Angry or upset Scorpio

Scorpio woman is quiet
Scorpio woman is quiet

Angry or upset Scorpio, how is it? How do you react? How to treat it? Each zodiac sign has its own temperament and character. It follows that each zodiac sign has its own way of dealing with anger, some in fact tend to get angry more, others less, but all, at some point, feel overwhelmed by feelings of anger and show their anger, drawing to shine his feelings, his worst side.

In this article, we will talk about the behaviors that people born under the sign of Scorpio tend to engage in whenever they get angry. Read the full article to learn about the devastating effects of anger on Scorpio natives.

What does Scorpio do when he gets angry?

When a Scorpio gets angry, it tends to turn into a mixture of hatred, resentment, and revenge. When not given the opportunity to vent their anger, Scorpio natives tend to withdraw into themselves and feign an apparent state of calm and calm to hide their discomfort.

People born under the sign of Scorpio are generally very calm, they get angry very rarely. They are extremely reserved people, therefore they are very interested in not making their anger spectacular, they always try to maintain self-control and prefer to be indifferent to the people who angered them, because they are also people with a gigantic sense of pride, they hate being fragile in front to the enemy.

When a scorpion is silent, you have to be very afraid. If they don’t show their anger, they have another secret weapon that they will use in due course. The natives of this sign are very vindictive, so they will attack when we least expect it. They are very patient and will only observe the person who caused them the pain, thinking of a possible revenge, served on a cold plate.

Scorpio angry or upset, angry, brave, berraco
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Scorpio angry or upset, angry, brave, berraco

I have angered a person born under the sign of Scorpio, what should I do?

If you find yourself in the position of provoking the ire of a Scorpio native, you must be aware of one thing: he will surely get angry for a valid reason and therefore you must wait for his move towards you. His anger will affect you and your relationship.

If you are in an affair with a person born under the sign of Scorpio and he is truly in love with you, rest assured that he will forgive you easily, unless he feels betrayed or you have severely humiliated him.

In general, Scorpio natives do not like to argue over nonsense, they are not used to getting angry, they always do it for a valid reason. Obtain forgiveness by speaking your feelings sincerely and very openly, if they care about you they will not make you wait long for their forgiveness.

People who are born under the sign of people are usually characterized by a big heart, so try to understand it when they get angry and do not be afraid of their harsh and aggressive language, even if they literally manage to move you, once a moment. of anger has passed, they will always be ready to start over, they just need time.

If a woman born under the sign of Scorpio gets angry, her reaction will depend on the amount of her anger. In general, these women literally go crazy, especially when they feel betrayed or hurt in their pride, they are willing to show the most combative side of themselves, becoming very spiteful at times.

In front of an angry Scorpio woman you have little to do, if you provoke them they can show all their bloodthirsty and murderous side, they use many colorful and particularly offensive expressions.

What to do to be forgiven by a Scorpio?

The first thing to keep in mind is that if a Scorpio native is angry with you, you will surely have to apologize countless times. At first, his apologies will seem futile, especially if they are overwhelmed with anger at the time.

So give them time, be patient and wait for them to calm down and then apologize. But remember, they are people who care a lot about gestures and not much about words, so your apologies, to be considered sincere, must necessarily be followed by a real change towards them, because otherwise you run the risk of losing. your trust and security forever, your friendship.

Scorpio natives know how to forgive, but they will never forget what they have endured, so you will have to work hard to ensure that their precious trust is restored.


The mystery hangs over the natives of Scorpio, and they do their best to maintain it, as it is one of their strengths. But this pushes them to repress their feelings and internalize their frustrations.

This may seem like trivial behavior, but this attitude poisons their lives to the point of plunging them into a gloomy mood. Scorpios cannot externalize the evil that corrodes them, and this is the main reason for their unhappiness. They have a hard time trusting people and they always expect betrayal from others. But they have yet to learn to trust to free their minds from the dark haze that envelops them.

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