Why love a man with the Scorpio sign?

Why love a man with the Scorpio sign? Let us be little influenced by these false astrological myths about scorpions: “Scorpio is slow, Scorpio almost never opens up to anyone, Scorpio has to study the person for a long time, Scorpio is mysterious and strange ”.

The scorpion man when he is really interested in a woman, I also move the pyramids, when the scorpion really loves there are no obstacles, he channels his energies towards those who deserve his attention, in this way he avoids suffering unnecessarily.

The Scorpio man is often referred to as the most indecipherable and mysterious man of all, but not at all like that! There is very little mystery, this wonderful creature does not want to open up to anyone and this means that an aura of total mystery is created around him.

Although the Scorpio is the zodiac sign that carries out more professional tasks (obviously its insight is immediately noticeable), it manages with an ease to envy to perfectly manage work commitments and private life at the same time.

Scorpio does not conceive of life without love

Love for him is a real priority, you want to experience all the pleasure and pain of it. He is identified as the strongest and most devoted partner.

If you are lucky enough to meet a man born under this sign, do not make the mistake of approaching him if, your intentions are not serious, because I can assure you that if you try to make fun of his deep feelings in the least, he will make you regret having met him.

Why love a man with the Scorpio sign?
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Why love a man with the Scorpio sign?

The Scorpio man loves without limits!

In everyday life, in friendship or in love, the Scorpio man does not know half measures, he is madly in love with love.

When he falls in love he loves without reservation, if you have been chosen to be by his side, he will do everything possible to make you feel like a real princess, anticipating your movements, probably because he has a highly developed sixth sense. It is no coincidence that they call her “ the sorcerer of the zodiac ”

For the Scorpio, love is something serious, in fact when he is in love it becomes a unique responsibility and seriousness. Warning!

If threatened in the slightest, this beautiful creature is completely transformed by becoming extremely jealous and possessive of her partner. The scorpio cannot imagine love without absolute fidelity, precisely because he is completely immersed in an exciting love story and will enjoy every moment with his beloved.

Absolutely NOT to DO with a scorpion

I repeat once again: Never, NEVER play with the heart of Scorpio! The Scorpio man will never be able to pretend that he loves you, and if he doesn’t feel anything for you, he will certainly take a few seconds to tell you frankly, even at the risk of hurting you. He is like this: all in one piece.

If you think that the Scorpio man can be solely and exclusively a whim for you, first tell him openly: it is dangerous to deceive him, and if you try to do it anyway, you must also be ready to absorb as much poison as he can. pour on you when you don’t expect it. Let’s remember that Scorpio is a water sign, and water can heat up and freeze in record time!

Does the Scorpio man get hooked quickly?

The charm of the scorpion, his enigmatic and penetrating gaze makes him a man who does not surrender easily and if you wonder if conquering him is easy or difficult, then no! The Scorpio man cannot be conquered!

He will always be the one to conquer, always the one to hunt, always ready to enrich his emotional life, and you, dear girl, will not be able to do anything, you will not be able to conquer the body and soul of a scorpion. , if he is not willing to welcome you into his world.

The scorpion is a very demanding, selective man, enchanted by a unique charm and seduced by intrigue. He considers the “object” of his passion and is magically attracted only to that woman who, through her mind and heart, is special and particular. Scorpio loves challenges and conquests, he loves to win what he has decided will be his.

The scorpion and its shadows

The scorpion is defined as the man of overflowing sexuality, in intimacy he is overwhelming, intense and often insatiable, but, if he does not find these characteristics in his partner, it will be a bit difficult for the relationship to take root healthy. He is that man who lives his passions with extreme intensity, that is why he always expects extremes: All or nothing!

Once you have achieved your goal, your ultimate conquest, you will never let your partner down. The nights and days with him will be unforgettable! Remember that Scorpio hates monotony, perceives sensuality as pure adventure and pleasure.

The ideal partner will have to be able to fully satisfy her sexual and mental desires, on the other hand, that lucky woman will have a loving partner, very faithful and loyal, of whom she will never get bored.

And the betrayal?

Open up the sky! Know that Scorpio will never forgive a betrayal, so if you try to betray him in the slightest, it will take very little time to get you out of his mind and heart. The Scorpio man’s jealousy is relentless, either he is completely in the relationship or completely out of it, and it is more than likely that if he is not satisfied with that relationship, he will simply break the bond instead of cheating on his partner. .

Therefore, it is understandable that this man, who does not tolerate deception and betrayal, can be unbearable when the relationship is broken by the infidelity of his partner. Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that experiences love so deeply.

If he is betrayed, he takes a terrible revenge, he will draw the needle and … his sting is deadly! Do not forget! If you decide to have a relationship with a Scorpio man, always remember that his motto is “all or nothing”, even in love, he will be able to put an end to the relationship and will not give the possibility of returning if he is in the slightest pain .

How you can relate to a Scorpio man also depends on your astrological profile. The Scorpio man has the greatest agreement in love with women in Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer and Sagittarius (between them, or everything will work out perfectly, or the relationship is violently broken), but he is not indifferent to the women of the others signs.

Personally, I can say that the Scorpio man is the brightest living being on the planet and capable of causing distress just because of too much love!

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