Karmic partner vs twin flame

Introduction: Karmic partner vs twin flame, it is indispensable to know which relationship is more powerful and beneficial and which brings disasters for us. Most of us experience a deep connection with anyone.

Sometimes, someone says a word, and we feel we have already listened to it. Occasionally, we understand others without a single word. Sometimes we think that another is our soulmate or sometimes believe that he is our Keramic partner. How to know it? 

Karmic partner vs twin flame
Karmic partner vs twin flame

Here, we will read the main difference between twin flames and karmic partners because many people remain confused about it. By learning these relationships, you will learn how to handle your twin flame and karmic partner. 

Definition of twin flame

Twin flames are our soul’s other half, and their soul is twins with us. Before our life creation, we were one soul split into divine masculine and the divine feminine.

When you meet your twin flame on earth, unique spiritual energy attracts you toward him, resulting in intense emotions and psychological relief near him. If the following things are resonating with anyone, differentially, they are meeting with their twin flame.  

First of all, you feel a powerful spiritual connection with them. Something tries to you to constantly meet another on different chances. The similarities between you and twin flame are powerful enough that you feel you are the same.

You have some psychological tendencies, preferences, and values, so you think you are intensely drawn to each other. It seems your connection is unearthly and powerful enough that taking your soulmate away is almost physically painful. It feels that twin flame needs to be with you forever. 

The twin flame relationship is always fiery. Your positive and negative emotions for twin flame are always intense. Due to these reasons, the twin flame relationship is not easy to navigate. Twin flames are incredibly alike with impeccable chemistry. The most impressive is that they complement each other on differences. From small talk to sex life, twin flame experience great chemistry. 

Our soul always wants to reunite with our other half. When both halves unite with each other, they feel they are completed. The main sign of twin flame is that when you meet, you feel that you have been the same for a long time. Even small talk can engage you in a long relationship.

If you are feeling the struggle to share things, after meeting with twin flam, you think that this is the right person with whom you can share everything. You can easily share your thoughts and dreams, even sometimes communication becomes at a telepathic level.

Definition of Karmic relationship 

A karmic partner is the same as a twin flame. Both bring a lot of challenges and stress into our lives that never happened before. But, the Karmic relationship provides more opportunities for spiritual growth. They promote us to be self-loving and confident. Basically, their target is to make us successful through Self-love and self-affirmations that are keys to a good life.

Karmic relationships are always meaningful because everything becomes extremely difficult and sometimes impossible without them. Though karmic partners have many similarities with twin flames, still, they have unlimited differences. Below are the signs where you can find that you have found your karmic partner. 

Like the twin flame, karmic partners are highly attracted to each other sexually and spiritually. Without abuse, life with a karmic partner also starts with tension and conflicts. It will take time to obtain peaceful harmony.

The peace with a karmic life partner is temporary, and the cycle of violence starts again. Without direct abuse or conflict, another sign of a karmic partner is financially, psychologically, and emotionally draining. There are unlimited joyous and great moments, but a karmic partner meets you to share stressful and dreadful experiences.

Main differences between Karmic partner vs twin flame

Below, I have listed the significant differences between a Karmic partner and a twin flame. With these differences, you can check and keep them apart in life and treat them accordingly. 

  1. Your soul draws you to twin flame. When you meet them, you think that your soul has been searching soulmate from your birth. Not only your soulmate but also feel that thirst. In the case of a karmic partner, you meet them to learn great lessons. This is the rule in the universe where everyone is searching for someone else. 
  2. You will reunite with your other soul when you meet with a twin flame, so this relationship allows you to reach your potential. It is considered chiefly that Karmic relationships are harmful. However, they are also helpful for growing in hardships. 
  3. We feel genuine and deep love for the twin flame. But, the Karmic relationship seems addicted and physically obsessed to us. 
  4. The relationship between twin flames is always instant, but it become matures with time and builds slowly. With a karmic partner, We feel a lot of sexual attraction, but there is nothing deep in karmic partners. 
  5. Though there are struggles in a twin flame relationship, it proves more healthy and beneficial for the soul. Same, a karmic relationship groms us positively but is generally more toxic. 
  6. Twin soul relations last till the last breath. Even once a twin flame becomes separate for some reason, there are great chances they will meet again, and a reunion will cause a better relationship. While, Karmic relationships remain till the fulfillment of benefits, and once they teach us a lesson, we leave them instantly. 
  7. A twin flame relationship is made for care and gentleness for each other. At the same time, karmic partners are toxic and cruel to each other. 
  8. Though the twin flame relationship is instant, partners always give space to each other and respect the decisions of each other. Karmic partner attracts each other in an obsessive and unhealthy way. 
  9. Twin flames always advise each other, while a karmic relationship is only added in life for obsession and amusement. Twin flames satisfactorily communicate with each other and efficiently in a natural way. At the same time, communication is difficult with karmic life partners due to their destructive nature. 

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