Black dresses to wear to weddings

Introduction: Black dresses to wear to weddings. Black clothes used to be a no-go for marriage guests, then no longer. Tastes have altered, and several brides are leaning toward a more ‘gala’ feel to their wedding theme. Of course, there is still a rare hope to consider when picking out your black wedding guest dress.

Chinese zodiac

Gold Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Introduction: Gold Dragon Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is a 12 years cycle that assigns an animal yearly. The 12 animals in the cycle are the rat, tiger, dragon, horse, rabbit, ox, snake, sheep, pig, monkey, rooster, and dog. Gold dragon is one of the twelve zodiac animals.  In Chinese culture, the dragon has related […]


Black Obsidian spiritual meaning

Introduction: Black Obsidian spiritual meaning. Black Obsidian is a magnificent stone for power, defense, and grounding. It is a root chakra pebble that retains you tethered to the here and now, feeling an intellect of strength and internal confidence. It also has negative energies at bay and gives you the courage to face your inner […]