Black color meaning: Islam, hinduism, christianity

Black color meaning: Islam, hinduism, christianity. Different colors represent different emotions according to the situation. These all different colors have different meanings according to conditions. Colors also represent our culture and traditions. Here we are going to read about the color black. So let’s start without any delay.

There are different meanings of black. In some places, black is associated with power and dignity, while in some areas, black represents elegance, aggression.   

Black is also known as the color of death. Wearing black symbolizes anxiety and grief .In Feng Shui, black paint has great importance .In Feng Shui, black color represents wealth and power.

Black color meaning: Islam,hinduism, christianity
Black color meaning: Islam,hinduism, christianity

Black color in Islam 

black color has a significant reputation in Islam. The center of Muslims, Kahan e Kaba is also in black. Khana Kaba is a Holy place for all Muslims. People come from far-off locations for pilgrimage in khan e Kaba . 

In Kahen Kaba, there’s a holy stone called Hajr e Aswad, which is also in black .for all this, black has great importance in Islam .kahan an e Kaba is a sacred place where every year people come there for plagiarism.

During the period of the Islamic caliphate, people used specific colors to represent themselves. In Islam, when the Abbasid caliphate revolted against the Umayyads, they wore black paint to express grief, and there also they took the black flag to represent themselves. The Abbasid caliphate ruled over the Muslims for many years. 

Nowadays, Shia also wear black dresses to express their grief for Hazrat Hussain. In Iran, women also wear the black chador, this is their symbol .At the same time, in ayatollahs, women wear black cloaks.

In Muslim country, women wear a black burka to hide them mostly this burka is available in black. They wear black gaon because black is a dark color, and it can easily hide the body. In Islam, hell is called black hell because the agony is associated with black and dark, for suffering . Black color connect with death and despair. 

Many people say black infiltrates the absence of light. Arab fashion accepts black clothing as dressing smartly and nicely , muslim people also support wearing black dresses during the month of Muharram. Besides this, the black color attracts others black turban is famous in Islam. The followers of Hazrat Muhammad wear black turbans .black turbans represent our culture.     

Black color meaning in Hinduism 

In Hinduism, color has significant importance .Different colors have different meanings in Hinduism .In Hinduism, black color indicates only ignorance. It is not suspicious at all. Black color helps to ward off evil eyes. They make a small black bindi on their face for their protection. They add a black bangle during a special ceremony, etc.-Malathion .Black color is a bright color for Hindus .

Hindu get black bangles as a prasad in their temple .Their white color is inauspicious while the black color is auspicious. Their widow wears a black sari permanently .Their black color also represents inertia and laziness .

In fact, for Hindu, ancient women take the black color of Krishna, that’s why this color takes tremendous importance. In some places, black is a symbol of unhappiness. That is why Hindus don’t wear black during temple worship. Although some murtis in the temple are usually black.

But they don’t wear black color on auspicious days .They say that black is a color of Gods .And Gods are beyond happy and happy. Generally, the different colors of Lord Ganapati reflect the different moods and different ways of worship. 

Black Ganpati is a rare form of Lord Ganesha .Black form shows his dreadful state .Tantric usually worships black Ganpati .black Ganpati that is available in the market don’t possess any sign like this . Usually it shows the divinity of the Lord. The clay used in making Black Ganpati is also in black. Black Ganapati idols represent the Lord’s power and superiority. Black Ganpati idols look beautiful and unique, but we suggest that you should not keep this idol in your houses, because it might be a tantric Ganesh, and you might be unaware of the rituals of keeping it in your home, so avoid keeping this in your home.   

Black thread is a powerful thread worn by the Hindus .Small children tie this thread around their waist, while adults tie this thread in the left wrist.

Some people tie a particular root with it and wear it as a necklace for beauty. The tantric and the people who practice black magic wear this on their right foot .This black thread helps to keep children away from the evil eye. 

Black color meaning in Christianity  

 In the Bible, black represents absolute, eternity, and their womb black may denote fear and ignorance. Black represents Good Friday. In the Bible, black is the darkest color. Generally, white is a color of God, while black reflects the devil’s color. God initially created the universe. Some positive and negative powers are also present .

Generally, black lacks brightness or a hue; it absorbs all light and doesn’t reflect when Lucifer decides to sin in the morning, when he is brought, which becomes the color black. God determined this as a punishment of disobedience .when he committed spiritual suicide, he became the first dark thing in the world.

In the physical universe, a black hole can absorb all the matter, including light. Besides all this, it remains dark .Same case is with Lucifer who absorbs all light of God, but remains black .This is the spiritual version of the physical phenomenon.In Bible, this word black used 26 times ,but this black has a different meaning at different places. 

In the Bible, the black color is color as darkness and ignorance .Black is represented as famine in general; it is because the famine is used for war, mourning, and sorrow .This is also a period when no revelation comes from God. It can signify the location of the dead, where evil spirits will spend as a result of their punishment ; black also represents the punishment of God for disobeying God.       


Black color is the color of love, power, and dignity. It represents the depth of the soul and contains many mysteries inside it. We have described the color black with the importance of Islam, Hinduism, and the Christian religion. Some give a lot of respect to it and consider it the holy color, but others think it is the color of the curse that is not good.

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