Dragon man in love

Dragon man in love: Earth Dragon man, Metal Dragon man, Fire Dragon man, Wood Dragon man, Water Dragon man. Introduction. The dragon-man in love is a player until he finds a genuine passion for him. This man is full of charm and power; that’s why he attracts his partner by bushels. Some dragon-man drew toward many partners because he starts looking for another every time he fades of one partner.

Dragon man in love: Earth Dragon man, Metal Dragon man, Fire Dragon man, Wood Dragon man, Water Dragon man
Dragon man in love: Earth Dragon man, Metal Dragon man, Fire Dragon man, Wood Dragon man, Water Dragon man

 If any lady wants that dragon man to fall in love for a long time, she should make him wait and then conquer with a lot of assurance to the marriage. This man will stop his alertness and adventuresome pursuit for his whole life. After being caught in love, he will be sensitive, responsible and nervous.

The male born in Dragon year is anxious and quite nervous and wants to remain in a stable relationship because he remains afraid of acting up. Though dragon-man is caring and considerate, his over-sensitiveness damages him mentally. When choosing a mother and a partner, they cannot distinguish correctly.

The dragon-man has high self-esteem; that’s why he cannot hurt other people’s feelings. They react emotionally in relationships and remain isolated, but they prove responsible husbands.

The dragon-man keeps specific ideas about his soul mate. He wants a beautiful and modest lady who is brilliant, hardworking, a good housewife and a good mover in society. He also desires that his life partner praise him and satisfy him in an unhappy situation.

With these qualities, the life of dragon-man may fail with a long string of love affairs that starts suddenly and are abruptly broken if his love fails to prove her perfection. Though this type of love test is affordable at a young age, it will prove dangerous in married life or old age, and his rejected partner will suffer more.

The dragon-man lives in a natural state of grace. That’s why he forgets his sorrows quickly and restores his situation to find a new life partner. Due to lack of perfection, he becomes angry, and his life partner is accused of a lack of sexual ability that is wrong because he has a thirst for perfection, not sex.

If any woman wants to love the dragon man, she should know that he is full of ego, so she should handle him accordingly. He wants to keep him superior in all or many ways of personal life. That’s why dragon-man always married a poor girl to him because he likes his priority. He thinks that superior people are unwarranted to him. Here we will describe the unique qualities of Earth-Dragon man, Metal Dragon man, Fire Dragon man, Wood Dragon man, Water Dragon man.

Earth Dragon man

The personality of the earth dragon-man has qualities of uprightness, honesty, and generosity. These people are kind-hearted and selfless because they protect people at any cost and take care of them.

The earth dragon man is a balanced and calm personality who shows a serious approach to any business. This man does not like surprises and keeps away from all troubles. He knows very well how to put people to him. He has a fighting spirit, and he will never show it.

The Earth dragon-man has all the charms and qualities that any woman would like. He will successfully create a family, and you will never see an Earth dragon-man alone. He will offer his loved ones a meaningful gift, behave like real gentlemen in communication and has a perfect selecting ability. This man is very demanding in selecting a life partner and wants any girl who wants to be his wife to share his hobbies. He believes in spiritual perfection, not in physical and material qualities.

He can solve problems peacefully because he never fights instead prefers peace. The earth dragon man is a faithful companion and a good friend who becomes a responsible businessman at work in everyday life.

He is generous and friendly, and he deserves a lot of respect because he respects people around him and his loved ones. This man does not face any financial issues because he successfully solves financial problems and always is ready to help others.

After a commitment, he focuses on marriage and making a family. After marriage, he becomes a loving father, a perfect husband, and pleasures his relatives. The earth dragon-man shares his life events with his life partner’s children and spends the most time with family.

Metal Dragon man

The metal dragon-man doesn’t believe in authority because he has great confidence and inner strength, so he considers everything. He will not focus on it if others say anything because he counts everything. Special force, low temper and rigidity, he has everything related to the Dragon Chinese sign.

He doesn’t know how to communicate and what people want from him. If you are unfair to the metal dragon man, he will act correctly and blame you because he has a fantastic memory and thinks quickly. Due to best determination, the metal dragon-man will be very successful in his career.

This man will not change himself for his love partner in his love life. It is because he has a dominating and demanding personality. He wants a lot of affection and admiration from his lover and also wants his lady can please him. Besides this, he wants an independent, strong and equal girl because this jealous man becomes possessive when his lady looks at anyone else. He will never be attracted to a weak lady and his family’s needs at home. But, he ignores the advice of others and listens to himself.

Fire Dragon man

The fire dragon-man knows how to fulfill his dreams because he is very ambitious. People know he’s a man with great energy who can do everything to fulfill his dreams. He will not argue and never try to cheat because he won’t lie about it. Without the help of others, this man can defend himself with his willpower.

The fire dragon-man will enjoy a successful career because of persevering and diligent professional qualities. As a boss, he works perfectly and demands the same from his workers, and if any worker does nasty things, he will become furious.

This man can bring any woman to his feet because he is charming, dashing and wealthy. He pays full tension to him because he has an excellent manner that can be close to any woman. The male Fire Dragon sees the big picture of anything in life. That’s why his conversation is wonderful.

However, he can spend everything on his lover without thinking about it. After the marriage, the fire dragon-man becomes very serious because he is very responsible. He is not very good at domestic life, but he tries to offer everything to his family, but he fails to give full attention to his wife and children.

Wood Dragon man

This nobleman does not like the tasteless talks and doesn’t waste his time gossiping because his nature is filled with a dignifying attitude towards everything. When you look upon him, he will look dressed and healthy because he wants to be perfect. This man is very polite and gives a lot of respect and attention to those linked to him. After a few meetups with him, anyone can say he is a true gentleman.

Besides this, he likes to have fun, and his sense of humor is fantastic with best friends and family. At work, he can compete for any problem. He always helps his colleagues, that’s why his companions appreciate him very much. No one is better professional than a wood dragon man.

He wants a decent lady with good qualities. With his great attraction and polite behavior, this man soon wins the ladies. The ladies attract him automatically, and he doesn’t wait for love from ladies. He wants his close people to give attention to him, and it is effortless to make him happy. He doesn’t get too passionate with his family but shows his lovely feelings for them.

Water Dragon man

The water dragon man is good-natured, sympathetic, Supportive and kind who has a good way of communication. He loves the gathering of friends and loud groups. He has a good position and brings peace to society; that’s why people respect him.

You will never see him angry because he has excellent control over his emotions. The water dragon man is a good speaker and motivator who can convince others with his excellent communication. He encourages his workers to work as good bosses.

This water dragon-man does not shout at others; instead, he wants mutual trust with his life partner and friends. He does not like people who have no manners. He is attentive, caring, and loving; that’s why any woman loves and wants to marry him. After marriage, he will keep this lady very happy and give her everything she wants. He loves romance and takes her lover to date in the candlelight. He will hold tight to his wife and make his domestic life perfect.

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