What is incense mean

What is incense mean, in the bible, used for.Incense is a gum resin that has been used since ancient times for medicinal, aesthetic and religious purposes. In addition, this product has a wide range of fragrances ideal for all tastes and purposes.

Incense what properties does it have

  • This substance is able to relieve anxiety and depression
  • Stimulates concentration and tranquility of our mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Activate our creativity and good humor

What is it made of

Frankincense is a resinous product obtained from the dried sap of Boswellia trees; a genus of tree that grows exclusively in the forests of Oman, Yemen, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

This substance is usually mixed with aromatic oils of animal or vegetable origin; with the aim that they can give off a pleasant fragrance, when they are lit directly or indirectly.

Incense what is it
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What is incense

In the Bible

In Judaism the use of incense has a long history, dating back to the times before Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, specifically in the second book of the Bible (Exodus), the instructions indicated by God for the construction of an altar of incense in the Holy Place are described.

Only the high priest had the right to burn incense on the altar. This practice was performed every day and only incense with a balsamic fragrance could be used; the use of any other incense was prohibited. The action of burning incense was a way of representing symbolically, the elevation of the prayers of all the faithful believers to God; just as David said in Psalm 141: 2 “May my prayer be established before you like incense.”

But that’s not all, incense is also in the New Testament; In this book it appears how Herod orders some Magi from the East to find out the whereabouts of the Messiah who had been born and to inform him. However, when the Magi arrived at the site they worshiped the boy and gave him myrrh, gold and frankincense, and did not notify Herod of his location.

What is incense altar

It was the altar built under the instructions of the Lord, which was to be found before the veil of the Holy of Holies, right in the middle of the sanctuary. The measurements of this altar were half a meter long by half a meter wide, while its height was one meter.

Its structure was made of acacia wood covered with gold, arranged with horns in its four corners.

In the church

During Holy Mass it is common for incense to be burned inside a thurible or censer; The Father of the church will be in charge of dispersing this smoke, so that it permeates all corners of the place.

In ancient times it was believed that this smoke that incense gives off could purify the environment and make it aromatize; For this reason the church still uses it, with the aim of achieving the purest possible environment in the presence of God.

However, there is another meaning attributed to this religious practice. According to what is established in the Old Testament, the ascent of this smoke is compared with the elevation of the prayers of all those present; the incense scattered in the church rises, just as the prayers reach the presence of God.

What is it for

For years incense has been used in religious, spiritual or medicinal practices; as a vehicle that can connect the soul with other planes. Similarly, the natural elements of its composition have been related to healing properties that can provide physical well-being.

It is believed that incense smoke can harmonize spaces; therefore, at the domestic level it has been used to purify the air, improve the relationships of family members, disperse bad energies and promote the circulation of positive ones.

Some traditions even claim that incense can activate the economic prosperity of the home where it is used. However, not all people burn incense sticks in their home or office for spiritual benefit.

It is common that this product is also used to eliminate unpleasant odors; the aroma that incense smoke gives off is so intense that it can linger in the air for a long time. On the other hand, the use of incense in some religions is associated with the elevation of the soul to higher planes. To achieve this purpose, the atmosphere is impregnated with the smoke of the incense before or during the religious ceremony.

Incense colors

It is true that the traditional or better known incense has a brown or black color; however, it is not the only shade that this product can present. For many years, incense manufacturers have implemented techniques to dye these sticks, and today it is possible to find this product in any color.

Let us remember that colors is a type of communication; Through them we can express our wishes, feelings, thoughts and needs. With this in mind, we can make a more accurate choice of the color of our incense, since this way during its combustion it will have a more symbolic meaning.


The resinous product with purifying and ceremonial purposes is not the only incense; it turns out that there is also a plant with the same name, better known scientifically as Plectranthus coleoides ‘Marginatus’. This plant, 60 centimeters tall and with small green leaves with white edges, is ideal for decorating interiors because of its appearance and the intense aroma it gives off.

In addition, its cultivation and maintenance is minimal; It does not require much care for it to grow in optimal conditions. If you want your incense plant to remain beautiful and healthy, be sure to place it in a place inside your home that has access to sunlight; These plants are tropical, so they would not withstand the low temperatures of winter or night.

Another important factor for this plant is irrigation, it cannot have excess humidity but this vital liquid cannot be absent, therefore

When should you water the frankincense plant?

Preferably every day during the summer and less times in winter time. Also, every time you carry out this process, check that there is no excess water, otherwise you must remove it.


Sandalwood is a tree native to India, a country where this plant is considered sacred. The fragrance and properties of sandalwood have given this plant an important place in the world of aromatherapy; This discipline has studied the composition of the root and the wood of this tree, finding many benefits that have been incorporated into essential oils and incense.

The intense aroma that the different presentations of sandalwood incense give off can immerse people in a state of deep relaxation and spiritual elevation. Reaching this level of inner peace can enhance our communication with other people, enhance our mental abilities, and reduce anxiety or stress.

Of copal

Copal is a tropical tree native to Mexico and resin is extracted from it to make incense, varnish and medicinal products. This substance has great importance in the pre-Hispanic history of Mexico, since it was during this time that many cultures of the country began to use copal as a balsam for spiritual purposes.

Today there are still people in Mexico who believe that copal incense can promote spiritual connections, ward off evil spirits or raise vibrations; for this reason, they still use it in rituals or meditation.


Myrrh is the dried resin of the Commiphora myrrha tree, a species that only grows in Arabia and the Anatolia region. Since ancient times, this substance has been used to make incenses, which when lit can give off the wonderful healing and spiritual properties of myrrh in the form of smoke.

Using myrrh in the form of incense is an alternative to purify the environment and clear bad energies; For this reason, it is considered a powerful energetic cleaner for physical spaces. In the same way, staying in a space that has been scented with this incense can balance our emotions, give us tranquility and harmony.


The use of lavender incenses is very common in those spaces where tranquility must be maintained, such as medical offices and yoga classes. The soft aroma of this type of incense has been related to peace and the absence of negative energies, so perceiving it will help us find calm and strengthen our spirit.


The reflux burner cones is one of the incense presentations; It is a structure made with flavored wood powder, it has a conical shape and is used to be placed on a cascade-shaped burner, which will release the smoke similar to a stream of water.

There are reflux cones of different scents, colors and sizes. In grains Incense in grains is extracted granular sap from certain species of trees and allowed to dry for several months. After that time, the sap will be hard enough and can be divided into small, medium or large grains. Like reflux cones, incense grains must be lit on a burner.

Lotus flower

This aquatic flower of Asian origin has been associated with purity and perfection for years. Using incense with the scent of this flower can attract abundance, positive energy and good fortune; so it is very effective when starting new businesses or projects.

If you ever feel overwhelmed or sad, lighting this incense can lift your spirits and fill you with good energy; you just need to clear your mind and impregnate the whole place with the smoke of this substance.


Cats are at risk from incense, not because they are allergic to smoke or the aroma, but because of their curiosity and hunting instinct. Cats are very curious animals and explorers, they are attracted to the most insignificant object in the house and are always in search of new adventures.

For this reason, you must be careful where you light your incense. Whether in sticks or in a burner, the incense releases ashes and heat, which can pose a danger to your pet. Be sure to place this item on a high surface that is difficult for the cat to access; Another option is to monitor the burning process of the incense until it is consumed.

That smells good

The aroma of any type of incense is pleasant and relaxing, but it is true that there are some variations of this product that can provide a more intense and long-lasting fragrance. Such is the case of scented incenses, made on the basis of fruity or floral scents such as thyme, chamomile, lemon or eucalyptus.


The incense that the Jews prepared was called Ketoret, a mixture of eleven secret ingredients that had to be offered to God as a sacrifice each year. The ingredients were mainly plants that were very difficult to find, but only one family in Jerusalem knew the exact formula to make this incense.

This substance was to be prepared at the beginning of the month Nisan; the preparation consisted of grinding all the elements by hand and then dividing it into portions. Every morning and every evening during the 365 days of the year, the incense was to be burned, which would impregnate the entire city of Jerusalem with its scent.


After Buddhists from China brought incense to Japan, this country became the first producer of this substance. When people perceive its smell, they could feel calm and animated, which is why “Koh”, the Japanese meaning of incense, quickly became popular.

The Japanese used incense in their homes as a symbol of good taste; welcoming visitors with the aroma of this smoke showed respect and admiration. As this substance became more popular, people gathered to exchange and distinguish fragrances; This is how Koh-Do arises, a ceremony where the different incenses are valued and which is still celebrated.

It’s bad for pregnant women

Various scientific studies have shown that incense smoke contains small particles that can be harmful to health, even more so in pregnant women. Some of these components carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide; which can generate irreversible respiratory problems if they are inhaled frequently.

Recurrent allergies and cancer are other pathologies that have been related to frequent exposure to incense smoke; therefore, it is preferable that pregnant women do not use this product, as it could be more risky for the baby.


Natural or organic incense is one that is made from plants, resins and essential oils; unlike synthetic incenses that contain preservatives and chemicals that release many harmful particles for health.

However, we must bear in mind that natural incenses can also release small particles that can irritate our respiratory system; so doctors and specialists recommend burning incense in ventilated places, opening doors and windows to circulate air, not doing this activity every day and avoiding directly smelling the smoke.

What incense is for money

If you are currently going through a financial crisis or want to increase the profits of your business, there are some types of incense that you can use to attract prosperity and fortune to your life. Such is the case of sandalwood incense, used since ancient times; This fragrance has the ability to remove negative energies from your home and promote the circulation of money.

Cinnamon is another element that you should consider if you want to attract money into your life; For decades it has been used in powder or branch to carry out rituals that improve the economic situation, that is why the incense formula was later incorporated, achieving more effective results.

What incense is good for relaxing

During yoga classes a high level of relaxation is required, in order to connect our body and mind; that is why during this activity we can perceive a pleasant fragrance that invades our senses. In most cases, that aroma we enjoy is lavender, cinnamon or sandalwood incense; which are used to reduce stress and give us peace of mind.

What incense is good for sales

The type of incense that is sold the most is the one that can be lit by itself, it does not require coal to burn; of this type we have the incense in sticks, ebb and spiral cones. In addition, the most successful fragrances on the market are amber, copal, sandalwood, myrrh, lavender and cinnamon. If you want to start your incense sale, we recommend that you start with these products.

What incense is for love

Jasmine is a plant that has been revered in different cultures for its ability to attract love. Therefore, if you want to find true love or improve the love relationship with your partner, you can buy jasmine incense and raise your energies in this area.

Cherry incense is also used to attract love into our lives, thanks to its sweetness and ability to positively influence people.

What incense is good to study

What is essential to have a successful study day and increase your academic performance? Information concentration and retention; skills you can achieve by using peppermint or rosemary incense while studying.

Both rosemary and mint have been used for years to maintain optimal levels of concentration, memorize the largest amount of data and retain the information learned for longer.

What is frankincense oil

Frankincense essential oil is the best way to take advantage of the properties of this ancient product through your skin. Regularly applying this oil to your body can tone your skin, regenerate the cells of your tissues and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Another way to use frankincense essential oil is in bubble baths; Add a few drops of this oil in the bathtub and soak in for 15 or 20 minutes, this simple natural treatment can relax you and eliminate headaches.

What is incense aroma

The incense aroma is the original or traditional fragrance of incense, coming from the resin of Boswellia trees and which does not undergo any modification in its formula; that is, no essential oils, floral or fruity fragrances are added to alter its smell.

Amber incense what is it for?

This type of incense made from amber has worked for years as an enriching element of interpersonal relationships; as it can improve communication, ward off negative energies and disintegrate resentment towards other people.

In turn, amber incense is a strong aphrodisiac for both sexes, due to its ability to increase energy and physical strength, enhance attraction in the person we want and encourage fidelity.

Musk incense what is it for

Musk incense has powerful cleansing properties, therefore it can be used for rituals of purification and renewal of our energies.

Frankincense is good for mosquitoes

If you want to enjoy a meal outside or go camping in a mountainous area, insects are likely to disrupt your peace of mind. To keep them away you can light one or two sticks of lemon or almarosa incense, and if you use classic scents they would not have any effect on them.

Frankincense is good for plants

Remember that incense is a type of resinous material intended to burn, therefore it releases smoke and heat that could damage the leaves of your plants, if it is near them. Be careful and light the incense in a safe place.

Incense what is your tonic syllable

The stressed syllable of the word “incense” is in the penultimate syllable “hundred”, therefore it is a serious word.

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