Black color means in China, Japan, Philippines and Thailand

Black color means in China, Japan, Philippines and Thailand.People from different parts of the world have different meanings about colors. The meaning attributed to a particular color might be related to religion or the culture of the individuals. Black is one of the colors with varying meanings in different parts of the world. However, some of the meanings might be similar. This article will focus on the color black and its different meanings in China, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand.

Black color means in China, Japan, Philippines and Thailand
Black color means in China, Japan, Philippines and Thailand


In China, the color black is considered to correspond with color and is also said to be a neutral color. The Chinese consider black as the color of heaven and claim that it represents the western and the northern sky which is black during the night.

In China, all government cars are black. Due to this reason, the color is attributed to knowledge, stability, immortality and power. Therefore, when individuals see a government car, they would get a sense of power and respect for everything associated with the car. Part of China’s flag is also painted black to represent the powerful nation. 

Color black is also considered a color of authority and control. This is evidenced by the police uniform in China, which is black. Therefore, when you see police officers in China, you can easily recognize them and find it easy to respect the control and authority that they represent. 

In other cases, the color black can also represent evil in Chinese culture. The color represents sadness, and therefore, it is best when worn at funerals. The color should never be worn in celebrations such as weddings and award-winning ceremonies. The next time you go to China and plan to wear black attire, you should think twice about it. If you are not attending a funeral, you will look out of place while wearing your black attire. When you wear the black color in celebrations, you attract bad fortune. 


The color black is one of the most common colors used in electronics and clothing. The reason why the color is used in electronics is for its aesthetic value. The Japanese believe that black electronics look more attractive than brightly colored electronics. It would also be easy for an individual to furnish a house with this neutral colour electronics. If the house has electronics of different colors, furnishing it would be challenging. Imagine a situation where you bought a blue TV and a red music system. Your house would have too many colors. 

The black color in Japan also represents mourning, anger, mystery, and the night. Therefore, the clothing made of this color is most worn in situations characterized by anger and mystery. For instance, it is a common color worn in funerals to show people’s mystery of having lost a loved one. The color is also worn in other situations, such as when someone is sad about something in their life. 

Color black has also been widely used in Japanese culture since ancient times. People have been using this color to apply tattoos on their bodies. The fishermen would have their bodies tattooed images of big fish or birds to protect themselves from evil while out in the sea. 


In the Philippines, the color black is associated with mystery, sadness and fear. It is the color worn at funerals or whenever people feel sad. The color is symbolic that the mourners are sad about death. If you visit the Philippines, the color black is not one that you want to wear while walking around or going for celebrations. In the Philippines, the color black is considered the absence of color. It is a mysterious color, and most people in the country tend to associate it with negativity and the unknown. 

The color black is also a representation of power and authority. Whenever people wear black, they feel confident and strong, but too much of the color can be overwhelming. The color might awaken dark thoughts, but it might also mean no arm in some cases. The beliefs about the color black in the Philippines vary from one person to another. Some people consider it a neutral color that seeks to be accepted, while others associate it with mourning. However, the mourning aspect of the color has been derived from the west.


According to Thailand’s culture, the color black is considered the color of boys. It is also a representation of wealth and prosperity. People believe that when they were the black color, it was a sign that wealth would come their way. It also means that they would achieve the goals they set in life. The color was also used in ancient Thailand to apply tattoos on the body. Tattoos were considered an element of beauty. 

Thai culture believes that the color black is obtained by mixing the color yellow, blue and red. Therefore, it was at times used in creating amazing paintings. However, it had to be combined with other colors to enhance its aesthetic value. 

Black is also considered evil in Thailand, especially when an individual has passed away. During a funeral, people would wear black to symbolize the evil that has befallen them and show mourning. Therefore, when you go to Thailand, you need to be careful about wearing the color black. When attending a funeral in Thailand, it is ideal to wear black attire. Wearing any other color will make you feel out of place.

Conclusion:Black color means in China, Japan, Philippines and Thailand

Now that you have known the meaning of the color black in China, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand, you will find it easy to maneuver these regions. The next time you choose to visit any of these countries, you can know when to wear black without going against the people’s cultures and religions. The meaning of the color black in your country might be different from that of other countries. Therefore, you do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of a country’s culture. The common fact about the color in these regions is that it is mostly worn at funerals.

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