Leo Decan 1

Introduction: Leo Decan 1. Decans is a division of your zodiac sign, which with its small size, proves to be very precise with astrological accuracy. If you’re a Leo, this is your astrological guide to how the decan and the planets associated with that decan rule your personality.

Leo Decan 1
Leo Decan 1

Leo decan 1 is led by Saturn in the Chaldean system and the Sun (Leo triplicity). The Sun burns in the constellations of the Great Bear, the Crab, and the Great Ship from about July 22nd to 31st. The planet blesses them with hope and determination.

Leo Decan 1 is extremely dedicated to his field of endeavour. Some people may pursue a career for the sole reason of attaining a higher position. They must be seen as the boss, pack leader, or queen bee.

They do not like to recreate the role of underlings. However, they will take off their hats and play the role of a faithful servant if they have to do whatever it takes to climb the ladder. Watch your back, Caesar; these guys are trying on your crown when you’re not looking. This deacon’s biggest problem is greed from others.

Leo Decan 1 can be overly defensive. If threatened, a sidereal Cancer shell can harden into Saturn’s armour. This is when the well-known Leo Pride only steps up their determination to reveal their fragile soft-core. Sheathed in that hard skull, though, is an incredible brain.

If you’re a Leo reading this, it’s time to understand the Leo First decans in love, personality, and compatibility. Let’s start now.

Leo Decan 1 in love

Leo’s first decan is an incredibly loving and caring person. If they like you and respect you, they won’t hesitate to show it. They will not hesitate to shower their loved ones with gifts, treats, lavish dinners, and more. They are good with their fantasy and creativity. However, they do not like to appear weak and have the ego of a lion. Their pride makes them a bit shy to ask for help when needed.

These Leos are very loving, warm-hearted people who will do anything under the Sun to get the attention of their loved ones. Natives have a strong ego that needs to be tamed when things go in a direction not intended. Even so, the mighty Lion sometimes needs help.

This decan is usually attractive to others but at the same time determined, loyal to his loved ones, hardworking, and perhaps even a perfectionist. This decan is important in its quality, meaning it likes to start new things. It’s very determined and persistent, even more so than the other two Deacons, and that’s saying something. The first deacon, Leo, will finish whatever he starts.

Leo Decan 1 has prophetic potential as it has an unusually strong connection with its ancestors and a recent relative with the star Praesaepe. These people may also travel with an entourage of spiritual guides, meaning their lives may feel very blessed. These tigers can experience near-death experiences or escape a fatal situation in time.

Leo First Decan Personality

It is the first of the Leo Decans and is ruled by the Sun. The personality of the First decan Leo is one of extraterrestrial nature, freedom, and creativity. You are very thoughtful and very compassionate.

You love to be loved, to be felt, and most of all, to be appreciated. Your bubbly and outgoing personality hides your inner insecurities. Your ego is very sensitive, and the actions and words of others can hurt you, although you may never show it.

You don’t trust anything or anyone and like to have complete freedom. Your self-esteem is primarily based on your belief that you are the best person to do the job – and you are usually right.

You have many creative talents and can turn any of them into a profitable and highly successful career. You are a total hothead and can’t rest until the job is done. And yet you immediately go all guns blazing on the next project. Sitting even and doing nothing is not for you. You need to be active and active throughout the day.

Leos are confident and outgoing by nature. You enjoy meeting and talking to new people because you speak. But you tend to dominate the conversation. Therefore, some people may consider you a narcissistic attention seeker. You have a lot of staying power and try to listen patiently.

Nevertheless, you have an abundance of perceptive abilities. So you allow others to speak for themselves. You are very loving, caring, and loyal to those close to you and whom you love and respect.

Leo First Decan Compatibility

Regarding Leo’s decan 1 compatibility, Scorpio is a sign that Leo is the exact opposite. Leo’s native Scorpio will not be able to tolerate the sun sign’s inflated ego, while Scorpio will resent Leo’s superficial approach to life.

The potential for jealousy on both sides is always simmering beneath the calm surface. Also, Leo’s best compatibility charts show that even if the two decide to have sex, the relationship is unlikely to be satisfactory, or it will end before long.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which brings warmth, sparkle, and attention to the sign. As a result, Leos light up every room they enter and enjoy widespread popularity and the confidence it brings. They are also very energetic and can create a stormy atmosphere around them.

Sun rules the first decan of Leo. Just like the Sun, they are brilliant, warm-blooded, and not to be forgotten brilliant. They are born charmers who work their way up to the power of being a lion. First, Deccan natives of Leo are the perfect combination of enthusiasm, determination, and passion. With these qualities, they are bound to succeed in anything they try at hand.

Conclusion: Leo Decan 1

This Leo of Deacon sees themselves as the top of everything. Yet they are also humble, self-reliant and sensitive, and dependent. You will get everything you want thanks to the rulership of the Sun.

You have great enthusiasm and energy that takes you to the heights of life. Natives are very creative and have entrepreneurial attitudes. Those born in this decan are hardworking and very enthusiastic in life. They do not give up when encountering challenges.

However, they are sometimes advised to participate in personal relationships. These Leos are excellent extroverts who grab the limelight wherever they go. But then locals are asked to listen to the people around them. Be careful when telling the truth to others. It can hurt them along the way.

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