Purple butterfly meaning

Purple butterfly meaning : love, in hospital, tattoo, baby, lupus, spiritual, symbolism, in dreams.

The word butterfly from ancient times was used as a symbol for evolution and resuscitation. Butterflies have many types and colors, but today we will try to find out the exact meanings of purple butterflies. According to old Greek mythology, a prince named Psyche was presented with the wings of a butterfly. She was the most beautiful of the other three daughters of the king. 

Purple butterfly meaning : love, in hospital, tattoo, baby, lupus, spiritual, symbolism, in dreams
Purple butterfly meaning : love, in hospital, tattoo, baby, lupus, spiritual, symbolism, in dreams

The word “psyche” contains both meanings of soul and butterfly. Butterflies are delicate and strange living things. They do not just live for feed or being old but also live for romance and formulation. The purple butterfly is very difficult to find compared to others like red or yellow. The purple butterfly symbolizes that a rich, substantial, healthy, and civilized person is on the way of your life. 

Purple butterfly means in love

As we see other butterflies with different colors in our daily life, it is very hard to see a purple butterfly in real life. You can see this only in your dreams. Love is the sweet essence of everyone’s life. And one day, everyone has to fall in love with others. The purple butterfly represents secret, awareness, and wisdom in love life. They are also a symbol for connecting with an excessive and spiritual empire. 

If you have a purple butterfly in your love life, then enjoy your love life and be positive with your love partner. If you have strong communication with your partner, your relationship can be changed into a long-term relationship.   

Meanings of purple butterflies in dreams

Dreaming about different butterflies is a symbol of luck and happiness. It is also a symbol of positive change in your life. If you dream about a worm changing into a butterfly, it is a sign of a better life change. If we dream of a purple butterfly, it is a sign that our angelic powers are looking over us. If these infrequent races are identified in your dreams, a strong prognostication has come into our real lives. If you remember that the purple butterflies do not always come for a healthy meaning in our dreams.                      

Purple butterfly means in a hospital                                                    

You have often seen a purple butterfly sticker on hospital beds. This sticker represents the death of a newborn baby. It shows that after losing the life of a new one, your family is also in grief. What are feelings of family and what they are facing around them?. To help those parents who lose their twins in their life, Smith created a sticker same as a purple butterfly for NICU. In 2016, he started a Skye High Foundation to increase money for those stickers. People from all over the world help him raise funds for his foundation.  

Purple butterfly meaning in a tattoo

Purple butterfly tattoos have a beautiful look and have different meanings. In eastern cultures, the tattoos of purple butterflies represent joy and happiness. Here are some symbolism behind butterfly tattoos, beauty, Impermanency, transformation, good luck in your life. The best meaning of purple butterflies for a loved one is awesome, that passed away. Sometimes it represents femininity, beauty, and change in your life. Purple butterfly tattoos are used worldwide because of their beauty and cuteness.              

Purple butterfly baby meaning

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a purple butterfly, has a specific and unique meaning; during their flight, they are represented as hope for patients, especially newborn babies. Purple butterfly stickers can easily be found on the doors of some of our smallest patients. After a newborn baby’s death, parents become shocked, so this sticker is used to console them to recover after this sudden loss.

A purple butterfly is a project taking part in surviving the life of newborn twin babies. The purple butterflies are also present to honor the life of patients’ lost brothers or sisters and bring awareness of the loss to staff and other families.                                        

Purple butterflies raise awareness for lupus.                                                             

According to health experts, lupus is a disease that occurs when your immune system attacks your body tissues. In simple words, it is an autoimmune disease. Redness in lupus can destroy joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs in your body systems. Lupus occurs between the bridge of the nose and the cheeks.” It can cause death if the proper medication is not taken. Lupus is a dangerous disease, and for the patients of this disease, the purple butterfly is used as a sign of hope to recover soon. In short, the purple butterfly is used as a great sign of hope and aspiration.                           

Spiritual meaning of the purple butterfly

The spiritual meaning of the purple butterfly is angelic interference. It occurs when you face many problems in your life and lose hope for the future. In this critical situation, the purple butterfly always encourages you and shows you the right path in your life. Seeing a purple butterfly symbolizes that you will cultivate into spiritual affairs. It seems that your guardian angels are always with you for your improvements in spiritual life. Another meaning is that you will achieve the high status you want in your life. Purple butterfly provides awareness and confidence in your personality.                         

The symbolism of the purple butterfly

A purple butterfly is a basic symbol of hope in life. The symbol of the purple butterfly was discovered by Smith in 2016 after losing his multiple losses. It was used because it can be used for both baby girls and boys. It is used for babies who fly away from this earth. This symbol is very famous worldwide and is supported by millions of people by charity and funding. The purple butterfly symbolizes lightness and change. It represents that this difficult situation will never remain forever in your life. So be positive in your life.

Overall, the purple butterfly is a symbol of love and hope, showing the spiritual path and angel path. Besides this, seeing it also means you will soon achieve high status. It is a sign of beauty and femininity.

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