Sagittarius decan 1

Introduction: Sagittarius decan 1 is led by Mercury and Jupiter (Sagittarius triplicity). Sagittarius moves through the constellations of Scorpio, the Wolf, the Kneeling Man, the Serpent, the Compass, and the Triangle from November 22nd to December 2nd, or more precisely, travels from 0º to 10º. Representing this decan, Mercury gives it its shadow, as this deity can travel between the underworld and the surface world.

Sagittarius decan 1
Sagittarius decan 1

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, desire, and hope is this decan’s ruler and sub-ruler. They have Idealism and a love of knowledge. 

Sagittarius is passionate about life, energetic, spontaneous, and fun. They are highly competitive and hate to lose, with high intellectual abilities and a keen sense of justice.

These are some of the most sincere and straightforward people you will find around. They have a fair sense of humor and a big heart. Moreover, they are invariably ready for an adventure. Sagittarius Decan 1 is among some courageous people. Sagittarius itself is one of the boldest of the zodiac signs.

On a completely different note, they believe in spreading laughter and happiness wherever they go. Sometimes, their honesty can get them into unwanted problems they should have avoided. Sagittarius decan 1 is advised to be cautious about this.

Are you ready to know about Sagittarius decan 1 love, personality, and compatibility? Let’s get started;

Sagittarius decan 1 love

The world of adoration and relationships is another exciting place for you to explore, Sagittarius! Meeting new people, communicating stories, experimenting — it’s all right up your alley. The problem is that many others take relationships more extreme than you do. You want your independence, but your partner may be looking for commitments.

It’s not about compromising what will make you pleased, and it’s about being open and sincere about it. From the start, you’ll need to be clear about your interest in a committed relationship. There are other people out there who love relationships with personal freedom, and you have to find them.

You are extraordinarily adventurous and love to experience new, bold and exciting adventures. You are the most courageous among all the rashes and zodiac signs. You won’t be surprised to find yourself bungee-roping, skydiving, or shooting rapids. You love action and fun, even more so if it has an element of danger.

Even your closest peeps love you for your delightful sense of humor, not to mention your amazing kindness and generosity. Not only do you carry a big bag full of crazy jokes and funny stories wherever you go, but you also can laugh at yourself.

You are quick to reward those who share in your happiness and can be truly extravagant when you give. You won’t hesitate to max out your credit card for exotic trips, lavish gifts, and fancy dinners to spoil your loved ones. And because you have a big heart and a charitable nature, you will volunteer in your local community in your spare time or give money to help the poor and needy.

Sagittarius decan 1 personality

The personality of the First decan, Sagittarius, is brave nature, a positive outlook, and a direct way of speaking. You are a romantic and have a very positive outlook on life. You find the best in people and situations and bring enthusiasm and passion to everything. People love being around you because your high energy, fun-loving nature, and zest for life are contagious. You make people feel uplifted.

Some would say it’s complete honesty – others are blunt, corny, and sloppy. But this is Sagittarians’ way of communicating their thoughts, ideas, criticisms, and beliefs. This direct approach might leave you scratching your head, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

They are independent in thought and action. Everything about them has a great influence on others. They are innovative, but sometimes they go overboard and go wrong. Sagittarius boys born during this period can have two developmental tendencies: becoming successful explorers, adventurers, or tourists who will use their bravery and spirit of freedom to overcome obstacles. The second movement is to develop an intelligent ideal that will benefit those who devote themselves to social, philosophical, and religious work.

You are a good shoulder to lean on for family and friends. You motivate them when they are in trouble. You teach them how to overwhelm challenges in life. You are generous and kind and have a good sense of humor that drives those around you crazy. You are great when it comes to your well-wishers. You will also be willing to give your time and space.

Sagittarius decan 1 compatible

The best Sagittarius relationships are between people who are passionate, enthusiastic, and open to new experiences! When dating a Sagittarius, remind yourself to open up, smile, and laugh often. Sagittarians love having a good time and want a partner who can share easygoing experiences. Complaints and judgment are a huge turn-off for tunes, so leave the negativity at home.

Libra and Sagittarius decan 1 is best compatible with other. Libras are artists who find inspiration and motivation in beauty and aesthetics. There is no artist better than God. The beauty of nature is there for both the traveler and the artist to explore and enjoy. Sagittarius decan 1 and Libra are natural partners, and it’s not a stretch if they end up as intimate partners. Libra’s broad-mindedness and understanding will allow them to adapt to Sagittarius’ unyielding nature. 

They are always ready to go on an explorer’s trip. They always put themselves under excessive stress at work or in everyday life. Their immense energy will destroy not only those around them but also themselves. But on the other hand, they always have a lot of new insights and ideas in their minds and are very skilled at work, guaranteeing success in their career.


Sagittarius decan 1 natives are usually found involved in social or charitable works. They say they have a core of gold. They are very honest, and sometimes this can backfire on them. Only some people will take your genuine comments to heart easily. They need to act diplomatically. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, your luck and fortune are with you, and there will be no shortage of finances.

Gambling and theoretical deals give you good rewards. Even if you are stuck in trouble, you will always get a helping hand. You are an optimist and see opportunity even in troubled or rough seas. Don’t hold grudges; forgive and forget is your motto, a very good thing for a calm mind.

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