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Chinese zodiac tiger 2022, predictions, love, health, family, sexuality; 2022 water tiger horoscope, fire, earth, wood, metal and water horoscope.

The Year of the Tiger will become something of a springboard for the Tigers. The heavenly bodies have not been so supportive of the Tiger for a long time; Any business that representatives of this sign undertake will end quickly and successfully. A favorable forecast for this year does not mean that there will be no problems in the Tiger’s life, but this active sign will easily overcome any obstacles.

Tigre forecast for 2022

Forecast, omens, predictions for tiger 2022. Unfortunately, you can not completely avoid the discomfort. Tigers are unbridled by nature, tough, and too eager to become leaders. This behavior is not always justified.

tiger horoscope 2022, predictions
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tiger horoscope 2022, predictions

El Tigre insists that cats repress their desire to command others, learn to control their arrogance, rudeness and irritability. If he doesn’t deal with negative traits, he will have trouble communicating with the people around him. It is possible that in the second half of the year he will offend a close friend a lot.

The Tiger advises the Tigers to move on to creative activity: they have a sufficient reserve of energy in their heads. If the Tiger is not lazy and does his best, then the Tiger will make sure that the final results this year are simply impressive.

Astrologers warn that conflict and clarification of relationships will be a waste of time that can be useful at work or in your business. The inherent conflict of the Tigers can result in the loss of important business partners. So be on the lookout for her words and emotions in early spring as they can cost you too much.

However, if this situation arises, then, despite the external manifestations of coldness and rudeness, inside you will be torn from the experiences. This year he asks the Tigers to recognize the fact that they themselves are not without sin and make mistakes as often as other signs. Another trait that tigers must learn is the ability to ask for forgiveness.

The symbol of 2022, who is a true diplomat, insists on the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Only tolerant Tigers will be able to receive all of the Tiger’s promised bonuses, so he stops roaring in the new year.

Like all members of the feline family, the Tiger is usually lazy. However, the serious tiger does not spare the lazy. Don’t assume that since things are going well enough they can be left to chance. If you leave your business out of sight, you may face unexpected problems that cannot be solved right away.


Astrologers say that overall the Tigers’ health will be in order this year. The exception applies only to diseases that manifest themselves due to excessive anxiety, chronic fatigue and stress. The psychosomatic system of the human body can affect many processes in the most serious way.

Sudden illnesses, incomprehensible symptoms and fatigue, which is simply impossible to play, on the verge of depression – all this is just from the nerves. You should definitely contact a specialist. Such alarming signs simply cannot be ignored, otherwise after a while it will be too late.

It should be noted that people of this sign are the most susceptible to stress and increased nervousness. It is imperative to carry out possible preventive measures, avoid overwork and monitor your sensations, the body will tell you if something goes wrong. You just need to learn to listen to it.

Astrologers advise Tigers to undergo relaxing and restorative treatments this year. You can even go to the nearest spa center or visit it several times. Such procedures will be able to fill the body with strength and help to relieve the nervous tension that is encountered.

You also need to do some kind of sport, nobody talks about a professional career, but it is extremely important to be aware of your own shape and always keep your body in good shape. You should also monitor your diet, remembering that healthy and healthy food prolongs a healthy and fulfilling life. To remove the aggressiveness, some may engage in active sports, where they can throw off the excess of that adrenaline and all the negative that has accumulated and replace all this with vigor.

Astrologers pay attention to the fact that this year’s vacation for the Tigers is simply categorically contraindicated. Also, if during the year there is the opportunity to rest several times, you should definitely take advantage of it. To stay in good emotional and physical shape, you should definitely listen to your body; this is the most important rule.

Love horoscope for the Tiger 2022

Many Tigers this year will think hard about relationships and their importance. Some will understand that they still need to enjoy freedom, while others will want to fall in love. Astrologers warn tigers to eliminate their jealousy and even aggression as much as possible.

Sometimes unwarranted outbursts of jealousy can ruin a nascent relationship that could have been a very happy union. Astrologers also say that you should behave with your family in the softest and most moderate way possible. Your support will simply be necessary this year, because before saying something curt and curt, you need to think carefully several times.

Los Tigre will fully enjoy Tiger’s patronage throughout the year. They will not be left without the attention of the opposite sex, and regular short novels will constantly appear on the horizon. Despite all this, you need to think about stability and the future family. Office flirting and romance are good, but temporary. It is necessary to study, carefully choose who to invite on a date or whose invitations to agree to.

Family horoscope for the Tiger 2022

The tiger family may face trials this year. The fact is, a naturally fiery person may want variety. A casual flirtation at work or in a cafe, a couple of meetings, and now a new romance is on the horizon. Before jumping into the whirlpool of passions, you should think about the person who is waiting for you at home.

Astrologers advise looking for novelty not on the sidelines, but within your family. Having a frank conversation with your partner will help you figure out what is missing and what needs to be changed. In this way, the relationship can be strengthened and addiction can be incorporated.

Astrologers say that tigers should spend the entire year working on themselves. First of all, you need to change yourself and your attitude towards your partner, as soon as he sees positive changes, he will not hesitate to respond. Happiness in marriage should be a goal that you want to work toward every day.

Sex horoscope 2022

A woman who was born under the sign of the Tiger hides in herself that magnetism and attractiveness that men simply cannot help but notice. They are drawn to literally everything, her grace, her gait, and the mysterious twinkle in her eyes. A woman will wait for the first step of a man and only then will she refuse or reciprocate.

In a relationship, she will not obey, because she only recognizes equality. This applies to all aspects of the relationship. A woman of this sign can be satisfied when a man is actively interested in her desires and feelings. She can become a passionate lover, with whom he will never be boring and monotonous.

The Tiger man has no less charisma and attractiveness to the opposite sex than a woman. In the eyes of girls and women, he is a real winner and seducer, the charm of which it is simply impossible to resist. He will pay attention to self-reliant and self-confident women. He is interested in capturing his attention, overcoming all barriers and being with a woman in the bedroom.

Such a lover is distinguished by a passionate temperament, but everyone knows how to do it and loves to be a sensitive and gentle romantic, to whom it is simply impossible to resist. He will appreciate the initiative of a partner and will gladly accept all experiments. The predictions of the stars can come true, or I can remain predictions. First of all, everything depends only on the person, on his position and character in life, and only then on how the stars are located today.

Wood tiger

Born in 1974.

Those born in the year of the wood tiger will have a successful but busy year. For the representatives of this sign, the stars promise success in their careers, in the professional sphere. You will be able to succeed in all matters that are important to you.

Throughout the year, it will be in public view. But this state of affairs will only benefit you: because of this, you will win many friends and even start new love relationships, which can later lead to serious and lasting relationships. The financial generosity of the Tiger will know no limits; Even when you are experiencing some financial difficulties, it will help your friends and family.

Fire tiger

Born in 1926 and 1986.

In the new year 2022, the Tigers will direct all their forces to the realization of personal ambitions and the search for new sensations and impressions. Some will want to change their field of activity and even build their careers from scratch. Don’t be afraid to do this, the stars favor you. Fire Tigers will want to bring many of your creative ideas to life and even spend their savings on them.

The result will be amortized with interest. You will travel a lot and are likely to visit many interesting places, and some Tigers may even decide to stay there.

Land tiger

Born in 1938 and 1998

The Tigers of the Earth in the year of their water namesake will dedicate themselves to strengthening your well-being in all areas. And he’ll be good at it, because he’ll get serious about troubleshooting. The race at the beginning of the year will be successful. The stars promise you a promotion. 2022 is a good year to invest money. However, beware of questionable deals and unverified partners.

On the love front, don’t expect special passions and violent emotions – the relationship will be calm and even mostly conflict-free, of course, if you’re not overly jealous of your partner. You should not share your plans with others, so that, due to excessive credulity, you do not fall into the trap set by envy.

Metal tiger

Born 1950, 2010

To be successful in the new 2022, set only realistic and achievable goals for yourself, and try to affect the interests of others as little as possible. And in no case do you overlook to achieve your goals, you run the risk of being left alone and without friends. The horoscope advises you to moderate your conflicts and reduce your claims to the world around you. Spend more time with your loved ones and loved ones.

Do not forget about your health – an exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible, and therefore consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Water tiger

Born 1962

A very successful year for the representatives of this sign. The stars promise you love and respect from others, success in the professional field. All this you will achieve through your determination. In addition to these qualities, cunning and the ability to look for loopholes will also be added. The financial year will be quite stable: salary growth and career leap are possible. The year is successful to start a business and implement new projects. Do not forget about your health: it can be significantly affected if you do not see a doctor in time.

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