Sagittarius Tiger

Sagittarius tiger: woman, man, personality,primal astrology,traits, compatibility. A Sagittarius tiger is the astrology for people who were born during the western zodiac of Sagittarius and the Chinese zodiac of the tiger. The only way you can know much about these people is by interacting with them. However, in this article, we will outline some factors that can make it easy for you to interact with an individual belonging to the Sagittarius tiger in the astrology charts.

Sagittarius tiger: woman, man, personality,primal astrology,traits, compatibility
Sagittarius tiger: woman, man, personality,primal astrology,traits, compatibility


A Sagittarius woman is easily noticeable because she is unconventional and determined in everything that she does. She is also honest in her dealings and many people find her desirable to associate with. The Sagittarius tiger woman also has a high demand for other people and herself. 

If the Sagittarius woman needs to meet her dreams, she has to lower her demands. If she has too high demands, they can hinder her from achieving her set goals because most of the demands tend to be unrealistic. 

The Sagittarius tiger woman needs to be spiritual and natural for her to find her romantic half. The multiple demands can scare away her pursuant and therefore, lowering this demand is what will attract people towards her life. The same case applies to friends. The high demanding woman might find it challenging to make friends because most people cannot keep up with her demands. 

The Sagittarius tiger woman cares a lot about her money. Most of these women will become financially independent by maturity. This woman does not associate her career with the financial part of her life. She will easily recognize opportunities at her workplace, allowing her to advance in her career. 


The Sagittarius man is considered a problem solver and can easily make friends with other people. These men are also capable of having meaningful conversations because they are always willing to find out about new things in their lives. 

The Sagittarius tiger man is courageous and can easily adapt to any situation regardless of how challenging it is. He is also flexible and loves to view life from different perspectives. From such perspectives, the Sagittarius tiger man can choose the situation that works in their interests. 

These men are always attentive and therefore, the needs of their partners will always be at the center of their interests. At the start of a romantic relationship, the Sagittarius tiger man will appear to be humble and timid. These characteristics will attract a lot of women towards them.


The Sagittarius people are considered stubborn but with the innocence of a three-year-old. If you are not keen enough while interacting with these people, you might end up feeling like the victim. They will be stubborn to you in a soft manner and the only thing you can think about is forgiving or understanding them. They are also not attached to their homes very much and therefore, do not make good partners.

The Sagittarius tiger is a good decision-maker. They are always ready to grab any opportunity that comes their way and know how to make the best decision regarding the particular opportunity. Such explains why their chances of meeting their set goals are high. The Sagittarius tiger knows how to set achievable goals regardless of how challenging a situation is. These people know how to listen and observe, thus easily achieving their set goals. 

The Sagittarius tiger can express itself well. They can communicate clearly to make their demands or needs known to other people. They also believe in making things perfect and would do anything to achieve such perfection. They are intelligent and charming, and this makes it less challenging for them to get what they want from other people. 

Primal astrology

The primal astrology of an individual is a combination of their eastern and western zodiacs. The Sagittarius people born in the year of the Tiger belong to the primal astrology of Mongoose. The tiger adds an aspect of rebellion to the free- and soft-spoken Sagittarius. The tiger also adds mood to the Sagittarius, making them more desirable.


One of the main characteristics of the Sagittarius tiger people is that they are great conversationalists. Everything that they speak emulates adventure regardless of their age. The old Sagittarius tiger is always willing to keep its adventurous life alive. They are willing to try out new things as long as their bodies can handle the new adventure.

The Sagittarius individuals are dreamy and this makes it easy for them to set and achieve their goals. Their dreamy nature allows them to grab every opportunity that comes in their way and turn it into something beneficial. These individuals test their limits by taking on new challenges. They can choose what they wish to do in life. 

The Sagittarius tiger people are open and sociable. This is made possible by their great communication skills. It also means that they can fit in any social group and explain their intentions for being in the group. These individuals can easily make friends. However, they rarely speak about their feelings. Therefore, you will never know what goes on in their minds. 


The Sagittarius tiger is highly compatible with most people when it comes to a romantic relationship. They trust their partners a lot and this makes it easy for the relationship to thrive. They tend to forget about themselves and give all their feelings to the other partner. These individuals make great wives and husbands. 

It is challenging to please people belonging to this zodiac because they tend to dream big. Therefore, if a person is unable to match their dream levels, they would not be compatible with the Sagittarius tiger. They also ensure not to burden other people with their troubles. Therefore, when facing a difficult situation, they would keep it to themselves. 

Now that you have known much about the Sagittarius tiger man and woman, you will find it less challenging to interact with them. The above information has taught whether you are compatible with these individuals or not. Interaction between people who are not compatible can be challenging and therefore, not worth a trial. The best interaction is between highly compatible people. 

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