Aquarius sign, in love can have certain things that the other horoscope signs do not have, but what should not be doubted is the generosity, kindness and sensitivity that those born under this sign show. sign when someone manages to conquer your heart.

Aquarius woman

Women of this sign manage to identify themselves by being independent, free and by having a sensitive and sociable character. They have a broad vision of life, always with the aim of seeking happiness and freedom.

Another aspect that characterizes the women of this sign is that they have many values, such as solidarity, loyalty, a good friend and often help other people.

The women of this sign tend to be a bit eccentric, original, bohemian. This is because they like everything and do not want to give up anything, their clothes vary using colors, textures and shapes; in this way they show their creativity, since they like to feel different.

The beauty that women of this sign radiate never goes unnoticed, they manage to convey charm, magnetism and mystery.

Another aspect that stands out about aquarium women is their good attitude towards money, they are excellent managers when it is not abundant and very good at spending it when there is excess. If they ask for a money loan, they usually pay it off without any problem and as soon as possible since they do not like to owe anyone.

Another positive side of aquariums is that they are curious, creative, funny, personable, sincere, honest, friendly, independent, bright and above all humanitarian.

On the other hand, among the negative traits are: the tendency to always be contrary, they are a bit vain, they do not understand betrayal between friends and at some stage of their lives they tend to be hermits.

They like to enjoy friends, freedom, create, dream and fight for human causes, sometimes they tend to play the role of the devil’s advocate. Although they are different from the rest, they do not like to feel different.

Much less do they like loneliness, they strongly hate infidelities and broken promises and not being subjected either.

Aquarius man

Aquarius men are very emotional, but on the other hand they do things conscientiously. They like to communicate their ideas and help other people. Those in aquariums can be found with different personalities.

On the one hand, you can find quiet men (very few) and on the other hand boisterous and energetic men (in greater numbers). But the aspect that dominates both some and others is their reflective thinking and it does not matter how they manifest it.

Aquarius men are generally restless and changeable, they like routine, unless they like what they do too much. He tends to empathize with others and they understand everything.

They know how to put themselves in other people’s shoes and it is not uncommon for them to rely on two contradictory causes with the same passion. They are idealists by nature.

Aquariums also excel in sports and in all things that have to do with creation and where they can give free rein to their imagination. They have two powerful weapons, intuition and intelligence and with them they manage to obtain victory in whatever they set out to do.

Thanks to its overwhelming force and limitless power of conviction, success will be assured. Not having a challenge ahead of them, they get bored and leave. They loathe barriers and avoid feeling locked in. It is best not to harass them and let them feel free.

As soon as Aquarius men form a family, they give everything, even their own lives, since they are extremely protective and energy is what they have to spare.

For people who want to seduce an Aquarius man, they should do it through an interesting conversation and have subtle touches of eroticism. Libido enters their ears and then gushes out of every pore in their body.

They are usually the best in bed, they are imaginative and open to new experiences, but if their sexual appetite is not satisfied, they can go out to eat.

Aquarius sign, man
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Aquarius sign, man

What are the aquariums like?

With an attractive and strong personality, those born under the sign of Aquarius also show sympathy and humanity. They are totally honest, loyal, original and brilliant.

They like to fight for good causes, plan and dream to have a happy future, they are good friends, independent, intellectual, in addition, they tend to learn and have a lot of fun.

Aquariums can be classified into two types: those that are exuberant, lively and manage to deeply hide a personality with a frivolous air, while there are also those that are sensitive, patient and shy.

But both have a very strong force of conviction and are so honest that they manage to change their opinions, if evidence appears that shows the opposite of what they previously thought.

People of this sign have the ability to see both parts of an argument, which is why it is considered one of the most tolerant and non-judgmental signs of the zodiac. They are willing to learn from everyone and open to the truth.

Those of this sign tend to be logical, intelligent, clear and some imaginative and psychic. Sometimes they feel the need to withdraw from the world to think or meditate, they refuse to follow the crowd.

Additionally, they are very human, refined, idealistic and sincere, they know how to express themselves with the heart, they are persevering, they act in moderation, sometimes with a bit of humor.

Despite being open people and with a great desire to help many people, they do not usually make friends that easily. They do not give up their soul quickly.

But as soon as they decide that a person is worth loving, they will become a lover or friend, willing to sacrifice anything for their partner and be faithful for life.

Sometimes they have to experience emotional disappointments because their personal ideals lead them to demand more from their partner. The fury of the people of this sign when they are deceived is terrible.

Aquarius lucky number

Aquarius lucky numbers are: 7, 14 and 20

Tarot for Aquarius

HOUSE I: Personality

Arcane: Ace of Spades

Advice: with a lot of strength, purpose and freedom you must maintain determination, in order to achieve your goals.

HOUSE II: Material possessions

Arcane: The Moon

Advice: financial instability is on the horizon, it is necessary to avoid superfluous expenses, risky investments and new credit instruments. It is best to budget wisely, paying attention to details.

CASA III: Communication and thought

Arcane: Queen of Wands (suits)

Advice: self-assertion and balance between professional goals and personal objectives. Success and firmness, since intuition will lead the way.

HOUSE IV: Home and family

Arcane: Knight of Swords

Tip: unexpected events at home, where impatience will stand out, for this it is better to keep clear ideas, this will be the key to mediating family disagreements. In addition, do not leave the conversations that can be had today for tomorrow.

HOUSE V: Romance and creativity

Arcane: 2 of Swords

Advice: indecision, doubts, conflicts of interest. You may have to choose between two people, or be truly true to your feelings. It will be necessary to analyze the situation logically in order to find the answer.


Arcane: 9 of Pentacles (Gold)

Advice: promotions, job offers, favorable climate to present new projects. Enjoy the achievements made with your own effort.

HOUSE VII: Personal relationships

Arcane: 5 of Cups

Advice: sadness and disappointment. It will be necessary to accept reality in order to overcome discomfort and receive support from loved ones.

HOUSE VIII: Sexuality

Arcane: Queen of Cups

Advice: it is recommended to build an authentic relationship with values, in addition to expressing feelings.

HOUSE IX: Philosophy

Arcanum: 9 of swords

Advice: lack of confidence, dejection and anxiety. Prejudices add burdens to the events of the present. It is best to get rid of the past and see events in perspective.

HOUSE X: Vocation and aspirations

Arcane: 8 of Pentacles

Tip: dedication and effort lead to professional success. Achieving balance between family and work life. The focus of the essential should not be lost.

HOUSE XI: Friends and groups

Arcane: 7 of Wands (suits)

Advice: firmness, autonomy and competence. Enthusiasm and motivation can create friction between colleagues or friends. It is recommended to listen to the other party and practice empathy.

HOUSE XII: Mysticism and Karma

Arcane: 6 of Wands (suits)

Advice: confidence, serenity and satisfaction. Power comes from within.

Aquarius compatibility with other signs

Aquarius and Aries

The intensity and power of Aquarius when he comes into contact with Aries begins to spark. Aries always plays tricks on Aquarius, and Aquarius will always respond to you. This couple will never be bored, as long as they respect their codes.

Aquarius and Taurus

It is a delicate combination. Those of Taurus will suffer from the absence and freedom of the aquarium, a situation that makes the aquarium run much faster. But there is no denying that Aquarius likes the romance of Taurus.

Aquarius and Gemini

These two signs can spend hours trying to figure out the world intellectually. They look great at dinner parties, because they have a forceful speech for any type of topic. In private they coexist in harmony, and let one and the other come and go as they please.

Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius is bothered by the sensitivity of cancer, only with time they discover the advantages of being with this sign, all they have to do is allow themselves to be convinced, since it is worth it.

Aquarius and Leo

At first, the union of this couple can be stressful. But Aquarius likes Leo’s arrogance and finally realizes that he has found his soulmate.

Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius will end up admiring Virgo’s righteousness and reliability. But these two signs will have a bit of trouble when they want to express her love.

Aquarius and Libra

Both signs have the same verbal fluency and mental delicacy. Libra likes the fight for aquarius ideals and in turn this sign is under the refined and elegant spell of Libra. For the relationship between the two to work, Libra will have to suffer with the freedom that the aquarium needs.

Aquarius and Scorpio

They will be attracted to each other. Scorpio dreams that Aquarius is more passionate and in love. And Aquarius can help Scorpio with his jealousy and impulses. It will be hard work for both of us, but it can work.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

They are a perfect social partner that many admire. They don’t waste time when they must commit to a cause, even if it means putting the couple in the background, without it being a problem. Both are independent and do not have a selfish or intimate concept of love.

Aquarius and Capricorn

At first glance, these two signs are an almost remote possibility. In the case of Capricorns, they are very reserved, rigid and homely, and aquariums accept them without problems. While the Aquarius efforts will make Capricorns cope better in the relationship.

Aquarius and Aquarius

They both build their relationship on mutual trust and a common need for freedom. This is not the usual thing, but they do not care, this way they are happy. Only the arrival of a child can destabilize, here they will need mutual support.

Aquarius and Pisces

In this case Pisces will force to put the aquarian ego between parentheses and its individuality at the service of a love project. Pisces is the same as Aquarius, but with your feet on the ground.

Aquarium qualities

Aquarius people love freedom and independence. Although they find it difficult to establish bonds, they are sociable, as soon as they bond with another person they are generous, loyal and trustworthy.

With an intuitive mind, you are able to develop original ideas and innovative concepts easily. They are understanding, enigmatic and empathetic with a great facility to help and support others.

Aquarium in bed

On all sides this sign emanates sexuality, for them sex with strangers is only sex, they live passion in the cold. Lovers of people of this sign are hooked, although many do not express it for fear of seeing a surprised face or a quick escape.

When you are in bed with your loved one, everything will change. That heart that does not seem to have feelings, becomes warm and the friction without love turn into caresses full of romanticism and tenderness.

In relationships where Aquarius does not feel comfortable, there will be no regret when leaving or escaping, also they do not like people who try to possess them too much, since they do not like control, not even in sex.

They like to hold the reins, set the tone, and pick up the beats. They love novelty and being offered new alternatives to have a great time.

They are open to anything, in addition to this they know their partner more, they can analyze it and know if they will repeat in the future or if everything will be in one night of sex.

Aquariums in bed need confident people who are willing to give their all but at the same time do not get carried away, they love to experiment and be surprised.

There is an important fact that many people must take into account, aquariums will not give free samples of affection, if they do, it is because they really feel it, so it will be better to take advantage of it and value it.

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