Dragon man personality

Dragon man personality: Earth Dragon man, Metal Dragon man, Fire Dragon man, Wood Dragon man, Water Dragon man.Introduction. The dragon-man cares a lot about projecting a glorious image of himself. This personality is full of ego in every sense of the term.

Dragon man personality: Earth Dragon man, Metal Dragon man, Fire Dragon man, Wood Dragon man, Water Dragon man.
Dragon man personality: Earth Dragon man, Metal Dragon man, Fire Dragon man, Wood Dragon man, Water Dragon man.

His character is full of Discretion and self-effacement. Besides this, his psychological texture is full of self-sufficiency and self-conceit. It does not matter what the circumstances are; this man always seeks the limelight and sometimes becomes unfair about it. 

He will never bear to be second in any field of life, or sitting in the last seat is impossible because he has a lot of talent. He wants to keep his ego permanently, and he does not hesitate to destroy the feelings of others for it. If you ruin his self-esteem, he will become vindictive and spiteful.

This man is full of pride and blindly thinks negatively about others considering himself better than all. This man cannot listen to criticism or contradiction because he is inclined to his values. If he disagrees with the opinion of others, he will reject them. When he is wrong in any decisions or anything, he will never or hardly apologize because he will never acknowledge his shortcomings.

His sense of superiority and self-importance will never change for others, and he will never try to change him for anyone. He addresses his siblings and fellows in a dominant position. With all these qualities, it is evident that he will remain alone to keep friends.

This man does not waste his energies of hard work or anything that leads him to success. He thinks he is an unchallenged leader. However, he hardly deserves this title. He constantly seeks the approval and admiration of others. He never wants to slow down and wants to be a public personality. With all these proprietary features, he is a shy and self-conscious personality. If anyone treats him below his expectations, he will become very disappointed.

The main drawback of this personality trait is Snobbishness. You can easily impress dragon men in rank, wealth and prestige. He always avoids people living in modest conditions and chooses perfect friends who are wealthy. He tried to select and marry a rich lady to become successful. He wants to enjoy a luxurious life without struggle, which sometimes ruins his life.

 If you expect something from him, he can panic because he has an irritable temperament. His continuous anger leads him to criminal acts, and he will not do it publically; instead, he will do it secretly. During his range, he becomes a Dragon belching out long flames. In his anger, keep the fragile things away from him and avoid talking to him. But, his anger will finish rapidly as it starts unexpectedly.

It is unjustified to say him heartless because he is a motivated man if you understand him very well. He lacks modesty because it is in his nature, and he considers himself superior to others and tries to prove himself better. Naturally, he has enough charisma to rule on others.

Earth Dragon man

The earth dragon man is a balanced and calm personality who shows a serious approach to any business. He likes everything natural and doesn’t like surprises. His spirit is so fighting, and he will not show it. Without showing anger, he believes in solving problems in a calm situation.

This man is a responsible leader in business and politics, while he is a faithful companion in ordinary life. The earth dragon-man loves his friends and family. That’s why he deserved a lot of respect from everyone.

His business strategies are fantastic. That’s why he will not face financial issues in life and always helps others economically. The earth dragon man is full of perfect qualities. That’s why he is a crush on any woman. He can create a pleased family because he is a real gentleman In communication and keeps her life partner pleased in any way, with gifts or with love.

This man is quite demanding and wants full attention from his chosen lady. He thinks that physical charms do not matter; spiritual qualities matter a lot. This caring man tries to keep his family happy as a loving husband and father while creating an accessible environment for relatives. He spends most of his time playing with his child and telling them old memories.

Metal Dragon man

The metal dragon man is much self-confident and robust and does not like authority. This man always listens to him because he relies on himself and ignores the advice of others. This personality is full of dragon qualities such as power, anger and inflexibility. This man hardly feels the situation of others and does not use a common language to compromise with them.

As a leader, this man uses the people for his benefit and leads the whole team ideally. If anyone in his team wants to misconduct, he punishes them harshly. He has an excellent memory. That’s why he reached enormous heights in his career.

In his romantic life, he never wants to change his behavior for his lover. He is an ordinary man who is demanding and wants complete care from his life partner. If a woman takes his care and showers love on him, he becomes entirely dependent on her.

This man knows what makes him happy and what life wants from him. He never wants a life partner who is shy or weak; instead, he likes a strong lady who can work with him confidentially. If his wife gives attention to anyone else, he becomes very jealous. With the dominating and demanding qualities, this man wants a lot of affection for the lady he loves.

Fire dragon man

The fire dragon man is active and ambitious who sets a specific task and tries his best to achieve his target. The dedication and energy of this man are matchless. This man has not had a controversial personality and never wants to discuss him. He always defends his point of view with his strong willpower. 

 This excellent specialist in managing everything one day becomes top in his career. His natural attitude allows him to focus on work that no employee can compete with him. His anger is famous, so his employees try to satisfy him. The fire dragon-man has an excellent personality and impressive communication style. That’s why any lady likes him. His attentive and polite way urges ladies to attract him.

With their broad vision and intelligent way of talking, ladies will never get bored with them. This responsible man takes care of his life partner in all forms because he is a homemaker. After spending a lot of time with family, friends and wife, he tried to prove himself the best companion.

Wood Dragon man personality

This nobleman is not emotional at all. Instead, he handles every situation wisely. In difficulties, he was himself, held great dignity and became dominant in this situation. When he shows respect, politeness, and attention in his behaviors, his communicator automatically attracts him. The people’s opinion about him is as a real gentleman because he loves to have fun and is pretty naughty.

With his great sense of humor, he communicates very well. He deals with the work as a wise leader and mentors and behaves friendly with his companions.

Colleagues very much appreciate his help because he treats them nicely. The Wood Dragon bosses respect high respect due to their positive behavior. He is always polite and discreet about love and shows her best qualities. This man is very successful in relationships because he enjoys success with the opposite sex. 

He does not wait for more ladies’ attraction because ladies are automatically attracted to them. However, it is so difficult for ladies to please him as he is a very demanding man. Wood dragon-man gives vast importance to his family and raising children and tries to attract attention.

Water dragon man personality

The personality of the water dragon man is also friendly, good-natured and loves noisy companies; It does not matter what the status of others is; he always treats them friendly and gives everyone high respect. This personality is very conscious about his care, never wants any scandal about him, and wants to settle himself according to the world’s rules. 

On any occasion, he controls his emotions carefully and hardly shows anger. This man is gifted with persuasion and a fine speaker who can inspire everyone from a leader to labor without creating difficulties. Besides, he does not like lazy people and doesn’t want to waste his time on tasteless people. He loves organized people and personalities for trusting conversations. 

This beautiful personality can change the direction of any lady toward him, and he doesn’t need spare, beautiful words for his chosen one. The water dragon-man likes romantic things such as romantic dates, long driving and candlelight dinners. Attention, it is very possible that His wife is not a good administrator.. That’s why he will handle everything with care and role as a leader in his house.

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