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Red underwear in new year. We will understand the subject a little better from this blog article, very often we follow many traditions and respect many customs in an almost mechanical way, without even asking ourselves the meaning of everything.

What does it mean?

With the approach of New Year’s Eve, the period before red underwear begins: panties, bra, garters, the obligation is to wear something of this color under the clothes and that it is strictly new. A traditional way of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new with best wishes.

Red is a symbol of life and prosperity, in ancient times in some cultures it was also considered a color of “demons sciaccia”. Red represents the blood, but also the heart and therefore the feelings.

Wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve in particular bodes well for life as a couple, for fertility and happiness in love.

Red underwear at christmas and new year, what does it mean
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Red underwear at christmas and new year, what does it mean

But where does this popular belief in red as an auspicious color come from?

Red on New Year’s Eve would derive from Eastern symbolism, where it was believed that the color could scare away the monstrous Nian, a Chinese mythological figure devouring men who, according to myth, on the days of the Chinese New Year (and later in spring) makes its appearance.

The color red, in this way, would have become synonymous with life and vitality, with wishes and good luck to the point of being used in China also for weddings.

Red was also considered a good omen in imperial Rome: during New Year celebrations, women wore purple, the color of courage, passion, power, and fertility.

From the very classic red panties to the tie (for him), from the lingerie set to the coral necklace to the cape or hat (for her), wearing something red on New Year’s Eve is for many an indispensable duty that we can decline from many different forms and that in addition to clothing refers to the dinner table, decorations, festoons at home, etc., etc.

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Christmas and new year

With the arrival of the holidays begins the frantic search for the right underwear for Christmas Day and for the New Year, which, according to traditions, must necessarily be red.

Apparently you must “necessarily” wear underwear of this shade under your clothes and, of course, they must be new. A classic way to radically greet the year that has just ended, welcoming the new year with the best of intentions.

Tradition has it that underwear has the role of “transporting” towards the new year with all good intentions, leaving the previous one behind.

Another movement of thought would trace this habit back to the time of Octavian. In fact, on the occasion of the Roman New Year, people who wore something of this color were supposed to represent power, good health, the heart and fertility.

The origin of this tradition is not known with certainty. The most widespread theory is that it was born in the Middle Ages. A time when prohibitions were very frequent, especially for people from the lower classes. The color red was directly related to witchcraft and evil spirits.

Therefore, it was completely forbidden to wear it in the outfit. However, around this time people began to believe that red was a symbol of good luck and prosperity. In winter, when the snow whitened the streets, the red stood out. However, it was forbidden to wear it in plain sight, so it was chosen to wear it in underwear.

So red is the symbol of strength and love, as well as luck and passion. In addition, red has always been very popular with women because being a bright color is sexy and has the ability to accentuate feminine lines.

Current tradition

Even today, wearing red at Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a tradition but also a fashion trend. If you want to be meticulous, there is a precise rule that you must follow that perhaps not everyone knows! Underwear for Christmas and New Years must be donated and therefore should not be purchased for yourself!

Another indication that should be followed is to throw away the underwear in question the next day, to face the start of the new year in the best possible way and drive away negative thoughts.

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